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Project Reimagined: The White Tee. Project Reimagined is a diy challenge created by Lindsay of Shrimp Salad Circus to inspire you to think outside the box and see things for more than what they are.

Project Reimagined: The White Tee

For Project Reimagined, a handful of different bloggers are all given the exact same item and asked to turn it into something new. This week’s project starts with a plain white tee shirt, and it has been reimagined by Lindsay of Shrimp Salad Circus, Katie of Lemon Jitters, Stacie of Stars for Streetlights, and Lexy of The Proper Pinwheel. For this project, my original vision included lace and dye. I knew I wanted to incorporate those two things. And I actually stuck to that plan! Hey guys, don't look at my overgrown eyebrows, k? Okay, here are the six elements that took this from a plain white boy's tee to a fancy-sleeved tee.

I used a mix of dark blue and black dye and it basically turned out purple. No Sew, One Shoulder Shirt. DIY. I wanted a one shoulder shirt to wear out Saturday night but I couldn't find one that fit, So I decided to make my own and no sewing required.

No Sew, One Shoulder Shirt. DIY

Tutorial Things you need. T-SHIRT INTO SUMMER TOP DIY. With summer right around the corner and temperatures already into the 80′s in many parts of the country, it’s a perfect time to start thinking about easy summer clothes.


This is a fast and easy way to transform a basic t-shirt into a cute summer top. To see step by step instructions and pictures click here. 1 Mens T-shirtElasticSafety PinPinsScissorsSewing NeedleThreadMeasuring tape Step 1Measure your elastic around your chest just under your arms. Pull it a bit snug, the smaller chested you are the tighter youll want your elastic to be. Step 2 Pin a straight line across the top of the tee where the shoulders are. Step 3 Pin your sleeves flat against the front of your tee.

Step 4 Sew the arm holes shut. Step 5 Cut 2 small pieces of your elastic. Just like you used the bottom hem of the tee, you will use the hems on the sleeves for the elastic on the pockets. Step 6 I left about 4 ½ inches of the sleeve without elastic. Sew this part to the front of the tee. DIY dolman tee. DIY Plain tank sewn zipper racer back. My Zipper Tee DIY tutorial...Tshirt Recycle. Supplies: Zipper 22 inches or so... old tshirt or 1 yard fabric.

My Zipper Tee DIY tutorial...Tshirt Recycle

Tie-Dye Shirt. Here's my second adventure in Tie-Dying.

Tie-Dye Shirt

I'm really happy with how my shirt came out. I just love using this dying technique, it's so exciting because you never know how it's going to come out. This was my first attempt. So far I've been pleasantly surprised. Here's what you'll need to make your own: >>>A t-shirt made of %100 percent natural fibers, this can be cotton, linen, silk, rayon, bamboo, etc. One Pearl Button: Tutorial: Silk Shirt Refashion. Large T-Shirt to Fitted Tee. I have these two t-shirts that I love.

Large T-Shirt to Fitted Tee

They're soft, comfortable, and have good worn (and sentimental) designs on them. But, I never wear them for anything other than around the house because they are large men's t-shirts and look completely shapeless on me. Fringe Top. So I had this weird shapeless top/dress/long tank top(?)

Fringe Top

In my closet. The only thing I liked about it was the color. Shortened Male White Shirt. Tappered Crop Top. Heart Sweatshirt. If you saw my Santa wish list the other day, you know that I have my eyes on the Wildfox Couture heart jumper.

Heart Sweatshirt

After hours of ogling their website, I had an epiphany: I can make my own! [SIDENOTE: Since making my wish list just last week, the heart jumper is no longer available on their website...I think this DIY project is FATE :)] A white crew neck sweatshirt. I got mine at Target for around $8A heart stencil to trace. I just printed out Word’s heart shape as big as it would fit on a sheet of paper and cut this outPencilMod PodgeRed GlitterA container for mixing glitter and glueA paint brushNewspaperWith a pencil, lightly trace around the heart stencil in the center of your sweatshirt.Mix the red glitter with Mod Podge in a container.

Jersey Tank Top. Skull Shirt. Chains Shirt. Bow Back Shirt. Cut out Back Shirt. Pearl Encrusted Deep V t-shirt. I’m always worried now when I have an idea for a DIY that one of the other DIY bloggers has already done it. Sadly I don’t have time any more to look at too many blogs so please know that if someone else has done this, it’s by complete coincidence that I have too. I have learned over the years of blogging that we DIYers tend to all think alike. So hopefully, this hasn’t been done before HOWEVER, the idea is not too far off from those hideously bedazzled sweatshirts from the 80′s old ladies used to wear… right? But so much better *NOTE* the “V” looks deeper on the dress form than it is in reality BUT your pearls or beads WILL weigh it down more than it normally sits on your chest.

*NOTE* Once embellished, your shirt will have to be dry-cleaned or carefully hand-washed and hung to dry. . * Beginning somewhere near the center of your V and with your middle sized pearl or bead, thread your needle through the back of your T and hand stitch your bead into place. Splash Dyed Shirts. T-shirt Bathing Suit Cover Up. *notes: if you want to make it look like the VS one pictured above, you can fold over the edges under the arms and stitch a simple tube all the way around.

T-shirt Bathing Suit Cover Up

Stitching a ribbon or rope at the top of each side & pushing it through. Cut a hole at the bottom of the tube to push ribbon/rope out of, cinch and tie in a bow. Simple enough.* If you want it to cover more in the front and sides, make your initial mark further up the neck line and make your side cut shorter as well. Workout T-Shirt. Every summer for some reason my closet magically seems to be full of unwanted t-shirts.

Workout T-Shirt

Every single summer... Some may seem old, others too casual, worn out or simply not interesting any more. Cut Out Back. I love a great t-shirt DIY and this one is extremely simple! As shown above, you can wear it two different ways… the first is simply sliced {and reminds me of one of my favorite artists, Lucio Fontana} and the second style, by creating pseudo-bows out of each sliced section. Mara Hoffman Inspired Woven Tee.