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Les Forges de Vulcain, la littérature & TheOmer – L’interview brulante de David Meulemans. La belle surprise qu’a été la découverte du petit essai de Q.

Les Forges de Vulcain, la littérature & TheOmer – L’interview brulante de David Meulemans

Meillassoux sur la fiction ne pouvait que nous pousser à mener un peu plus loin l’enquête sur les hommes cachés derrière l’ombre de ce petit miracle. Qui sont donc ces forgerons aux signes cabalistiques ? Retrouvons le directeur de cette honorable maison pour en apprendre un peu plus sur les livres, le succès et les femmes. Freakosophy : Nous avons découvert les Forges au hasard d’une table de libraire qui mettait en avant les ouvrages de Q. Mayar Kotb: The limits of the “feminist” discourse in the Middle East. Last updated: May 6, 2013 With the uprisings being witnessed in several Arab countries, the issue of “women” has come to light in various ways.

Mayar Kotb: The limits of the “feminist” discourse in the Middle East

From The New York Times reporting on Bahraini women taking “pride in their vital protest role” to an International Women of Courage award handed over to Tripoli citizen Hana El Hebshi to a Muslim Brotherhood press conference titled “Woman: From the Revolution to the Prosperity.” While I whole-heartedly support the improvement of the status of women anywhere, by focusing on the Middle East I aim, however, to draw attention to the limits of such female oriented initiatives. RELATED – Islamic feminism: fighting discrimination, inspired by faith Causes that aim to empower women tend to unintentionally perpetuate the very category they are trying to break out of. “How can you take a group of people, stick a label on them, and then expect them to somehow break out of the stereotype that YOU just imposed on them?”

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The Caravan - A Journal of Politics and Culture. Writers' hub - home. Penned in the Margins. Sunspots at the Royal Observatory Join poet Simon Barraclough, film-maker Jack Wake-Walker, and solar astrophysicist and TV presenter Dr Lucie Green for this unique event London Quarterly: a new literary salon brings high-profile authors to the city in 2015 An exciting new literary salon arrives in the capital in 2015, offering Londoners the opportunity to hear their favourite writers and be part of a growing trend in book readings with a difference.

Penned in the Margins

Produced by award-winning arts producer Penned in the Margins, London Quarterly will feature celebrated novelists, cult poets and rising stars of the [...] London Quarterly #1 Join a quartet of talented writers at London Quarterly, the capital’s newest literary salon 14 April, The Forge The 2014 Year Review Hello and welcome to the Penned in the Margins 2014 year review. The Looptail, The Travel Blog Powered By G Adventures. Don't let the cold stop you from capturing life's adventures.

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Learn the top tips for » This week on "Your Planet in 7 Seconds", we're asking you – what is this » Inca Trail or Lares Trek? G Adventures' very own Alistair Butchers takes on the classic » I am four feet in height, monogamous, and carry my offspring in a pouch. About Books - journals, blogs, conversation. Les recettes du traducteur, tous les ingrédients pour faire bouillir la marmite. Le bruit du monde. [Publication] Maison Jean Vilar Par Lauriane Guillou dans Non classé © Maison Jean Vilar La Maison Jean Vilar consacre la nouvelle parution des Cahiers Jean Vilar à la gloire de William Shakespeare, à l’occasion du 450e anniversaire de la naissance du poète.

Le bruit du monde

Les Cahiers Jean Vilar ont connu un développement remarqué au cours des dernières années leur permettant de prendre leur place au sein des rares revues françaises exclusivement consacrées au spectacle vivant. La ligne éditoriale inscrit l’expérience de Jean Vilar, tant au Festival d’Avignon qu’au Théâtre National Populaire, dans une perspective contemporaine. Vous pouvez découvrir et consulter les parutions précédentes à la Bibliothèque Universitaire et à la BnF mais aussi les acquérir en vous rendant à l’accueil de la Maison Jean Vilar… qui est aussi partenaire du Patch Culture. Picture Books for Adults & Children.

Monica byrne, writer & playwright. Picture Books for Adults & Children. Online community. Always books. Never boring. Where culture, food and travel intersect. Jodi ettenberg. 10 Can’t-miss Dishes from Jordan Eat your way through Jordan with Wanderer-in-Residence Jodi Ettenberg as she shares 10 can't miss dishes!

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Read More » C’mon Get Happy with the Wanderers-in-Residence Today is the International Day of Happiness. Officially endorsed by the United Nations in 2012, this day recognizes that that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human right. Mother-Daughter Bonding at the Taj: Travelling India The seeds of my India trip began almost a year ago, when I asked my mother what sight she would want to see in her lifetime but was nervous about visiting alone. Visual Adventure: Instagramming Costa Rica A few months ago, I had the pleasure of spending a full week with my friend and her family when I was given the honour of officiating her wedding in Montezuma, Costa Rica. Looking Back: the Most Popular Posts of 2013 If you’re reading this right now, then you are an official reader of the Looptail, and because of this, we love you.

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