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Introduzione alla stampa 3D – Lezione 4 bis – Tutti pazzi per i fidget spinner. Lo so, se ne parla tantissimo e qualcuno dirà: “ma anche tu con i fidget spinner?!”

Introduzione alla stampa 3D – Lezione 4 bis – Tutti pazzi per i fidget spinner

In realtà è nato tutto per caso perché con il figlio più grande se ne parlava ed io in un momento di “riposo mentale” dopo una lunga giornata fatta di lezioni, consigli di classe e burocratese scolastico mi sono concesso 5 min (veri) per realizzare una versione super economica di questo giocattolo che imperversa tra gli studenti… ma anche tra gli adulti ho poi inserito il filmato è le immagini su Facebook ed ho incominciato a ricevere mail che mi chiedevano sia i sorgenti stl per la stampa 3D che e un breve tutorial che mostrasse come realizzarlo, certamente su Thingiverse ne trovate di bellissimi, ma credo che sia più divertente per gli studenti realizzarne di propri. mi dispiace ma non è il mio core business Partiamo!

Prendete un cilindro dalla categoria “Basic Shapes” e fissatene le dimensioni a 70 mm di diametro e 7 mm di spessore. Prendete un parallelepipedo a base esagonale Trasformatelo in un foro. Heat Sensitive Color Changing Slime. STEAM Camp: How to Make a Magnetic Field Sensory Bottle. LEGO Gravity Rollers: A Fun Contraption That Propels Itself! - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls. Here’s a neat LEGO project that will allow kids to explore the concepts of gravity, mass, force, and momentum, all while playing with LEGO bricks!

LEGO Gravity Rollers: A Fun Contraption That Propels Itself! - Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls

One day, Gresham build a little tiny LEGO TIE Fighter (from Star Wars) out of little tiny pieces, and he discovered that when he would set it down on the table, it would keep itself rolling. One side was heavier than the other, and so the heavy side would cause it to roll until the heavy side was on top again, and then it would tip past the center point and roll again!

I thought it was a brilliant discovery! We got to work figuring out if we could build other LEGO rolling contraptions that would keep themselves going. Unfortunately, we can’t find Gresham’s original TIE Fighter rolling contraption. We made an interesting discovery while building these rolling contraptions… there is not a single level surface in our entire house! Want to see our LEGO Gravity Rollers in action? Paper Circuit: Light-Up Origami Bat. Home. OROLOG. Orologi semplicissimi e originali per il tuo fai da te. Pensate che creare un orologio sia una cosa così complicata?

Orologi semplicissimi e originali per il tuo fai da te

Nulla di più sbagliato! Il meccanismo che fa girare le lancette si compra già fatto in quasi tutti i fai da te minimamente riforniti, le pile si trovano ovunque e la struttura, beh, quella dipende solo dalla vostra creatività, manualità e fantasia. Strawbees Education. Light Play Set. Light Play is an activity in the Tinkering Studio that lets you explore light, shadow, and motion using a variety of simple materials and light sources.

Light Play Set

Beginning with gently guided explorations of shadows, single and multiple light sources, three-dimensional objects and translucency, participants gain the proficiency and “light vocabulary” to express their ideas, and their creativity is sparked. They work toward building kinetic light and shadow vignettes, and eventually combine them into a collaborative installation. This activity is about de-mystifying what “making art” means and looks like, and who is allowed to do so, by using familiar materials that create unfamiliar and evocative effects, and by manipulating an element that is literally everywhere: light itself. ScratchPaper. In the Tinkering Studio we've been prototyping ways to introduce people to aspects of electronics and programming.


Since these topics can be intimidating to beginners it's been a fun process for us to try to think about ways to lower the barrier to entry. Some of our favorite ways to introduce learners to basic circuity include mounting electronic components on wooden blocks and allowing learners to experiment connecting them with alligator clips. We've also been inspired by the work of AIR Jie Qi who has developed paper circuit workshops with copper tape, coin cell batteries, and LEDs to make artistic light-up creations.

In terms of programming, we've been experimenting for several years with activities that use Scratch or other block based programming languages. The way that these interfaces allow people to drag, drop, and connect parts of the program together encourages experimentation and iteration. Lavori in corso - museoscienza. Make. Annamancuso67, instructor. Sign upLogin Create New AccountLog In.

annamancuso67, instructor

Skee Hoops: a littleBits Project by Vedantdesai. Lavori in corso - museoscienza. 100 STEAM Projects For Teachers. Create 3D digital designs with online CAD. RoboBiologia: costruiamo un semplice robot morbido per discutere di Scienze!!! – La Fucina delle Scienze. Di Alfonso D’Ambrosio Buongiorno,

RoboBiologia: costruiamo un semplice robot morbido per discutere di Scienze!!! – La Fucina delle Scienze

Magnetic Slime Recipe. Take slime play to a whole new level with this amazing magnetic slime.

Magnetic Slime Recipe

This recipe only takes five minutes to make and requires just a few materials, making it an easy way to WOW the kids! Make Your Own Magnetic SLIME {Follow Growing a Jeweled Rose on Pinterest & Facebook for all the best kids activities} Rosie & Jewel love slime & silly putty, so I knew that they would love magnetic slime. Magnetic Slime Recipe (affiliate links provided) Note: You can buy ferric iron oxide powder in most art & craft stores or online here & here. Method. UNICEF SOWC NOV14. Arvind Gupta: Turning trash into toys for learning.