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4. Quelques applications et outils RDF. Semantic Enterprise Composite Offering. From MIKE2.0 Methodology Introduction The Semantic Enterprise Solution Offering provides a layer for the enterprise to establish coherence, consistency, and interoperability across its information assets.

Semantic Enterprise Composite Offering

Applicable information assets may range fully from structured to unstructured (text and document) sources. The methodology of this Offering is: Structured Dynamics. Web sémantique. Exporter ses données en RDF. Plus d’info sur son compte pearltrees ? RDF Schemas Directory.


APIs. RelFinder - Interactive Relationship Discovery in RDF Datasets. Generating RDF from - Data-gov Wiki. From Data-gov Wiki Overview Many of the datasets in are available as tables (spreadsheets).

Generating RDF from - Data-gov Wiki

This makes it easy to translate the datasets into RDF by generating a triple for each table cell where the row id is the subject, the column name is the predicate, and the cell content is the object. Our work adopted the following principles: In the first principle, we minimize our translation by (i) preserving the functional structure of the original tables and (ii) skipping additional understanding of the cell content.


Build Your Own NYT Linked Data Application. Now that we’ve published nearly 10,000 of our tags as Linked Open Data, you’re probably wondering what kind of cool applications you can build with this data.

Build Your Own NYT Linked Data Application

To help you get started (and since linked data applications are a little different from your average Web application), we thought we’d provide a sample application and detailed information about how we built it. Our sample application, “Who Went Where,” lets you explore recent Times coverage of the alumni of a specified college or university. The Who Went Where application (click for larger image)