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Celebrity Gossip. Home Page. Play Nintendo 8-bit games online (no download required) Neatorama. The Muppets Take the Internet. SPAM® Shop. The Lair of the Crab of Ineffable Wisdom - a load of stuff by Joel Veitch that will probably crush your will to live. Les "pouvoirs miraculeux" de la radioactivité Il fut un temps où l'on enveloppait les bébés dans de la layette enrichie au radium pour qu'ils aient bien chaud.

Leurs mères, très avant-gardistes, s'enduisaient le visage de crèmes de beauté «irradiantes» en buvant à la paille des sodas atomiques... En 1896, un savant français, Henri Becquerel, découvrit la radioactivité par accident, alors qu'il faisait des recherches sur la fluorescence des sels d'uranium. Encouragé par son ami Henri Poincaré, il cherchait à déterminer si ce phénomène était de même nature que les rayons X. C'est Marie Curie qui appelle cette bizarrerie scientifique la « radioactivité » et bientôt les Curie décèlent l'élément radioactif appelé radium, dont ils parviennent à isoler une petite quantité. Le radium deviendra pourtant une nouvelle potion magique (lire: "L'insensibilisation par le radium" dans la revue Le Radium n°3, mars 1904) que l'on vend sans plus de scrupules que les vieux remèdes de bonnes femmes. Funny Videos, Funny Pictures, Flash Games, Jokes.

The Zombie of Montclaire Moors Sculpture - DB383020. The Zombie of Montclaire Moors continues to be the highlight of my Halloween cemetery going on five years now.

The Zombie of Montclaire Moors Sculpture - DB383020

The quality is outstanding and he's held up extremely well. Storing him is easy due to his three piece construction. He's so realistic that many of my trick-or-treaters (the braver ones) have to touch him. This past year, I added rubber rats to chew on his ears which added a nice touch. Word has spread of my excellent haunt and I get double the Halloween visitors that my neighbors do. My daughter and I have had a wonderful time hiding him around the house, waiting for one or the other to discover him and scream. I only wish he had a female counterpart to add to the cemetery. We named him Sid after the mean boy in Toy Story. I would highly recommend him for your haunt or just for the fun of having him around the house.

Jaco Strauss' Tech Support Excuse Generator. Bizarro. The 100 Best Movie Posters of All Time. The Top U.S. Celebrities as seen in Japanese Commercials. It's a poorly kept secret that American celebrities occasionally head over to Japan to hawk products in return for big bucks.

The Top U.S. Celebrities as seen in Japanese Commercials

And who can blame them? Easy money for not a lot of work? I'm guessing most, if not all of us would jump at the chance to do something like this. I know I would (hint to all you rich Japanese executives that need a "typical" American blogger to be the next face of your product). That being said... These spots can still be great fodder for awkwardness, looniness, and absurdity. . #21. Obviously done right around the time The Experts came out, Travolta doesn't do much to sell this Japanese drink, other than dance around like a poor man's Kevin Bacon and say something in Japanese.

. #20. 2 ads for the Subaru Imprezza that utilize both Kyle McLachlan's sex appeal(?) Back when Micahel Jackson was normal, he chose to market his image and music for Suzuki Scooters. That Guy With The Glasses. My Mom Is A Fob - Funny Asian Mother Jokes and Quotes. Garfield + Markov chains. Garkov Other Markov toys: Previously, on the X-Files...The Big MarkovskiJesus Markoving Christ Garfield is a comic strip by Jim Davis, who seems like a pretty good guy.

Garfield + Markov chains

A Markov chain is a probabilistic model well suited to semi-coherent text synthesis. Garkov is an application of the Markov model to transcripts of old Garfield strips, plus some extra code to make it all look like a genuine comic strip. Feel free to screenshot and share Garkov output. Shirt.Woot Sightings At GenCon 2008. The annual GenCon gaming convention is one of the biggest gatherings of geekly types in the world.

Shirt.Woot Sightings At GenCon 2008

So it probably won't suprise you that it's also one of the highest concentrations of Shirt.Woot tees outside of our warehouse. Two of our number, Dave and Luke, go every year - but this year, along with the capes and the chainmail, an elite few among the GenCon mob were lookin' sharp in their Shirt.Woot finery... Unlike previous years, there were no reported zombie fatalities at GenCon 2008. Beautiful Word Clouds. Mark Twain Motivational Posters. Year 4 - Ponies (1985-1986) Page 1 of 2 BLUE: info from my personal MLP collection and MLP bookletsGREEN: info provided by other MLP collectors and from pictures Year 4 was the year when My Little Pony made an incredible comeback after a very slow Year 3.

Year 4 - Ponies (1985-1986)

With more new new ponies appearing in 1985, than ever before, My Little Pony came in to 1986 with a movie, followed by a TV series, and even extra ponies as the year went on. This year marked the end of the round scented puffy stickers that came with each pony and replaced them with grape-scented body sticker in the shape of each pony. However, toward the end of Year 4, some ponies came with a sticker featuring another pony, and not herself. Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton.