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What. Paper Couture. I don't recall where I first came across Paper Couture, a lovely paper goods shop in Paddington, Sydney, but oh how I wish I was winging my way there right this minute.

Paper Couture

Taking in a bit of summer warmth would be heavenly for this northern-hemi girl, but so would a chat with the boutique's owner, paper artist Jo Neville. Papier à êtres. For the Boston Cyberarts Festival, Bostonian Brian Knep, who has been making some of the most exciting new media art hereabouts, presents a group of video-installations-in-progress at Boston’s Judi Rotenberg Gallery.

“Frog Triplets” (at left) is a non-repeating video projected on the gallery wall showing three silhouetted frogs lined up side by side at the bottom of what looks like a competition swimming pool with blurry floating lane markers. As a blurry horizontal stripe repeatedly wipes up the image, gets to the top and then starts up from the bottom again, the frogs fidget, and seem to poop, but actually they are sprouting tails. Now and again one leaps upward, briefly becoming a translucent veiny limbless tadpole, before falling back down and becoming a frog again. His non-repeating video installation “Frog Time” (below) is similar, but it shows just one frog in lanes oriented horizontally. Design 2.0 Reader. Cloud Lamps by Yu Jordy Fu. London-based designer Yu Jordy Fu has produced a range of hand-cut paper lampshades called Cloud Lamps.

Cloud Lamps by Yu Jordy Fu

The designs are cut freehand from recycled paper, then folded around a light source. .Three Cloud Lamp chandeliers by Yu Jordy Fu are on display as part of festival In From the Cold at the Southbank Centre in London. More information on Yu Jordy Fu’s blog The Cloud Lamps are available to buy from the designer’s website.Here’s some more information from Yu Jordy Fu: Paper cut art. Attack of the Kraken. Jen Stark. Ps-your-so-cool.jpg (960×1280) Crooked house: Jayme McGowan's 3D Cut Paper Illustrations. Many of the parenting/design blogs are talking about the latest issue of small magazine.

crooked house: Jayme McGowan's 3D Cut Paper Illustrations

I am most struck by the 3D paper cut illustrations done by Jayme McGowan. Here she talks about how she started -- she was trying to quit smoking and needed a new obsessive habit to distract her. Just take a gander at her first project: You can buy her prints -- and sometimes even the originals! Large 25x50 cm. Get Inspired: 45+ Amazingly Creative Papercut Artwork. Derives from the Greek term for the ancient Egyptian writing material, paper as we call it today is being used for many purposes.

Get Inspired: 45+ Amazingly Creative Papercut Artwork

From writing a simple note to advertising media, the paper it self become very important in our life. Furthermore, paper can also be used as decorations. Papercut for example, is a simple paper decoration. Though, when it comes to creative ideas they will no longer look simple. Instead, these stunning papercut artwork will leave you with praise. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. I Love Dust. Supersonic electronic / art.  Paper Cut Art. Book Of Art. Réduisant un livre entier à un seul mot par une série de multiples pliages savamment réfléchis pour composer ses différentes lettres en relief, l’artiste Isaac Salazar considère son oeuvre comme un moyen d’afficher une oeuvre d’art sur un livre, mais également de les recycler pour permettre de les voir sous un nouveau jour.

Book Of Art

Découvrez tous les détails en images dans la suite ! Plus de détails en images dans la galerie Credits & copyright Isaac Salazar – via. I - N E V E R - K I S S E D - A - D O G. 空気の器 (KANAZAWA 21) « TORAFU ARCHITECTS トラフ建築設計事務所. Back to Basics on the Behance Network.


Papercutdiecut by papercutdiecut. Hello, thanks for coming and stopping by!

papercutdiecut by papercutdiecut

I am offering papercut items. All of my items were handmade. All my papercuts are handmade, hand cut, you can see there is no perfect straight line, the paper is rice paper, it is so soft, no machine can cut this kind of paper! :) *****PLZ make sure your Etsy address is correct, I only ship items to address you have on Etsy. Everything but the Paper Cut: Eye-popping Ways Artists Use Paper. In the year since the Museum of Art and Design reopened in its new digs on Columbus Circle, they've been delivering consistently compelling shows--from punk-rock lace to radical knitting experiments.

Everything but the Paper Cut: Eye-popping Ways Artists Use Paper

The newest, "Slash: Paper Under the Knife", opened last weekend and runs through April 4, 2010. The focus is paper--and the way contemporary artists have used paper itself as a medium, whether by cutting, tearing, burning, or shredding. In all, the show features 50 artists and a dozen installations made just for the show, including Andreas Kocks's Paperwork #701G (in the Beginning), seen above. Here's a sampling of the other works on display: Schimmel Art. Dawn Ng’s Paper Planes. About Open Widget Area Magical Urbanism, a website about urbanization, design and social change, is maintained by Mike Ernst.

Dawn Ng’s Paper Planes

I'm an urban planner and designer based in New York City. I graduated from the Masters of City Planning program at UC Berkeley. Thanks for your interest! Paper cuts - Rolls on the Behance Network.


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