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Healed. In honor of our dear Sammy’s 33rd birthday, we’re hosting a comment fic and art meme!


THE RULES• Leave a comment here with your prompt. Any Sam-centric prompts are fine, even if it’s not necessarily heavy on the h/c. (Bonus points for birthday-themed!) • If you have a preference for desired pairings or additional characters, please mention it in your prompt. Gnaw. SPN: Waiting for the Hint of a Spark. Fandom: SupernaturalMain characters: Dean, Sam, Castiel, Bobby, GodReferenced characters: Chuck, a horde of Dean's fangirls (and fanboys), Mary, JohnContains: Angst, AU, God as a characterRating: PG13Summary: When Lucifer rises, Dean gets blinded.

SPN: Waiting for the Hint of a Spark

Of course, that doesn't stop people from thinking he's still meant to save the world. Oh, and God's an asshole.Notes: I apologise for any inaccuracies relating to disability in this fic: research is no substitute for living it in reality. The attitudes towards disability in this fic are those of the characters and not necessarily my own.Thanks to: feywood, for being my beta and my girlfriend and my cheerleader, all rolled into one. And starry_ice for the amazing art.Accessibility: If you have a sight problem, or any other problem which makes reading this in the current format hard for you, I've uploaded an .rtf copy here, which you can download and therefore change the display however you wish.

But no more, after that. Dean wakes up again. Adrenalineshots: Blind Faith: Master Post. Lyra_wing: bring on the drama. Such fragile, broken things, Supernatural. Warnings: oblique references to torture.

such fragile, broken things, Supernatural

Explicit references with withdrawal and violence (canon-typical). Language. About A Boy (Again), Supernatural. A/N: So, my thinking was that Season 10, while excellent, was getting pretty grim in the second half, and I wanted some brotherly fluffiness.

About A Boy (Again), Supernatural

And I love the protective big brother and little brother dynamic…so this happened. It was going to be just a short little fluffy piece, but they were just too cute and I was having fun, and so it kind of exploded. This takes place not too long after Executioner's Song, but before the Mark starts really taking over Dean. Mickeym: New Fic: [ And We'll Ride Into The Sunset ] - SPN, Sam/Dean. Supernatural Gen Fanworks Exchange - The Year of Living Quietly, for pesha (gen, PG-16) Title: The Year of Living QuietlyAuthor: slob_child / Frank ZappaRecipient: peshaRating: PG – 16 (swearing)Author's Notes: I sort of creatively interpreted the prompt, which was along the vein of ‘Wee!

Supernatural Gen Fanworks Exchange - The Year of Living Quietly, for pesha (gen, PG-16)

Chesters learn to deal with living on their own’. Hopefully the recipient enjoys! Clocking in at just under 9000 words.Summary: Sam is screwed up. How it starts is Dean is fifteen and Sammy is eleven, and Sammy stops talking. What makes it worse is that neither Dean nor John notice. And he’d always been good at letting Dean know what he wanted or needed without saying a word – they had that unspoken thing down, had unshakeable routine – so Dean didn’t really pay that much attention to the fact that Sam stopped saying “Yeah,” and “No,” or even, “I don’t know, man, shut the fuck up,” replacing words with tilts and shakes of his head, shrugging movements. How Dean clues in to the fact that his little brother has seemingly gone mute is: they are at the newest in a long string of schools. X “Dad. All those things I didn't say - morganoconner - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]

Sam is forty-two years old the next time he meets God.

all those things I didn't say - morganoconner - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]

The next time, because he's already met God a few times now, and he doesn't like to think about it. Tries really hard not to think about how bad things got before the big man finally had to step in and initiate a reset just to stop the universe from imploding on itself after Dean killed Death. Meeting God is always funny in a surreal sort of way, because he appears in dreams, and it's not until after Sam wakes up that he has any idea there was ever anything strange about the meeting.

Journal of a Supernatural Fanfic Writer - Obeys [darkfic; S9] Characters: Sam and Dean, Castiel, some Crowley.

Journal of a Supernatural Fanfic Writer - Obeys [darkfic; S9]

Rating: matureWarnings: lack of agency, abuse, violence and dark themes.Summary: Remember that powder that Magnus had, that could control people? What if Dean decided to use it on Sam, pushed by the Mark's dictatorship? What if it gets out of control? Sam loved Dean more than pretty much anything else. It was a fact he’d come to accept after Dean died and went to Hell; Dean was his family, and it is what it is, a floundering, overwhelming connection. It’s harmless little commands at first. Alone, for cillab42 - Supernatural Gen Fanworks Exchange. Title: AloneRecipient: cillab42Rating: PG13Word Count: 4453Author's Notes: Huge thanks to my wonderful beta for all your help.

Alone, for cillab42 - Supernatural Gen Fanworks Exchange

Summary: Based on this prompt – What happened after Mary died. I want to see how the Winchester's made it through that first night after to firemen and John was left alone with two small children as he tries to come to grips with what happened. After the firefighters arrived, John sat for a long time just holding onto his boys, with little Sammy in his arms and Dean plastered to his side. He knew he was in shock; he knew he should move, do something, and take the boys somewhere. Sixteen Snapshots From the House of Pachinko - indiachick - Supernatural. No: 232 in Chinatown is a restaurant with tangerine-colored screens at the windows.

Sixteen Snapshots From the House of Pachinko - indiachick - Supernatural

White tigers and pot-bellied tapirs stand frozen in mid-cavort on the screens, orange blossoms raining around them. At night, with small orange lanterns swaying on wooden rafters and throwing a mosaic of shadow and light, they seem to come to life. The Chinese man named Hsin Dongli serves peppered oysters and soup dumplings here, thukpas and wontons all steaming hot, while his Japanese wife slings ramen and makes bowls of rice and salmon roe. Her name is Sachi and her cheeks are scalded from decades of bending over steaming pots. Her hands are very small and do not know any alphabet. Under wandering stars i've grown - #9 - Silence. #9 - Silence They keep Sam sedated for the first day that he’s in the hospital, oxygen mask still strapped to his face and machines beeping quietly as he sleeps.

under wandering stars i've grown - #9 - Silence

Curled into a loose ball on his side, he looks disarmingly like the four-year-old brother that Dean had once cradled through nightmares and entertained with stories that he’d memorised from his own childhood. He seems peaceful enough, chest rising soft and steady, but there’s a vulnerability to him that Dean hasn’t seen for years. Sam had been just eight years old when he’d first decided that he was going to conquer the world by himself.

Tales and Rambles in the Key of Me - Just One More thing 1/4. SUMMARY: Written for a prompt on "ohsam". The prompt was that Sam is injured in the car crash in "Devil's Trap" worse than was shown. This is actually the first story in the "Life On Mute" verse. Gunshots were loud. Dean's mullet rock was loud. But the sound of ripping, buckling metal and screeching tyres as the possessed semi crumpled the Impala like a piece of paper was the loudest sound Sam had ever heard. So it was understandable that everything seemed a little muted after that. Sam drove the demon away from the driver, and the driver called for help. He thought the bandages that covered one eye and one ear had muted his voice. Nobody seemed to hear him. Rememberbefore: the noise of stars: supernatural, gen: sam winchester, pg13.

The noise of starsIt took Sam nearly six months to locate the book. Their father had mentioned it once or twice when Sam was a kid, but John had never known much about it. Sam had questioned Pastor Jim about it several times. The two of them had sat up late into the night when they had stayed with him the year Sam was fifteen, discussing the possibilities of a book like that actually existing, and if it did, where it could have been located.Sam had never forgotten about it, but once they'd left Pastor Jim's that year, he'd stopped talking about it.

He'd stopped looking for it when they came to rare collectives, though his eyes always caught on the oldest books. Lost in the Darkness Chapter 1, a supernatural fanfic. Summary: Sam and Dean are on a hunt for a garden variety ghost when a drunk driver derails their plans and may just change their lives forever. Sam suffers a debilitating injury and Dean is left to pick up the pieces. Disclaimer: I own nothing, I gain nothing from this story but the pure enjoyment of putting this idea out there. Living Expenses - tolakasa - Supernatural. Summers were the worst. Summers, you were on your own. People didn't understand that "full ride" didn't mean the university covered everything. Charmer & Gentle, for gray_glance - Supernatural Gen Fanworks Exchange. Title: Charmer & GentleRecipient: gray_glanceRating: PG-13Word Count or Media: ~3800Warnings: very vague reference to canonical (s10) character deathAuthor's Notes: For the prompt: The night shift at Walgreens Cenex in Lebanon, Kansas has gotten really interesting the last couple years.

Takes place from mid-s8 to the end of s10. Lebanon is so small that it doesn't even have a functioning grocery store, let alone a Walgreens! So I hope a gas station will do. You tied me to your bed [spn][one-shot]: mimblexwimble. If only they knew the kind of things he thinks. If only they could hear even a quarter of what runs through his mind every day; they'd never let him out in public. Sometimes he looks at someone – someone with the right kind of hair or the right color eyes or a certain kind of smell about them – and it doesn't even matter who they are. He just wants to rip into them, tear them apart. Stitches - Chapter 1 - Askance - Supernatural. That's My Story - tolakasa - Supernatural. It was one of those impromptu parties that tended to break out in dorms during the pre-exam crunch, when everyone was keyed up from stress and the impending winter break. The more a college student had to do, the more likely he'd wind up sitting in the hall lounge with half the neighbors, way too much pizza, beverages that were illegal for half the people drinking them, and possibly a few other illicit substances.

Bad movies, loud music, and pointless chatter were bonuses. Einsam durch die Nacht... Fic: In the Gap (1/1): readysetspeak. Fic: Keep Your Eyes on the Road Ahead: libraryofsol. Broken Ch 1, Supernatural. Broken Chapter 1 Complete AU. The bond between the brothers was all too easily broken. Set after the death of Azazale, and assumes Sam didn't die at the hands of Jake. Synapses - Chapter 1 - lanri - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own] Chapter Text “Such a beautiful day.” Quiet like the Snow Chapter 1: Refuge from the Wreckage, a supernatural fanfic. Króka-Refs saga - weathercock snowfall (starlight cockcrow): master post.

Many A Vanished Scene - An abundance of bookmarked things... Unseen - lanri - Supernatural. Fanfic: Rescued, Supernatural. When I come to I'm sitting on a cave floor, tied to the same post in the middle of the woods that I've been tied to for the past two days, the rest of my camping party still nowhere in sight. A tall, shaggy-haired man is kneeling next to me with a knife and I tense, worried that this is the man who killed my friends. My memory is hazy but I remember returning to the campsite, having gone to get water, to find my friends missing, blood strewn about. There was movement behind me and then I had woken here, three of my four friends with me. Fic: What Was and What Could Have Been - brightly_lit. Hamartia (1 of 2): rei_c. Half of What You See - Chapter 1 - CloudAtlas - Supernatural. Memefic: Nun hat er nichts mehr lieb - Goodnight Monsters, Everywhere.

Save Me From the Dark - Rather a Story. FIC: This New Life - gen - PG13 - Real Life - go away now! This is my happy place. Those Are Her Boys - compo67 - Supernatural. Second sight index. Heroes: ohsam. A Supernatural Fan Fiction Challenge. A Supernatural Fan Fiction Challenge. A Supernatural Fan Fiction Challenge. Supernatural Fic: Pity, Sympathy and People Discussing Me - Welcome to the Cheap Seats. We'll Get Better - HappyEight - Supernatural. Words Like Shattered Glass - lanri - Supernatural. Fic: The Book of Winchester: teashopmuses. Agents and Hunters Ch 1, Supernatural. The First Christmas, Supernatural. FIC: This New Life - gen - PG13: spilled_coffee. Haunted Life, Supernatural. Time and Again, Supernatural. Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?, Supernatural. Nothing Says I Love You Like a Stupid Hat - The Only Thing To Do Is Jump Over The Moon.

The Devil Made Me Do It - The Only Thing To Do Is Jump Over The Moon. Facta non Verba 1/2 - Keep it in the family. Also Full of Overcoming - Rather a Story. Ixnay Ch 1, Supernatural. Comment fic meme!: ohsam. Never Even Saw Him, Supernatural. Of Black Dogs and ASL, Supernatural. Uncle Bobby Ch 2, Supernatural. "Hospital Corners" - Kellifer_fic. Special, Supernatural. Just Another Kid, Supernatural. Vicious Fate - lanri - Supernatural. Xover: Asking Questions, Supernatural & Closer.