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3 Sales Tips to Get your Reps Reach for the Numbers. QuotaFactory recently published an article about the best ways to improve the performance of sales reps, which is something many B2B companies currently underscore.

3 Sales Tips to Get your Reps Reach for the Numbers

Applying the proper sales techniques determines the success not only of individual callers, but the whole company as well. And we’re sure that these techniques can provide a good starting point for the two parties to reach those numbers before the year ends. Tip #1: Plan and Share a Vision with your Sales Reps. This may be one of the single most motivating factors for sales reps, especially those new to the field. Many reps do not realize how many times they need to hear “no” before they hear a “yes” and that can be defeating, leading them to lose faith in themselves and their abilities. Top Reasons Why B2B Telemarketing Strategies Fail. As long as there are phone lines across giant buildings and stretching underground beneath our feet, and as long as there are cell towers, satellites and fiber optic cables connecting us to the web, people will always be making and taking calls.

Top Reasons Why B2B Telemarketing Strategies Fail

Even in the near future, when all of the business people in the world are those who grew up in the digital age, they would still need to talk to people from remote distances. It's NOT the End of The World: Nor 'Telemarketing' in Singapore! I came across a Yahoo article headlined:“ Cassette Tapes Make Comeback After Big Stars Release Albums On Old Format”… were these ever been extinct?

It's NOT the End of The World: Nor 'Telemarketing' in Singapore!

10 years ago, Telemarketing was said to become extinct. But what went wrong? Telemarketing is still one of the most pursued and executed B2B prospecting strategies most specially by giant industries like IT and Software. Entrepreneur magazine’s article in 2007 titled “10 Businesses Facing Extinction in 10 Years” talked about the industries that were likely to get extinct 10 years after. Telemarketing was included but stood out among others listed. Below are 5 of the 10 industries mentioned; see what has taken over them: Record stores Online /digital music sites like Spotify, eMusic and AllMusic offer free music downloads and are very accessible via different gadgets. Camera Film Manufacturing Digital photography has taken its toll on camera film. Newspaper. B2B Telemarketing Goals to Garner.

Trumping all other channels, telemarketing is the most reliable.

B2B Telemarketing Goals to Garner

B2B marketers can hardly generate revenue or keep the company afloat without initiating a cold calling campaign as B2B lead generation telemarketing professes urgency that all other channels seem to lack. In the outset, however, not all telemarketing campaigns prosper. We can think of several factors, one being the absence of an automated system that manages contact information in the most efficient ways. The 'PERFECT' Time to Call a Prospect in Singapore. Topics have been discussed and debated in many telemarketing books and blogs about this, but according to, the best days and time to call are during Wednesdays & Thursdays, 6:45 – 9:00am and 4 – 6pm – the perfect timings to get hold of prospects as these are non-hectic hours during weekdays.

The 'PERFECT' Time to Call a Prospect in Singapore

However, prospecting strategies like reaching the target decision makers at the most perfect time, has greatly evolved with processes and technology development. The evolution of marketing automation in particular, where a prospect’s action and intent to communicate can be tracked through the integrated power of nurturing tools and the crm, has made the call activity multi-functional, and the telemarketer more productive, taking both into a new perspective: Call the prospect at the time he is most convenient to talk.

As mentioned earlier, automation tools can track actions like visiting a website or clicking a contact me form in an email, so strike the iron while it’s hot: What Every Caller Ought to Know in Leaving Effective Voicemails. There are several ways of getting your message out to prospective customers as part of your marketing strategy – through emails, print ads, websites, and sales calls.

What Every Caller Ought to Know in Leaving Effective Voicemails

For the latter, it would be easier to launch your telemarketing spiel if someone actually picks up at the other end of the line. What should you do, though, if a recording answers you and advises you to just leave a message? Should you drop the call and look for the next name on your list? Of course not! Your own personal judgment might tell you to end the call right away because there’s no way the prospect will call you back.

Why Telemarketers Love/Hate their Job. In B2B marketing, we are always faced by the prospect of getting rejected.

Why Telemarketers Love/Hate their Job

You pick up a phone, conduct a cold call, and talk with a prospect only to find he or she has no interest in your offers. Isn’t it just frustrating? Others will say that B2B telemarketing should always be frustrating, especially when it is specifically done for generating sales leads. There’s no wonder why telemarketers hate their position, being at the frontlines of prospecting for leads and setting up sales appointments.

The 4 Things that make up a First-Rate B2B Telemarketer. We’ve heard people say that a telemarketing call’s success is 50% chance (i.e. the prospect’s level of need, his availability, his temperament during the call, etc) and 50% skill (telemarketer’s aptitude in appointment setting).

The 4 Things that make up a First-Rate B2B Telemarketer

That is actually not true. While there are indeed some aspects that are beyond control, a telemarketer’s skill definitely constitutes more than just 50% of the process. Why? Because even in unfavorable circumstances, a good telemarketer can turn things around. Why Opting for B2B Outsourcing Matters. As managers, your main aim is to provide solutions and generate enough revenue to grow your organization.

Why Opting for B2B Outsourcing Matters

You will need to create unique products as a prerequisite to this. More important than that, however, is an effective strategy for marketing such products. Businesses possess a lead generation and appointment setting program as these provide your sales teams with the right people to pursue and realize these goals. But aside from that, you might also need to ask yourself this: “Does my marketing campaign have the right stuff?” Going back to the prime motivators of a successful business, successful revenue generation and business growth can be realized through several factors, one of which is having an optimized marketing infrastructure.

The Parts of the Best Events Telemarketing Script in Singapore. “Dine and wine at Flavours 2016, an annual food and wine festival in Singapore held every 2nd weekend of May.

The Parts of the Best Events Telemarketing Script in Singapore

Delight yourself with savory chows and exquisite drinks from around the world.” Interesting…are there parking fees? A flowery email invitation may easily capture a reader’s attention but may not answer some questions from the prospect. Get all the jobs done in just one call using the best event telemarketing script. See the parts of an event telemarketing script and suggested spiels: The Opening. Strengthen Core Lead Generation Processes with these Suggestions.

In every business, there is always a need to streamline important processes in order to meet industry demands. And it is worth noting that telemarketing is an essential aspect that translates B2B leads into sales goals. Telemarketing has crucial elements that deserve full attention. Marketing Trends in Asia That Will Still Work in 2016. ‘A bow, handshake, smile, eye to eye contact are just as important as the business itself’ said Judy Caroll in an article Expanding Business in Asia 2016. Asia has always been known for their rich culture and tradition that never get carried away by trends even in business they are very particular in their beliefs and they value real relationship more than ever but this does not necessarily mean that they would disregard changes that will improve their business.

According to, B2C marketers in China are increasingly investing in social marketing and expect great returns but face the challenge of determining the right social marketing strategies and tactics. Read more.. Hubspot survey, State of the Inbound 2015 Asia, also find out that, Top B2B Telemarketing Sales Techniques for Better Results. Not experiencing enough conversions? Is your lead generation not producing high quality B2B leads? Do you feel that there’s a need to further enhance your B2B telemarketing efforts? Are Your Business Clients Happy? Tips in Measuring B2B Customer Satisfaction. We see satisfaction surveys virtually everywhere – restaurants, grocery stores, boutiques and many other business establishments.

It’s a common enough practice in the B2C arena, but is it worth doing in the B2B sector as well? While B2B clients are fellow businesses, they are still technically your “customers” whose feedback also merits attention. There are differences in the manner by which this information would be gathered, though – you can’t just hand them a small piece of paper with checkboxes and Liker scales.

Feedback channels. Outbound Marketing: Reaching out to your Target Market. Even with the advent of inbound marketing which aims to ‘attract’ audiences instead of chasing them, there’s still a significant need for outbound activities. After all, deliberately reaching out to prospects isn’t just about hard selling; sometimes, outbound efforts help maintain the fluidity of other marketing campaigns.

Well, we can’t just wait for leads to come in. Events Telemarketing: How to Make your Invites Bear Fruit. The B2B industry today is brimming with opportunities. It is then important for companies to use a variety of methods and techniques to meet such possibilities as network expansion, demand generation and lead generation. Among the most effective means that businesses can employ are company events such as exhibitions and webinars.

Recent surveys stated that these are excellent sources for B2B leads, but this is only relative to the way the companies market these events. The Handy Checklist to a Successful Trade Show Appearance. The Greatest Marketing Strategy Question: Inbound or Outbound? Marketing strategies are interesting. The fact that drafting an approach is a volatile task allows for a variety of options that B2B telemarketing companies could follow. Top B2B Telemarketing Statistics to be Optimistic About. B2B Telemarketing Goals to Garner. What are the Benefits of Telemarketing? It has been established that telemarketing is one of the most effective tools in marketing. Telemarketing is the process of advertising and selling a product or a service over the telephone.

What makes it mainly effective is that the sales person can communicate directly to the targeted customers and consumers hence creating a solid foundation for an effective relationship with customers and consumers. Trouble With Singapore B2B Leads? Use Telemarketing. One of the reasons why foreign investors fail in gathering B2B leads in Singapore is because they lack the tools necessary for an effective lead generation campaign in the country. While it is true that Singapore presents a lot of business potentials, the problem here deals with how to best contact them.

Considering that the best modern marketing tools available, like social media and email, can take a long time to produce the desired results, you know that a better solution is needed. It may be necessary to employ a rather old-fashioned, but still effective, marketing tool – telemarketing. It can get you the desired results faster. The 4 Things that make up a First-Rate B2B Telemarketer.

Spend Less, Gain More with your Event Marketing Campaign. Top Reasons Why B2B Telemarketing Strategies Fail. The 4 Things that make up a First-Rate B2B Telemarketer.