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Project Blog. LEGO Clock When I was at my parents for Christmas, we were visiting one of their neighbors who owned an old style mechanical clock.

Project Blog

It was simple, a small box with the clock face, and the pendulum and weights coming out the bottom of the clock. It got me thinking that I could build one with the same principles in LEGO Technic. Here are the goals I had for the clock, in priority order: Pendulum Clock. Pendulum clocks are mechanical marvels.

Pendulum Clock

Using LEGO bricks we can build one and see ourselves how all the parts work together to measure time. Escapement mechanism The heart of a pendulum clock is an escapement mechanism, which slows down the fall of a weight into a steady, accurate rhythm. One of the simplest escapement mechanisms is an "anchor escapement" - the pictures below show how such a mechanism can be built out of LEGO bricks. Clock mechanism We need to transmit the gravitational force pulling the weight into a rotational movement of the escape wheel.

We will need to use some gears to ensure that for each rotation of the escape wheel, the weight falls down just a little bit. Clock. I made a clock out of LEGO, which works nicely.


To any clock, there are four essential elements: the hands, the escapement, the pendulum, and the cogwheel (which enables you to lift the weights without stopping the clock). Instructions for those are provided, plus a suggestions of how to put them all together to get one working clock . T5 made a YOUTUBE VIDEO based on this design. Hands assembly (click for full instructions !) 9686 click clock c8d4b485ce4cca6f7d1518c76ae99592. Lego working clock. LEGO gear reduction for small clock face. Dipity Online Timeline.

Share Photos, Videos, Text, Music and Documents Easily. TEMPO infanzia MCossar ICCervignano. Unità didattica: La ruota delle stagioni. LA RUOTA DELLE STAGIONI Il tempo della natura e del lavoro L’orologio delle stagioni guida i partecipanti in un viaggio attraverso il calendario, alla scoperta dei lavori dei contadini.

Unità didattica: La ruota delle stagioni

Primavera, estate, autunno e inverno vengono raccontati visitando quattro sale del Museo, così da ricostruire l’anno rurale scandito dai ritmi della natura. Make Your Own LEGO Skeleton Clock. An amazing lego clock mechanism! LEGO Mini Clock. L'orologio medievale. Beniamino e l'orologio medievale. Questo articolo accompagna il video su “l’orologio medievale” realizzato con materiali di recupero o di uso quotidiano: stecchini, stuzzicadenti, cartone, stecchini dei ghiaccioli, cannucce… È uno dei miei esperimenti preferiti, anche perché l’ho inventato io.

Beniamino e l'orologio medievale

Forse la parola giusta è reinventato. Esso incorpora i temi dei miei studi: la fisica, la storia della scienza, la didattica con i con materiali semplici.