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How to see everything you’ve ever Googled (if you’re so brave) (Reuters/Dado Ruvic) You probably don’t remember what you Googled 10 minutes ago, let alone the myriad inane and fleeting things you’ve searched since the engine’s beginnings. But unless you’re browsing in incognito mode or have tweaked your account settings, Google remembers those things. Not only that: Google logs all of your searches, analyzes them, and uses them to individually personalize the search results you see — which has pretty profound implications for both literacy and privacy. [Everything Google knows about you — and how it knows it] Now, the search giant has created a way for users to better understand that process. In a feature quietly rolled out last January, and surfaced by a Google blog over the weekend, users can download their search histories from Google, including things they’ve searched across computers and phones.

These histories aren’t 100-percent comprehensive: They only include searches you’ve made while signed in on your Google account. Liked that? Zombie Attacks, Fairy Queens, and Why Your Brain Craves Surprises: An Interview with Tania Luna | Suvudu. How do you feel about surprises? Do you like unpredictably, or do you prefer the comfort of routine? While most people prefer the predictable, the latest in scientific research has revealed that surprise is a vital element for growth and creativity. Tania Luna is one of the founders of Surprise Industries—a company that specializes in pleasant surprises—the co-author (along with Dr. LeeAnn Renninger) of Surprise: Embrace the Unpredictable and Engineer the Unexpected. Luna and I recently spoke about how surprise makes our favorite games so much fun, why we can’t stop reading science fiction and fantasy, and what it’s like when your job description includes surprising zombie fans and fairy-loving businessmen.

How did you get interested in surprises? My sister Cat and I started a company called Surprise Industries. My background is in psychology so I became really interested in what was going on inside these people’s brains as they’re going through these experiences. Why do we crave surprise? A 'fancy' serial number can make a $1 bill worth thousands. If you’ve ever read the eight-digit serial number on a dollar bill, it was probably to play liar’s poker—or out of sheer boredom. But those digits are more than a passing diversion to a thriving online community, for whom they can take on a near-mystical significance. At, Nashville musician and currency collector Dave Undis brings together like-minded digit-heads who have little interest in the history of money or even the denomination of a given note.

Instead they are after certain patterns and series that fall under the flexible heading of “fancy” serial numbers. Low serial numbers, from 00000001 to 00000100, are sought after, as well as palindromes (23599532), solids (with a digit that repeats eight times), seven-of-a-kinds (66666665), ladders (45678901) and important dates (12071941). The criteria get even more obscure from there: Undis is seeking a pi note, with the number 31415927.

H/T | Photo by 401(K) 2012/Flickr. 25 Biggest Secret Societies to Ever Exist. I spent 2 years cleaning houses. What I saw makes me never want to be rich. Let me tell you something you already know: Your housekeeper spies on you. We work alone. We get bored. What do you expect? I worked for a company cleaning houses for two years. It was flexible. It paid well enough. I didn't think of it as a career, or identify with it; it was just what I did to get myself through college as a single mom. At first I didn't snoop. I checked how many pills they'd taken and learned which prescriptions had turned into recreations I found the houses on little winding roads, the hidden keys tucked under gnomes or rugs. But after a few months, my boss told me to clean slower.

So I started looking through the piles of papers instead of straightening them. (I had to look that one up. I named my houses. One was the Porn House, for all the issues of Hustler in the nightstand and for the bottle of lube that sometimes sat in front of the alarm clock, illuminated by the red numbers. Next to the Porn House was the Sad House. "Get new hose. " "Fix crack in sidewalk. " The Federal Government Will Put You Up In This Haunted Ghost Town, If You Dare. The federal government wants to give you free food, free housing and a job. No, it's not a scary story that libertarians tell each other around the campfire. But there is a spooky catch to the arrangement. Garnet, Montana, is the state's most intact ghost town, and some people maintain that it's actually haunted.

The remote mountain town grew rapidly in the late 19th century following the discovery of gold and silver in the area. But by the 1940s, the mines had run out and the boom went bust. Garnet emptied out, and now the only people who spend any time there are tourists and volunteers selected by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. "It’s primitive, to say the least,” ranger Nacoma Gainan told The Montana Standard this week in an article about Garnet's volunteering opportunities. But at least one state historian claims that once the sun sets in Garnet, the spirits of the town's historic residents come alive. According to a 2010 article about Garnet in the Helena Independent Record: Freaky Game Transforms Your House Into a Horror Movie When You Walk Around at Night With a Smartphone. Just walking around your home at night can be scary enough, but a gaming company is developing an augmented reality game that can turn it into a movie-like house of horrors in which you are the star.

“Night Terrors” by Novum Analytics is game that you play at night with your smartphone and its LED light. “Where are those games that are so believable and so immersive that you’re afraid to play them?” Brian Mitchell, the developer, asked. Night Terror uses algorithms that play upon various features of your phone to map your environment and allow you to see your home through the lens of a horror game.

The objective of the game is to save an 8-year-old girl who is trapped in another world. There are certain rules that help you reach your objective. Instead of creating the scary elements of the game using computer graphics, Night Terror uses images that were filmed of actors in costume. Watch this video to understand more about how the game works: (H/T: Daily Mail) 42 Great Hikes, Walks and Pilgrimages.

Home » Ibang Recommends (Local) » 42 Great Hikes, Walks and Pilgrimages 42 Great Hikes, Walks and Pilgrimages Sep 3, 2012 The world is full of amazing trails, walkways, paths and pilgrimages. Some of them are amazing for the places they lead to, some are breathtaking for the sights you can see along the way. And then others are amazing just for the sheer difficulty of the trek. Share this: 16 comments Sign in or Post as Guest 12 people listening + Follow Post comment as... Newest | Oldest My Hike from the couch to the Beer Fridge is PRETTY epic I want to go to there, and there, and there, and there.

Fire up the airstream. Snowy Range, Wyoming. We need an update of the guy who called in a month ago who said he was taking his house boat down the Mississipps and out to the FL Keays. @ AssWhack! I love jellystone park the best, That god damn park ranger won't let me eat out of my picnic baskets Can I rent a Segway at any of these places? @ Pool Keepers Son hover round takes you anywhere you want to go. 31 Places Everyone Should See Before They Die. Do you feel like making the most of your life? If the answer is Yes, then you should probably see every place on this list a Reddit user compiled. It contains almost every awesome place worth seeing around the globe.

It might take you a few years to hit every one, but it'll be worth it (even if your bank account doesn't agree). 1. Aescher Hotel In Appenzellerland, Switzerland 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. Thanks to this user for adding the locations of every image. 12 Hidden Gems You Had NO IDEA Were In Tennessee. Finding a place rife with character and mystery, buzzing with potential and existing on a plane of complete excitement can be a difficult endeavor.

Tennessee, though? We got you covered. Take a trip out to one of these neat spots and you won’t want to head anywhere else. Adventure is out there, you just have to look for it. 12) Arrington Vineyards – Arrington Check out this little piece of heaven - perfect in the summer months and straight into fall. 11) Wolf River Conservancy – Memphis Bet you had no idea Memphis was hiding such a jewel, hey?

10) Firefly Swarms – Great Smoky Mountains Did you know that East Tennessee is swarming with fireflies in June?! 9) Live & Let Live Drugstore – Knoxville This mom and pop store is a trip back in time with yummy treats to match. 8) Montgomery Bell Tunnel – Cheatham County Cut 290-feet through limestone, this water diversion tunnel was the first of its kind. 7) Raccoon Mountain Caverns – Chattanooga 6) Old Roane County Courthouse – Kingston. This Woven Braid Around Ponytail is Simply Amazing.

Yoga Poses for Beginners. It's Okay To Be Smart. 10 Mind-Blowing Theories That Will Change Your Perception of the World. Reality is not as obvious and simple as we like to think. Some of the things that we accept as true at face value are notoriously wrong. Scientists and philosophers have made every effort to change our common perceptions of it. The 10 examples below will show you what I mean. 1. Great glaciation is the theory of the final state that our universe is heading toward. 2.

Solipsism is a philosophical theory, which asserts that nothing exists but the individual’s consciousness. Don’t you believe me? As a result, which parts of existence can we not doubt? 3. George Berkeley, the father of Idealism, argued that everything exists as an idea in someone’s mind. The idea being that if the stone really only exists in his imagination, he could not have kicked it with his eyes closed. 4. Everybody has heard of Plato. In addition to this stunning statement, Plato, being a monist, said that everything is made of a single substance. 5. 6. Enternalism is the exact opposite of presentism. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Mom's Recipes. Aims | Vienna Teng. Start a Chapter. PAW (Pittsburgh Area Wizards) at a meeting You believe in the power of story to inspire social change. You feel strongly about taking an active role in the improvement and empowerment of your local community. You think about Harry Potter (and the Doctor, and Katniss Everdeen, and…) a little bit more than the average person. In fact, you see these fictional heroes as role models for action in the real world. You also have a bunch of friends who feel the same way you do. Sounds like you’d make an excellent Chapter Organizer! Our COs have the opportunity to gain invaluable experience as leaders in a non-profit setting while playing an active role in real social change. Interested? 37 Ridiculously Awesome Things To Do In Your Backyard This Summer. 27 Things You Need To Do Before Summer Is Over. SelfControl. About Us – Thorny Games. We're always eager to spread the good word of play ⁠— be it for tabletop, language, RPG or larp.

Here's a taste: ▪ GDC 2019: Lessons for Narrative Design from Modern Tabletop RPG ▪ Living Games 2018: Keynote ▪ 2018 Full Indie Summit: Language in Games ▪ Indiecade 2017: Language Game Design Microtalk ▪ Metatopia 2017. . ▪ 2016 GenCon Industry Insiders. How to Create Your Own Podcast - A Step-by-Step Tutorial - Make Your Own Talk Show, Music Program or Audio Stream. I'm often asked by visitors to this site how to start an Internet radio station. But, often they are over-thinking it. Offering audio on the Internet can be done in many ways and it just keeps getting easier. Podcasts Come in Various Flavors Podcasts are easy to do whether you DIY with an audio editor and your own website or use a third-party to create it and host it. A Podcast allows you to create audio which can be accessed on-demand. But, now, just placing an audio file online at your website and informing users to "click to listen" to your "Podcast on-demand" is sufficient in many cases, especially if you know ahead of time that you are doing a limited amount of podcasts.

Thanks to broadband, the moment your audio file begins playing uninterrupted through the end-users player, you have achieved the same effect as Internet Radio. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck - it's a duck. How Complicated Do You Want This? 12 Tips How To Make A Documentary. StationCreator. How to Plan Your Biography. 0 Flares Twitter 0 Facebook 0 0 Flares × Warning: This is long – 4 times as long as most of my articles – but it’s one of the most important pieces I’ve written yet. If you don’t have time to read the whole thing right now, bookmark it and come back when you do. If you want to understand my strategy for getting the very most out of my life, it’s worth the read. Here’s an idea: rather than waiting the rest of your life to write your biography, why not start now? Sounds odd, right? I’m fine with that. Odd is what I’m all about. Truth is, if you don’t start pre-writing your biography right now, you probably won’t have much to actually write when it comes time to.

Even though some of the most interesting and accomplished people on Earth lived for the moment, they also held a strong vision of who they could become. Look at Oprah Winfrey. Look at Bob Dylan. Look at Debbi Fields, famous for Mrs. Hell, you could even write your whole biography right now, in advance, and then start living it out. Edit Nodes: New nodemap.

DAYTUM. Free Online Word Art Generator. How to Start a Blog: A Side Business Primer. One of the most common requests I get from readers is for detailed information on how to start a side business of some kind, especially how to start a blog. With minimal equipment and ample time, how can a person construct a side business in order to earn a little extra money? This is the first in a series of articles describing exactly how to do this.

In each article, I’m going to discuss exactly how to build an income stream on the side, what effort goes into it, and (approximately) what kind of income you can expect from it. These articles will naturally be spaced out so that I have time to actually construct each side business and keep it going until it earns a respectable income. However, with blogging, I’ve already done this and due to a lot of luck and hard work, it became successful beyond my wildest dreams. So, I’ll start with blogging. How to Start a Blog and Turn it into a Business Step One: Figure Out Your Unique Angle There are literally millions of blogs out there. Why? 81 Topic Ideas for Starting a Blog that Matters. The Top 100 Niche Job Boards On The Internet.

Things to Blog About. 50 Essential Tools I Use For Blogging and Freelance Writing - 26 Sites That Pay You to Blog. 10 oddball skills that could save your ass. 40 websites that will make you cleverer right now.

5 So-Called Signs of Genius That Any Idiot Can Learn. How being called smart can actually make you stupid | Neurobonkers. Single Piece PVC Recurve Bow. What Did Historical Swords Weigh? I’m a Multipotentialite!… Now what? How to Conduct Your Own Annual Review. If You Want to Follow Your Dreams, You'll Have to Choose a Focus. 15 Sentences that can change your life.

Rebel Report. Reverse Spy Flick. Love Learn Language Linguistics. I made some fake self-help books and left them at a local bookstore. Generation Lamp, Zach Gage, 2016, 16,777,216 Colors, About 32 years, Custom Software. The Organism Company - Ginkgo Bioworks.