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Blogging Basics: Links are Love for Your Blog. Using Keywords in Blog Posts. Free keyword checklist at the end of the post One thing among my blogging clients, more than any other thing will set off a huge discussion – is talking about SEO.

Using Keywords in Blog Posts

About 12 years ago, before WordPress was invented, it was tougher to do SEO with very little technical knowledge. Tips for the Traveling Blogger. Tips for the traveling blogger.

Tips for the Traveling Blogger

Let’s get this out of the way: my name is Elisabeth, and I am a travel-a-holic. I love it. Actually, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. I don’t travel as much as I’d like (kids and money and all), but when I do, I try to make sure my blog readers are none the wiser. And, if I can’t keep up, at the very least, I check in daily. My biggest and best tip for vacation blogging is this: preschedule as much as possible. 3 blogging tips for heart centered entrepreneurs. I was catching up with one of my favourite blogs all about blogging and I came across this article which was based on a Twitter comment by someone.

3 blogging tips for heart centered entrepreneurs

Now I am not going to get into the politics of who said what and why but I have to say it got me thinking. Is blogging code for unemployed and skint? Is being a blogger a way of pretending you are busy so you can kid yourself you are working. I have to say in the past, in my early blogging days when I was a blogspot blogger, I was under the illusion that wow now I am on the world wide web I have access to the billions who use it and my work will be magically found.

Blogging Basics: Editing is Evil But Necessary in Blogging. My blog learning process has been painful and full of blunders, and if my tidbits help even one other blogger make a good decision in their blogging practices, this entire series is worth the work.

Blogging Basics: Editing is Evil But Necessary in Blogging

If you haven’t subscribed to my blog to keep up with this series, I recommend you do. There are plenty of places to follow me, and you’ll see those at the bottom of this post and my sidebar. Now to the topic of the day. Huzzah! About Us Pages. Plugin Conflict. 5 Qualities to Look For in Top SEO Companies #SEO #Blogging. When looking at SEO companies, the key to finding the best ones is to look at the different core qualities of each of those companies.

5 Qualities to Look For in Top SEO Companies #SEO #Blogging

If you make a list of the top qualities that you want the company to possess based on your company goals and initiatives, it makes it far easier to decide which one is right for you. While your situation may call for some specific characteristics, there are five main things to look for when it comes to digital marketing and SEO companies. 1. Understanding of complete SEO. If the company only focuses on one aspect of search engine optimisation, such as link building, they may not be doing everything that they can to get you more traffic. 2.

Experience tells you a lot. Look for quality SEO companies with these great tips. 3. Why I Recently Enabled Blog Comments #relationships #blogging. Why I recently enabled blog comments, after much thought.

Why I Recently Enabled Blog Comments #relationships #blogging

I’ll be honest here. I’ve had a million blogs over the years. Well; at least a few dozen. Despite that… I’m no blogging expert. How to Attract more Readers to your Blog via Social Media. G+ Communities. Bloggy Conference and Health Advocacy #WeGoHealth #BloggyCon. Blogging Basics: Paying Attention to Your Demographics is Critical. Welcome back for part 16 of the Blogging Basics Series!

Blogging Basics: Paying Attention to Your Demographics is Critical

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a series due to life stuff and other mundane things not worth exploring, but I’m back today! If you haven’t yet subscribed to my blog to keep up with this series, you’re missing out on some pretty crucial tidbits. Above my lovely face to the right are lovely ways to connect with me, or you can hit the follow button for email to the top left on my homepage, or the “follow” button on the bottom right of the page. How to write an effective link post for your blog. 5 Jewels of Blogging Who Will Make You Better Bloggers. Welcome back for part 10 of the Blogging Basics Series!

5 Jewels of Blogging Who Will Make You Better Bloggers

If you haven’t yet subscribed to my blog to keep up with this series, I encourage you to do so and not miss out on all these nuggets of semi-wisdom. Above my sweet face to the right are beautiful ways to connect with me, or you can hit the follow button for email to the top left on my homepage or to the bottom right. Different Types of Blogs and the Many Facets of Blogging. Tim Arends is here with a great blogging guest post to explore the different types of blogs people create and the many joyous facets of blogging.

Different Types of Blogs and the Many Facets of Blogging

Enjoy! There are so many types of blogs. What type is yours? There is a way besides Facebook to keep your friends and associates updated on the events in your life. It is a sort of personal diary that can be viewed by many, but it is much more than that. Get Famous-Chapter 1 Blogging Basics. The Power of WordPress Weblog CMS. I Might Disappoint You. #BlogChat - My buddy, #DadChat and “A Dad’s Point-of-View” Radio Host Bruce Sallan wrote a post about disappointment the other day.

I Might Disappoint You. #BlogChat -

He always makes me think, and I have such high regard for his passion, kindness and determination . 6 quick writing tips for #blogging. 3.4K Flares Twitter 381 Facebook 56 Google+ 6 StumbleUpon 2.9K Pin It Share 3 3 LinkedIn 72 inShare72 Email -- Email to a friend Buffer 13 3.4K Flares × If you want to be a good blogger it is important to develop your writing skills so that you can not only write better, but write faster. The more content you can get up on your blog, the better for traffic, and the happier your viewers will be. How To Promote Your Blog Effectively. Nowadays, there are many people, in the world, who are writing blogs and some of these have the passion for it in order to express their feelings to the world in words.

This is a very interesting and beneficial work to do. You can earn by writing blogs too if you do it right. Some of the people do it for their own interest and passion and some of the people write blogs to earn money. 20 Things You Should Share On Social Media. I recently participated on a marketing panel where the discussion topic was titled “Digital and Online.

What’s Next” and a lot of the discussion and questions were about social media and social media marketing. There is a distinct trend within digital marketing called “content marketing” that has emerged as marketing continues to evolve that is facilitated by social media. Zemanta. Add related posts and related images to your blog. You save time, increase your SEO, and become a member of our network of over 120,000 bloggers! Related posts from your own blogs and the network. Related posts can have thumbnails too! Increase your authority by linking to the most authoritative related posts (good for SEO).Related Images added with a single click. Proper credits are added by default! How To Attract More Eyeballs To Your Website. Anyone that owns a website can use a little bit more traffic. The more relevant traffic you receive the more money you can make, right?

So I present to you 5 free methods for attracting more eyeballs and drive traffic to your website. Directories There are thousands of directories online. Some are great others are not so much. Press Releases Some people believe that a press release is an outdated method of acquiring traffic. Social Media Optimization & Search Engine Optimization. The Blog is the key to the Search Engines. 2012 Future Of Marketing Blogging And Social Media Infographic. 7 Reasons to Rethink Your Blogging Strategy: New Research. 8 Best Blogging SEO Tips and Get Off to a Great Start With These Blogging Tech Tips - - SEO Tips. Social Media Optimization & Search Engine Optimization. A Blog is NOT Optional: Whatcha’ waiting for? Start #Blogging.

At one time it was enough to have a website, and in actuality that was not so long ago. The goal of a traditional website was to provide an avenue in which customers and potential customers could visit to get a feel for your company. It is a bit of a ” Let me check them out…” but on a business level. So mostly everyone now has a website although I recently discovered a company or two that DID not have a website.

I can’t even imagine, however that is totally another blog post. The first wave of internet, Web 1.0 had everyone create websites, however we are now way past just having a website because we are now in a much more socially engaged world. The demand of the more socially engaged readers are more in tuned to companies and organizations that they select to do business with. Social Media Optimization & Search Engine Optimization. 6 Easy Ways to Find Compelling Content for Your Blog. Six Alternatives to a Traditional Blog.

Having an on-site blog can be a valuable marketing tool, bringing traffic to your site, illustrating your thought leadership, and generating SEO benefits. Andrew Sullivan on the art of blogging [Video] What Tumblr's Success Means For The Future Of Blogs and Twitter ... #Blogging is the KEY 2 growing your biz. Anisesmith.amplify.


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