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Glogster EDU: A complete educational solution for digital and mobile teaching and learning. Find out more about avidemux. 5 killer ways to open up your next presentation. 171K views Did you know modern statistics state that you have 60 seconds or less to capture your audience’s attention?

5 killer ways to open up your next presentation

... Did you know modern statistics state that you have 60 seconds or less to capture your audience’s attention? The Asana Blog.


QundE - Scrumy. A Comparison of Five Free MOOC Platforms for Educators. By the end of 2013, most top universities had started to offer some sort of MOOC (massive open online course).

A Comparison of Five Free MOOC Platforms for Educators

Now, we are starting to see the MOOC product move into both the corporate and the private realm. Companies like Google and Tenaris are using MOOCs for training their employees, MongoDB is educating developers through the MOOC medium and thousands of private instructors are teaching classes on sites like Udemy. If you are considering a MOOC for yourself or your organization, you’ll first need to determine which tool you will use to build the course. The following is an assessment of five popular free MOOC (and MOOC-like) platforms. edX. Guide · Welcome to the Asana Guide.

Contao CMS

Diagramme mit einer Tabellenkalkulation erstellen - Herr Kalt – Website zum Unterricht. Wenn Du z.B. in einem naturwissenschaftlichen Fach ein Experiment durchführst (Beispiel), erhältst Du oft Daten in Form von Zahlenreihen (z.B. 1.5 Release Candidate - The first release candidate for Razuna 1.5 is now available.

1.5 Release Candidate -

We encourage everyone to download and test this release – please though, not on your production server unless you’re extra adventurous. With more then 200 ticked closed, this release brings many new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Download, Schritt 1 von 2. Das intelligente Tool für das Internet.

Download, Schritt 1 von 2

NC State University Moodle 2.1.1 Accessibility Evaluation. Greg Kraus @gdkraus November 29, 2011 Table of Contents Executive Summary.

NC State University Moodle 2.1.1 Accessibility Evaluation

MyCoRe - Ein Open Source System zum Aufbau digitaler Bibliotheken. Visio Guy. ProcessOn - Create diagrams online & Ream time collaboration. Adress- und Terminverwaltung: Alternative zu US-Diensten. Server ist ausgelastet: Wie ihr auf die Fehlermeldung reagieren solltet. Wave - Welcome to Apache Wave (incubating)

Wave is a distributed, near-real-time, rich collaboration platform that allows users to work together in new and exciting ways.

Wave - Welcome to Apache Wave (incubating)

Wave allows for flexible modes of communication, blending chat, email and collaborative document editing in to one seamless environment. Wave provides a lively and responsive environment that promotes more fluid and dynamic collaboration between users. The addition of Robots and Gagets allow the Wave platform to provide intelligence, integration, and customizability to the users experience. Currently, the main focus of the Apache Wave project is the development of "Wave in a Box" (WiaB). Walkaround - Wave on App Engine. Walkaround is a variant of Wave, based on the Apache Wave code base, that runs on App Engine.

walkaround - Wave on App Engine

Walkaround can import waves from to allow users to keep working with their data after is shut down. ReZound Homepage. Wiclear - Wiclear[en] Celebrating 20 Years of Linux [INFOGRAPHIC] You've come a long way, Tux the Penguin.

Celebrating 20 Years of Linux [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Linux Foundation is celebrating 20 years of the famous FOSS operating system, Linux — or GNU-slash-Linux, depending on how hard-line a fossie you're talking to — with a slew of special events, both online and IRL. Linux enthusiasts can check out the official anniversary site for details. The Foundation is also sharing a few other exciting news items, including: The new High Availability working group, which will "help define the open-source HA stack and prioritize features. " A range of open-source projects and distros are participating in the working group.The release of the Carrier Grade Linux 5.0 spec.

Images namecheck - Check Availability of Social Usernames, Domai. Download Portal Software kostenlos downloaden. CampusSource. Apache, mysql, php und perl installation leicht. Apache HTTP Server Test Page powered by CentOS. Wink - [Homepage] Here is a sample Flash tutorial created by Wink.

Wink - [Homepage]

Click the green arrow button to start viewing it. Get FileZilla. ★ 4.5 Stars (972) 682,623 Downloads (This Week) Last Update: Download Installer Enabled i Direct Download Browse All Files BSD Windows Mac Linux FileZilla is a cross-platform graphical FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with a lot of features, supporting Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and more.

Get FileZilla

Lf178, Applications: Echtzeit mp3 Aufnahmen. Echtzeit mp3 Aufnahmen. Scribe! - XHTML Editor / Freeware / kostenlos. 3 Steps To Efficiently Work With Multiple Browsers. There is Firefox, which stepped into Netscape’s pioneer position. Opera, the fastest. Safari, the Mac browser. Adobe Reader herunterladen. Info:


Osborn Software - Advanced File Security 3 Basic. Kostenfreier Virenschutz - Avira AntiVir. Ahead. Award-Winning NoteTab Text Editors and HTML Editors. Macromedia HomeSite - Download. Forum: Homesite. ASP4HS: ASP/PHP/.Net/etc Development Extensions for HomeSite. Do you use the HomeSite Editor to do ASP, PHP or ASP.Net? Are you a HomeSite user and just getting into ASP, PHP or ASP.Net work? If so, this site is for you... Most hype aside, the HomeSite editor is a great tool for web development in HTML, Active Server Pages (ASP), .Net, PHP, XML, XSL, XSLT, SQL, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Tridion CMS, and other languages.

It's probably the most popular code-based editor for any sort of web page and scripting web technologies are no exception. Using TextExpander to conquer email. Posted on 11 May 2011 • 34 comments Let me get this out there right away: I hate email. Seriously, I can’t stand it.


H2testw - Download - heise online. Heise Download. Check Out These Google Reader Alternatives. With the news that Google is killing off Google Reader as of July 1, 2013, users everywhere are on the lookout for potential replacements. Replacing Google Reader isn't easy; the service isn't just an RSS reader — it's also the de facto cloud-based RSS syncing service. Many Google Reader users don't even use the web app as their primary feed reader, instead using the service to offer subscription, read, unread and folder information to other RSS clients such as Reeder, NetNewsWire and FeedDemon. And while services and apps such as Pulse and Flipboard are a great way to visualize news and information, those services are not conducive to the needs of the power Google Reader user.

Thus, a good alternative needs to have a cloud- or web-based component — so that feeds can be accessed from multiple devices or locations — and it needs to be usable with hundreds or thousands of feeds. Our only fear with recommending some of these services is the long-term viability of these platforms.