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Plastic Bottles

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Rosenbaum » ROSENBAUM RESPONDE: LDL #48 – Horta vertical. Amigos, Recebi muitos e-mails e comentários em todas as nossas redes (Blog, Twitter e Facebook) perguntando sobre como fazer a horta vertical de garrafas PET, da casa da Família Rodrigues, no Lar Doce Lar #48, em Itaim Paulista, SP.

Rosenbaum » ROSENBAUM RESPONDE: LDL #48 – Horta vertical

Antes de dar dicas sobre como construir a sua, agradeço todas as mensagens sobre esta reforma para o Lar Doce Lar. Espero retribuir todo o carinho de vocês com mais um ROSENBAUM RESPONDE. // ROSENBAUM RESPONDE: LDL #48 – Horta vertical A garrafa PET é uma invenção que deu certo em termos econômicos, mas vem trazendo uma dor de cabeça quando pensamos na enorme degradação do Meio Ambiente causada por ela. Buscar alternativas para sua reutilização tem sido um esforço da sociedade em diversos lugares do Brasil, como já constatei nas minhas andanças pelo país. As garrafas plásticas podem ser reaproveitadas para cultivar vegetais de pequeno porte, temperos e ervas medicinais, presas em muros e paredes ou apoiadas em suportes de diferentes materiais. . - Tesoura. Thailand is ready for a flood. Flooding in Thailand covers more and more territories: 28 out of 76 provinces are flooded in the kingdom.

Thailand is ready for a flood

Residents of the country are in panic, experts have called this disaster strike the strongest in the last ten years. Beautiful/Decay Cult of the Creative Arts. David Edgar, "Green Fiesta Jellyfish Lamp" The people of the United States alone toss out millions of plastic bottles every hour, and in a year, enough plastic film to shrink wrap Texas (which would be both a hilarious and horrifying feat.)

Beautiful/Decay Cult of the Creative Arts

Everyone knows it’s important to recycle, but it’s often hard to realize the consequences of forgetting about one little bottle; maybe we should consider not buying this stuff in the first place. (I drink out of the tap all the time, heck, I’d drink out of the hose.) Without getting on a soapbox, the following artists have made powerful statements about the ways in which we waste…. by re-using materials that would otherwise be thrown away, and removing paper and plastics completely from the recycling loop…. as even the act of recycling uses massive amounts of energy. Eco-Friendly Blossoms By Michelle Brand. Look closely!

Eco-Friendly Blossoms By Michelle Brand

Yes way! Michelle Brand, an eco-designer from Manchester in the UK, repurposes the bottoms of discarded plastic soda bottles to create these breathtakingly beautiful decorative light fixtures, lamp shades, curtains, room dividers, and more. Ingenious and quite stunning, don’t you agree? From plastic bottle to blossoms, garlands and fairy lights, it’s up-cycling at its best! From the pics, it looks like she uses a clothing tag attacher gun for connecting the pieces– much easier than punching individual holes and threading the bottoms with fishing line!! { image credits } The Super Strength of POLLI-Bricks – Bricks Made from Recycled P. These recycled plastic bottle bricks are more affordable and durable than traditional bricks Photo from flickr They’re transparent and translucent. Brilliant Recycling Idea. I am always looking for innovative recycling ideas and look what I found!

Brilliant Recycling Idea

A screen made of soda bottle bottoms - I use empty water bottles to aid watering in my planted containers. Cut off the bottoms, unscrew and remove the lid.Place the bottle in the container to be planted with the screw top down.Add peat moss inside the bottle and then surround the bottle with potting mix to hold upright. Add plant material and you have a reservoir for water that places the water at the root level where plants really need it. Try this it really helps containers stay moist at the root level decreasing the need for daily watering during the hot Summer months. Petal Drops at Description Fits neatly onto the bottle top Collecting rainwater makes perfect sense, but why do it with some ugly old bucket when you can use a few Petal Drops?

Petal Drops at

Socially developed by our idea-hugging friends at, these 100% recycled flower-shaped funnels screw onto any standard threaded bottle, channelling water inside. Clever, eh? Yes, we know it rains all the time in dear old Blighty but you can use the collected rainwater to feed thirsty houseplants, fill your water pistol or refresh rain-dodging window boxes without bothering the tap. Recycle plastic bottles. Make Your Own Pop Bottle Drip Irrigation System. The last time I forgot to water my outdoor potted plants and discovered them completely wilted and hanging on the cusp of near death, I decided it was time to take action.

Make Your Own Pop Bottle Drip Irrigation System

Some of the plants on my deck receive a full, searing sun all day long during the hottest mid summer days. While these plants thrive under such conditions if properly taken care of, they will die quickly if they don’t receive enough water. Although it has been unusually rainy this year in these parts, full sun deck plants will still get extremely hot and dry very quickly. One of the best ways to provide a steady water supply to your plants without your constant attention is the gradual watering system or drip irrigation. Through this method a device is employed that slowly delivers water into the soil directly around the roots. The materials you will need are as follows: The Windowfarms Project.