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Official Crayola Site - Free coloring pages, crafts, lesson plans, games and more. Coloring Page Challenges - Adult Coloring Pages. Coloring is a popular leisure activity enjoyed by children of all ages - little kids have no problem finding pictures to color, or they draw their own.

Coloring Page Challenges - Adult Coloring Pages

The most difficult aspect about coloring as an adult (or teenager) is how to find interesting coloring pictures. There are hundreds of thousands of coloring pictures available for children - in printed coloring books, on CD-ROM and on the Internet as free printables to download and print, or to color using the computer. The online community abounds with pictures for kids to color, ranging from simple alphabet coloring pages and shapes to every favorite cartoon, collectible and super hero character that's popular now, or was in the recent past. There are also many so-called "adult coloring pages" out there, but how do you make sure you don't follow a link to a site with pictures you really don't want to see, much less color? Adult Coloring Pages : ColoringFinder. Dragon Coloring Sheets, Lucy Learns Free Dragon Coloring Sheet Collection.

Free Dragon Coloring Sheet Free mythology Coloring Pages from Original mythology Drawings by Lucy Learns "Coloring and Drawing for Kids Adventures" ~ Drawing is an amazing skill, but what is even more amazing is the different styles and interpretations that can be found among many young kid artists and established adult artists ~ In each stage in life art is viewed through a different lens, a different perspective colored by experience, perception and growth of skill .

Dragon Coloring Sheets, Lucy Learns Free Dragon Coloring Sheet Collection

Free Coloring Sheets for Kids dragon coloring sheet Drawing for kids lessons can either be perceived as too simple, too advanced or too inappropriate -- the beauty lies in the variety, coloring pages can often be a first starting point , to play within the lines of another artist , to fill the shape withform , color and experience the line is a way of letting the imagination find a playground all by itself.

Free Mandala Coloring Pages (Printable) Free Printable Adult Coloring Pages - Geometric Coloring Pages. Horses - Animals coloring pages. DLTK's Coloring Pages. Coloring Fun for Adults. Detailed Design Adult Coloring Pages Coloring pages drawn in designs especially for adults and teens are the best way to relax and be creative while making a personal work of art.

Coloring Fun for Adults

Adult coloring pages and books are great for reducing stress and setting your mind free. If you loved to color as a child, or you want an interesting hobby that results in a work of art, why not start having fun again making art from the detailed designs created especially for grown ups and older kids? NOTE: All pages linked from this page are rated G and suitable for viewing by everyone. If you're looking for mature content coloring books for adults you can find a good selection at Amazon or your local bookstore. Photo: Kaleidoscope - Giant 22 X 32.5 Inch Line Art Poster by Stuff2Color, available at All samples in this article (except for books or posters for sale) are my original artwork or clearly noted public domain images. Illustration above is my own work.

National Geographic Coloring Book: Animals, Pictures, Links. Coloring pages Art - cat c110. Phee's Coloring Pages. Projects and drawings to color for all ages. Best Coloring Ever-Coloring Pages for Adults and Children. Classic realistic and abstract line art, prints and engravings in black and white make fantastic complex free art for colorists.

Best Coloring Ever-Coloring Pages for Adults and Children

You can find many drawings and print reproductions in the public domain to download and print. The original print for the humorous illustration above – The First Smoke – (Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, [reproduction number LC-USZ62-47899 ) is from the US Library of Congress, and is one of many public domain images archived in the Popular Graphic Arts Collection at the LOC. Flickr is a good source for finding illustrations offered as public domain images or drawings licensed for commercial use. Some offerings at Flickr are new pictures; others are scanned images from old engravings and handbills. Check the public domain archives of government web sites and photo galleries to find digitized copies of historic pictures in printable formats. Free Coloring Book Pages.

Printable Coloring Pages for Adults and Older Kids. They're fun for adults, teens or older kids to color in make great posters or digital stamps. They're favorite adult coloring creative relaxation hobby crafts printables. Many of these adult coloring page designs are also suitable to use as craft patterns for sewing, wood burning, embroidery or embossed metalwork. Sixties memories coloring pages - VW bus, motorcycle, peace posters, paisley bubble letters, mandalas and more! Celtic designs, kaleidoscopic patterns, psychedelic posters, kanji lettering, body art and bike paint designs, plus a few whimsical animal patterns. Use adult coloring pictures as inspiration for other crafts like embroidery, paper piecing, digital stamping or quilting - make a poster or combine multiple copies to create a mural. Color Your Own - Coloring Pages.

Adult Coloring Books & Designs. Coloring Fun for Adults. Carlton Hibbert's pattern blog. Free Coloring Pages. In an attempt to satisfy the urge to doodle, I've created a wide variety of Free Coloring Pages for coloring enthusiasts of all ages! Click on the following links to view them all: Doodle Monsters: How to Draw Doodles, Sketches and Pencil Drawings of Monsters. Free Valentines Mandalas Coloring Pages,HOP OFF to Color Mandalas Valentines Day. Milliande Visionary Art Bus ~ I love adult coloring pages, sometime it is easy to forget just how much fun can be had with some coloring pencils and an image that appeals ~ Here I have drawn some Free Mandala Coloring Pictures for you to enjoy.

Free Valentines Mandalas Coloring Pages,HOP OFF to Color Mandalas Valentines Day

To Color Mandala simply click on the mandalas colouring picture and a large image will open up in a seperate window ready for you to print ~ If you want to save the printable mandala coloring pages simply right click an coloring page image and save picture as ... give it a name and a location that uyou will remember and save onto your computer ~ Coloring mandalas can be quite a meditative practice for me ~ It releases me from the need to achieve a beautiful image but instead invites me to play with colors , to enter into the lines of someone elses art outlines therefore allowing for a beautiful flow of creative energy to release intself into my other artworks ... Free-valentines-mandala-coloring-page-3.png (500×500) Geometric Coloring Pages. Do you enjoy geometric coloring pages, rather than having to color in something concrete and formal?

Geometric Coloring Pages

If you said yes, I am right there with you. I don't like the restraints of the color and pattern "guidelines" that pictures based on reality force you to have. (Trust me, you're looked at strange if you color in a princess' dress with black and red stripes). Doodle Art, Explore the magic of the doodle! Free Geometric Coloring Designs - Rectangles. Princess Coloring Pages.