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World Panoramic Photography - 360 Cities. 12:31. The Big Picture. The Visible Human Project - Visible Gallery. Ann Woo, Photographer. 'Playing Cards, 1', 20"x24" 'Playing Cards, 2', 20"x24" 'Playing Cards, 3', 20"x24" 'Playing Cards, 4', 20"x24" 'Playing Cards, 5', 20"x24" 'Playing Cards, 6', 20"x24"

Ann Woo, Photographer

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LIFE photo archive hosted by Google. iPhone photography. NiPhoto. Posted by Shay in Photos on September 30th, 2009 So last Friday we had a nude photography session. Nude photography is different. And not just because the model doesn’t have clothes on. Suddenly, the entire body is your subject. When what you see is pretty much what you get, the beauty of the photographs comes from the angles, the light and shades falling on your subject, the unique cropping of frames (where sometimes you can’t even tell who or even what is photographed) and generally speaking – your creativity.