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FlixelPix Photography. Inspiration: Breathtaking Digital Paintings by Daniel Kvasznicza. Daniel Kvasznicza is graphic artist, illustrator from Montreal, Canada. Besides professional digital paintings, she also does some 3D modelling and photo manipulations. Here we present some of her best artwork, mostly with topic of fantasy. Advertisment. Inspiration: Stunning Artwork by Geoffroy Thoorens. Here is a great collection of fantasy illustrations made by Geoffroy Thoorens.

He is a freelancer, his range of work reaches from video games, movies, role-playing games, comics, to webdesign, advertising etc. We hope for some of you these works will be a great inspiration. e338 - loic zimmermann. Willink. Carel Willink. Maciej Kuciara. Cola para ver el final de la crisis. Interview : Nicolas Bouvier (Sparth), concept artist.

Published 17 April 2010 by Pauline & Nicolas Nicolas Bouvier, best known under the name Sparth, is a worldwide known Concept Artist.

Interview : Nicolas Bouvier (Sparth), concept artist

He has worked on games such as Assassin’s Creed, Rage and Prince of Persia : Warrior Within. Christopher Rabenhorst. Concept Art & Production Design Studio UK. Họa sĩ truyện tranh Nguyễn Quốc Hiệu. Uso della camera ottica - oscura, caravaggio. Bibliografia ▪ "Come dipingeva Caravaggio": atti della giornata di studio, Electa, 1996 ▪ Crary, J. 2003. FREE Painting Lessons - VIDEOS, DVDs, Step by Step Instructions and more... THE MOUNTAIN PASS. Blocking in Usually I start blocking in my colors a bit darker than planned.


Then I establish the color and value I use for white objects and the color I use for dark objects, which is NOT black and white. The pure white will only appear in the highlights and the pure black only in the shadow of the darkest object.size. This trick allows me later to light those areas where I want to draw the attention of the viewer. The same works with color. I try to use neutral tones - neither cold or warm - for the large areas and the vibrant colors only for accents.

Motion graphics, design, animation, filmmaking and visual effects. Montreal-based Malcolm Sutherland is a busy guy, creating self-initiated short films ranging from meditations on the beach to Mayan-inspired space travel to contributing to Star Wars Uncut.

Motion graphics, design, animation, filmmaking and visual effects

His new short, Umbra, is a wonderful wormhole of a film. The precocious character will bring a smile to your face and the unraveling story is a welcome break to a busy day. Don’t scrub ahead or you’ll break the space-time continuum… or maybe do once it’s all said and done to reconstruct it. Malcolm was kind enough to answer some questions about Umbra and the (beneficial) emptiness of existence. Drawing: The Human Form: How to Put It All Together - The Drawing Blog. In past issues, we explained how to analyze and correctly draw different areas of the body.

Drawing: The Human Form: How to Put It All Together - The Drawing Blog

In this tutorial overview of the figure, we bring it all together. by Dan Gheno You wouldn’t build a house without referring to a blueprint or try to take a trip without consulting a map, anymore than you would set up your DVD player without looking at the instruction manual. Would you? 10 More Amazing Matte Painting Videos by Gordon Tarpley – 3D Architectural Visualization Rendering Blog – Ronen Bekerman. 37 Flares Facebook 24 Twitter 4 Pin It Share 3 Google+ 5 LinkedIn 0 inShare0 StumbleUpon 1 Reddit 0 37 Flares × I keep following Gordon Tarpley on vimeo and find his breakdown videos very inspiring and informative.

10 More Amazing Matte Painting Videos by Gordon Tarpley – 3D Architectural Visualization Rendering Blog – Ronen Bekerman

Earth’s Most Stunning Natural Fractal Patterns. IDL TIFF fileFrom sea shells and spiral galaxies to the structure of human lungs, the patterns of chaos are all around us.Fractals are patterns formed from chaotic equations and contain self-similar patterns of complexity increasing with magnification.

Earth’s Most Stunning Natural Fractal Patterns

If you divide a fractal pattern into parts you get a nearly identical reduced-size copy of the whole.The mathematical beauty of fractals is that infinite complexity is formed with relatively simple equations. By iterating or repeating fractal-generating equations many times, random outputs create beautiful patterns that are unique, yet recognizable.We have pulled together some of the most stunning natural examples we could find of fractals on our planet.Above: Romanesco BroccoliThis variant form of cauliflower is the ultimate fractal vegetable. Complete list of the forgotten 5 star sketchbooks__June_5th_2010. List of the Pencil Masters sketchbooks - upcoming 6 star skills.

Welcome to Lubos de Gerardo Surzin website. Untitled. ArtPark’s: 박지만화실. Phil McDarby / Digital Art. Charles Hu Figure Drawing Lecture*updated 12/3/2008* Pose & gesture thread - Page 8. New personal works! Pandora. Pandora (1861), by Pierre Loison (1816–1886) According to the myth, Pandora opened a jar (pithos), in modern accounts sometimes mistranslated as "Pandora's box" (see below), releasing all the evils of humanity—although the particular evils, aside from plagues and diseases, are not specified in detail by Hesiod—leaving only Hope inside once she had closed it again.[6] She opened the jar out of simple curiosity and not as a malicious act.[7] The myth of Pandora is ancient, appears in several distinct Greek versions, and has been interpreted in many ways.


In all literary versions, however, the myth is a kind of theodicy, addressing the question of why there is evil in the world. In the seventh century BC, Hesiod, both in his Theogony (briefly, without naming Pandora outright, line 570) and in Works and Days, gives the earliest literary version of the Pandora story; however, there is an older mention of jars or urns containing blessings and evils bestowed upon humanity in Homer's Iliad: Modeling for animation – Test. Earlier I wrote why surface flow matters and a bit about why model for animation.

Modeling for animation – Test

Here I wish to show the benefits with visual examples. I will compare how two character meshes deform in animation. To make this comparison mean something, I have selected one of the best base meshes I could find without directed edgeflow. This mesh is made by unknown person. The heart of black wolves, Yuriy Mazurkin (2D) Launch Day, Stanley Von Medvey (2D) I like this painting but I also find it a bit uncomfortable to look at.

Launch Day, Stanley Von Medvey (2D)

There is something a bit imposing about the buildings on the left hand side. I guess it's due to the shadowing but I do feel that the building is perhaps a little too visually dominant. Worried About Talent? I always heard it said that there were three stages you went through: At first, "you do know what you don't know.

Worried About Talent?

" It's all a miracle, performed by gods. Then, you learn a little something, and "you don't know what you don't know. " Perhaps in an anxious effort to prove yourself, both to others and to yourself, you tend to make more dumb mistakes than usual. You have, at this point, "learned just enough to be dangerous. " Interview with Marcos Fajardo, chief architect of the "Arnold" renderer. Larry also discussed why film rendering doesn’t use GPUs; the data for a single frame doesn’t fit in video memory, rooms full of CPU blades are very efficient (in terms of both Watts and dollars), and the programming models for GPUs have yet to stabilize.

Larry then discussed the reasons that, in his opinion, ray tracing is better suited for film rendering than the REYES algorithm used in Pixar’s Renderman. As background, it should be noted that Larry presides over Sony Pictures Imageworks’ implementation of the Arnold ray tracing renderer which they are using to replace Renderman. An argument for replacing Renderman with a full ray-tracing renderer is especially notable coming from Larry Gritz; Larry was the lead architect of Renderman for some time, and has written one of the more important books popularizing it.

CgTalk Daily Sketch 2214 50 mn "Fallen leaves" Cartoon Brew: Leading the Animation Conversation. Nick DiLiberto is an animator currently working in Japan. He recently completed a fully animated 2D short film and just uploaded it to YouTube. He sent it to us with this note: “I’m a really big fan of Cartoon Brew and was hoping you could watch my film and tell me what you think and, if you like it, I would be honored if you would be willing to post it on your site for others to watch.

Wood Craft Products - Wooden Shaker Pegs, Balls, Wood Toy Wheels. Motion graphics, design, animation, filmmaking and visual effects.