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Biological Data Analysis - Profacgen. Biologists are stepping up their efforts in understanding biological processes by using a variety of experimental and bioinformatics methods.

Biological Data Analysis - Profacgen

This has resulted in a flood of biological and clinical data, which could be overwhelming for researchers to handle without appropriate data processing and analysis tools, especially when there is a lack of training or no knowledge of programming, statistics, and modeling. Therefore, custom data analysis services have become increasingly important in biosciences and can certainly help accelerate the research cycle. Profacgen now provides comprehensive data analysis services for discovering new knowledge from various types of biological data. Our team has created efficient data analysis pipelines and combines mathematics, statistics and programming to conduct the requested analyses for our customers’ specific technological or biological research questions. Biological Data Analysis We are currently analyzing data in the following application areas:

Bioinformatics Data Management - Profacgen. Bacteria Expression - Profacgen. Bacteria are the most widely used protein expression systems for their rapid growth, high yield, ease of manipulation and scale-up.

Bacteria Expression - Profacgen

The most widely used bacteria host is of course Escherichia coli. E. coli is the most established tool and is almost always the first choice if applicable. Antibody Modeling. Antibodies are proteins that play a critical role in our immune system for recognizing various antigens.

Antibody Modeling

Antibodies are increasingly used as diagnostic tools and therapeutic drugs, and an important component of the antibody engineering process is the availability of high quality three-dimensional structures. Experimental determination of antibody structures is laborious and not always possible. On the contrary, computational modeling provides a fast and inexpensive route for generating antibody structural models. The variable domains (Fvs) of the heavy and light chain are of special interest in structural modeling, as they typically impart most or all of the specificity of an antibody for its antigen target. Modeling of the Fv region of an antibody involves prediction of both the framework (FR) region and the variable loop (CDR) region. Workflow for predicting the structure of antibodies. Animal-Free Expression - Profacgen. Plant expression systems are used when animal-free recombinant protein products are required.

Animal-Free Expression - Profacgen

Compared to traditional microbial or animal cell systems, the animal-free plant expression systems greatly reduce the risk of contamination with animal-origin pathogens. Furthermore, plant production possesses superior advantages in storage, distribution and scale-up. Anaerobic Fermentation - Profacgen. Anaerobic fermentation, which is common to all bacteria and eukaryotes, is a metabolic process that converse carbohydrates (sugar) to organic acids, gases or alcohols under anaerobic conditions.

Anaerobic Fermentation - Profacgen

Therefore, microorganisms are used to produce nutraceuticals or bacteriocins through accumulation of various primary metabolites, as well as complex secondary metabolites. Metabolic engineering strategies are usually involved so that the production of a certain metabolite can be emphasized or newly induced through overexpression and/or disruption of relevant metabolic genes. Anaerobic fermentation has a broad range of applications. It could be used for production of various industrial chemicals, such as ethanol, butyl alcohol, lactic acid, acetic acid, hydrogen gas and various nutraceutical or antimicrobial molecules with medical or health benefit. The process is also able to degrade different types of biomass. ADME/Tox Prediction - Profacgen. The characterization of Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion (also known as ADME) and Toxicity are essential steps in drug development.

ADME/Tox Prediction - Profacgen

ADME describes the disposition of a pharmaceutical compound within an organism, and has been applied in drug discovery to investigate the drug levels and kinetics of drug exposure to the tissues and hence influences the performance and pharmacological activity of the compound as a drug. It covers a lot of different assays investigating parameters such as membrane permeability, metabolic stability and toxicity.

The ability to predict those properties rapidly and accurately from the 2D structures of the molecule is extremely helpful. 3D-QSAR - Profacgen. The research and development of therapeutic drugs is an expensive and time-consuming process.

3D-QSAR - Profacgen

So far, many scientific methods have been applied for drug design, and one of the most popular approaches is computer-aided drug design (CADD). Taking advantage of computational techniques, the modeling of quantitative structure-activity relationships (QSAR) explores the relationship between chemical structures and biological activity of a given set of small molecules. The resulting QSAR models can be used to predict the activities of new chemicals, including affinities of ligands to their binding sites, inhibition constants, rate constants and others, based on certain structural features or with atomic, group or molecular properties, such as lipophilicity, polarizability, electronic and steric properties. Enzyme Activity Assay Service - Profacgen. A fundamental task of proteins is to act as enzymes—catalysts that increase the rate of virtually all the chemical reactions within cells.

Enzyme Activity Assay Service - Profacgen

Enzymes play important roles in numerous physiological activities, including metabolic processes, cellular signaling and regulation, cell division and apoptosis. In addition, many of them become critical targets for diseases treatments. For example, matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) plays critical role in anti-tumor metastasis. Understanding how well a key enzyme functions in a physiological process often reveals early signs of disease that has a long latency period.

Thus, enzyme activity assay is crucial that it can provide data for reflecting activity and validating activator and inhibitor against disease-related enzyme, which is great significance in disease diagnosis, novel drug development and clinical therapy. Custom Lysate Preparation Service - Profacgen. Profacgen provides custom lysate preparation service to meet your scientific requirements for downstream analysis.

Custom Lysate Preparation Service - Profacgen

We provide various types of lysates including over-expression lysate, tissue lysate, cell line lysate, stem cell lysate and membrane lysate, reaching to more than 15, 000 kinds of lysate available. We actually have many lysate products already available in stock from human, cynomolgus monkey, bovine, canine, ferret, mouse, rat, rabbit, zebrafish, guinea pig and so on. Our high-quality cell/tissue lysate can be used in SDS-PAGE, western blot, ELISA, co-immunoprecipitation, pull down assay, tissue specific expression identification and many other bio-analytical assays, and can be applied in various research fields such as biological and pharmaceutical studies. Profacgen has established an advanced platform for custom lysate preparation with high efficiency and state-of-the-art technology.

We can help you select reliable and research-ready lysates. Custom Bioinformatics Software Development - Profacgen. Bioinformatics focuses on the development of methods and software tools for understanding biological data using mathematical and statistical techniques.

Custom Bioinformatics Software Development - Profacgen

As an interdisciplinary research area, it has become an important part of today’s biological research in the storage, analysis and interpretation of experimental data. The field of bioinformatics is highly dynamic, with new or updated versions of software tools and databases continually being developed. These tools perform a wide range of tasks by allowing the extraction of useful information from large amounts of raw data, and in many cases by providing graphical interpretations of these data. Cell Medium Development and QC Tests - Profacgen. Profacgen is committed to providing cell medium customization and cell culture development services for your experimental and production needs. With solid knowledge of technology, we provide high quality culture medium development services, as well as fast and reliable QC tests. We deeply understand the importance of high production yield and fast product launch; therefore we insist on putting your needs first, and helping you develop products that are tailored to your unique requirements.

At present, we have successfully developed a series of customized industrial culture media without serum chemical constraints. Cell-Free Protein Expression - Profacgen. Cell-free expression system produces proteins in vitro through translation machineries extracted from cells. It has become a well-developed technique for synthesizing proteins in cell lysates. This approach meets with the increasing demands for a more straightforward, rapid and efficient way of protein production. Cell-free expression overcomes many obstacles of conventional cellular expression.

Firstly, it is ideal for high-throughput screening of mutagenesis. Moreover, the system works independently and is free of cellular context. Features. Biopharmaceutical Process and Product Related Impurities Analysis - Profacgen. Biopharmaceutical products are synthesized by living cells, and hence during the purification process the substrates for growth, host cell components and product variants must be removed.

These impurities include: • Product-related impurities: variants that differ from the desired product;• Process-related impurities: materials added to the process and cellular components. Product characterization methods in the biopharmaceutical sector have seen considerable advances in recent years, particularly with the development of high-resolution-MS approaches, for example in our ability to investigate glycosylation of antibodies. The need for advanced characterization is also being driven by the biosimilars market where a company developing a generic product must show to the regulators comparability to the innovator product.

Biological Data Analysis - Profacgen. Bioinformatics Data Management - Profacgen. In Silico Protein-protein Interactions Prediction - Profacgen. Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) are crucial for understanding signaling cascades, predicting protein biological function, associating proteins with various diseases and insights into drug mechanism of action. In general, studying PPIs methods are categorized as experimental or in silico/computational. Protein Mutagenesis - Profacgen. Protein Mutant Library Construction - Profacgen. Protein mutant libraries containing different protein variants are becoming more and more popular in the determination of vital residues controlling physiological activities and pathological process. Protein/Peptide Crosslinking - Profacgen. Crosslinking is a technique that covalently binds two or more biomolecules together to form conjugates with enhanced physical properties and/or biological functionalities.

The structure of a functioning protein involves more than just the intramolecular covalent bonds, which results in challenging questions regarding the spatial orientation and non-covalent interactions of the protein. PEGylation Products and Services - Profacgen. Protein Biotinylation Service - Profacgen. Quantum Dot Labeling. Protein Biotinylation Service - Profacgen. Co-Immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) Membrane-Based Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening. The classical Yeast two-hybrid (Y2H) screening is mostly limited to the study of cytosolic or extracellular soluble proteins. To study the interaction of transmembrane protein interaction, Profacgen provides a specialized membrane-based Y2H (MbY2H) system.

Advantages: Specialized for membrane proteins Customized cDNA library construction Experienced team with over ten years of protein interaction study experience Short turnaround time Best price in the market. Protein Interaction Analysis Services. Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) are established when protein molecules physically contact with each other through hydrogen or hydrophobic bonds, Van der Waals forces, ionic forces, or even covalent bonds. Custom Lysate Preparation Service. Stable Cell Line Construction for Protein Expression. PEGylation Products and Services. Protein Labeling. Site-specific labeling technique refers to the covalent attachment of molecules like biotin, fluorophore, enzyme and radioactive isotopes to specific sites of the target protein.

Nicotiana Tabacum Expression System. Mammalian Cell Expression. Yeast Expression. Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening. Protein Interaction Analysis Services. Quantum Mechanics/Chemistry in Drug Design. Protein–Carbohydrate Docking. Protein–Peptide Docking. Protein–Nucleic Acid Docking. ADME/Tox Prediction. Quantum Mechanics/Chemistry in Drug Design. Yeast Two-Hybrid Screening. Protein Interaction Analysis Services. Quantum Mechanics/Chemistry in Drug Design. Protein–Carbohydrate Docking. Protein–Peptide Docking. Protein–Nucleic Acid Docking. ADME/Tox Prediction.

Quantum Mechanics/Chemistry in Drug Design. Protein–Nucleic Acid Docking. ADME/Tox Prediction. Quantum Mechanics/Chemistry in Drug Design. Membrane Protein Modeling. Protein/Peptide Crosslinking. Immunogenicity Testing Services. Biosimilar Testing Services. Cell Medium Development and QC Tests. Cell Medium Development and QC Tests. Antimicrobial Peptides Services.

Antimicrobial Peptides Services. Anaerobic Fermentation. Profacgen, Perfect Protein. PEGylation Products and Services. PEGylation Products and Services. Protein Biotinylation Service. Protein Biotinylation Service. Quantum Dot Labeling. Protein Biotinylation Service. PEGylation Products and Services. Protein Conjugation Service on Beads. Protein Conjugation Service on Beads. Protein Labeling. NovEgg Expression System. Protein Co-Expression Service in Mammalian Cells. Protein Co-Expression Service in E. coli System. Nicotiana Tabacum Expression System. Nicotiana Tabacum Expression System. Animal-free Expression. Cell-Free Protein Expression. Mammalian Cell Expression. Co-Immunoprecipitation (Co-IP) CLIP-Seq Service. Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) Assay Service. Cell Line Development for Industrial Manufacturing. Cell-free protein expression. Cell-based Kinase Assays.

Biosimilar Testing Services. Biopharmaceutical Process and Product Related Impurities Analysis. Platelet derived endothelial cell growth factor. Multiferon. Zoster immune globulin. Antihemophilic factor human. Interferon alfa n1. Dornase alfa mechanism of action. Factor viii molecular weightlogo.

Antivenin micrurus fulvius

Immunogenicity Test Service. Hydrophobic Tag Services. Homology Modeling.