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The Ultimate WordPress Cheatsheet [Infographic] Time, Attention, and Creative Work. - Make an enquiry. Huddlebuy Group Deals - Find Great Group Deals for Your Small Business. Enumerable [] All?

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[{ |obj| block } ] → true or false click to toggle source Passes each element of the collection to the given block. The method returns true if the block never returns false or nil. If the block is not given, Ruby adds an implicit block of { |obj| obj } which will cause all? To return true when none of the collection members are false or nil. %w[ant bear cat].all? Static VALUE enum_all(VALUE obj) { NODE *memo = NEW_MEMO(Qtrue, 0, 0); rb_block_call(obj, id_each, 0, 0, ENUMFUNC(all), (VALUE)memo); return memo->u1.value; } any?

Passes each element of the collection to the given block. %w[ant bear cat].any? Static VALUE enum_any(VALUE obj) { NODE *memo = NEW_MEMO(Qfalse, 0, 0); rb_block_call(obj, id_each, 0, 0, ENUMFUNC(any), (VALUE)memo); return memo->u1.value; } chunk { |elt| ... } → an_enumerator click to toggle source chunk(initial_state) { |elt, state| ... } → an_enumerator Enumerates over the items, chunking them together based on the return value of the block. collect → an_enumerator. Simplified affiliate marketing for publishers - generate revenue from your site's content easily. Awesome Merchandise Combo Deals Awesome Merchandise - design your own pin badges, create custom band merchandise, drumsticks, plectrums, stickers, banners & more at Awesome Merchandise.

Facebook Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations. Top 15 Tumblr Blogs Every Designer Should Follow. Tumblr is a great place for creative’s, especially designers.

Top 15 Tumblr Blogs Every Designer Should Follow

You can find so many cool things on tumblr, that you will lose track of time. With more and more tumblogs created daily, its becoming very hard to find and or keep track of great resourceful sites. The directory that Tumblr provides is good, but not that engaging. This is where we come in and help. We have managed to ask around our wonderful followers on twitter, and they told us some of their favorite design based Tumblogs. 1. As you can probably guess, Startup quote is a website for inspiring quotes from the biggest names in the industry. 2. A collection of great UI buttons spotted in the wild. 3. As the name suggests TypographyFeed is your number one source for daily typography inspiration. 4. Art in My Coffee is a Tumblr blog which catalogs latte art from all around the world. 5. A collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers. 6. Provides stunning icons, wallpapers, and other downloads. 7. 8.

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