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Curso para Directivos la Gestión del Acuerdo. El Instituto Superior de Negociación de la Universidad Francisco de Vitoria es un centro dedicado en exclusiva a la investigación y la docencia en el campo de la Negociación y la Gestión de Conflictos.

Curso para Directivos la Gestión del Acuerdo

Con una clara vocación pedagógica, el ISN tiene como objetivo desarrollar las mejores herramientas y metodologías de trabajo para ayudar a los profesionales de cualquier organización a ser capaces de construir las relaciones más productivas en todos sus campos de actuación. Para conseguirlo, sus contenidos son generados teniendo en cuenta los dos campos básicos de aprendizaje de estas disciplinas; por un lado, la gran experiencia práctica de sus profesores/colaboradores, por otro, una investigación científica de máximo rigor. Como consecuencia de todo ello, les presentamos el Curso “La Gestión del Acuerdo”, cuyo objetivo es aportar, a través de un planteamiento innovador, los conocimientos necesarios para afrontar con éxito estos procesos. Métricas de rendimiento de proveedores de legales externos al Departamento de Legales. Talent Resources - Highered Global Talent.

International Institute of Legal Project Management. Career Success. Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies. Prevención de Legitimación de Capitales. Excelente De facil entendimiento Un tema muy interesante que puede ser analizado desde muchas opticas excelente material temas muy completos Excelente profesor y material La información del curso es excelente y actualizada, de gran importancia y aplicación para mi entorno laboral.

Prevención de Legitimación de Capitales

Cabe señalar, que no solo nos podemos quedar con el material del Prof. Gonzalo, Gerbasi, sino profundizar los conocimientos sobre la Legitimación de Capitales y Financiamiento al Terrorismo, e intercambiar con nuestro colegas, para ser uno más que lucha en contra de este flagelo, que tanto daño hace a nuestros países, regiones y pueblos. Simplemete excelente! La informaciòn es muy completa, todos explicado de una forma sencilla para ser entendida por los estudiantes. Me gusto muchisimo el curso. Japanese Business Management. The Japanese economy was once described as the “rising sun,” overcoming all odds to become an economic superpower.

Japanese Business Management

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, many of the largest companies in the world with the highest capitalization were Japanese. Often, the key to Japan's success was attributed to its unique business model, strategies and practices. However, Japan no longer enjoys strong growth. Contenido - PD Finanzas Estructuradas y Corporativas. 9 Best Negotiation Courses & Certification [2020 UPDATED] MIT Sloan School of Management. About the course Negotiation is a daily practice within business organizations.

MIT Sloan School of Management

Mastering Negotiation: Building Agreements Across Boundaries. About the course When it comes to successful negotiations, the only advantage you have is the capacity to understand and shape the negotiating environment before circumstances force you to react.

Mastering Negotiation: Building Agreements Across Boundaries

Doing that isn't so easy, however. Effective negotiation is not about being stubborn in the face of inevitable change. Nor is it about being passive when challenged. It is about mastering strategic and analytic skills that enable you, as an organizational leader, to accurately diagnose problems, build winning coalitions and craft robust agreements. In short, it is about shaping your circumstances before they shape you. Changing the Game: Negotiation and Competitive Decision-Making. Max H.

Changing the Game: Negotiation and Competitive Decision-Making

Bazerman is Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School and the Co-Director of the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School. Strategic Negotiations: Dealmaking for the Long Term. JAMES K.

Strategic Negotiations: Dealmaking for the Long Term

SEBENIUS specializes in analyzing and advising on complex negotiations. He holds the Gordon Donaldson Professorship of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. In 1993, he took the lead in the School's decision--unique among major business schools--to make negotiation a required course in the MBA Program and to create a Negotiation Unit (department) which he headed for several years. Executive Negotiation Workshop: Negotiate with Confidence.

About the course The Executive Negotiation Workshop: Negotiate with Confidence is in a class by itself within the category of negotiations seminars.

Executive Negotiation Workshop: Negotiate with Confidence

It will provide you with individualized, personality-based insights as well as a detailed map of the hidden psychology underlying negotiation moves and tactics. Strategic Conflict Resolution for Leaders. Successful leaders of today need to understand conflict and be well-equipped to not only pre-empt, mitigate, avoid and de-escalate conflict, but to also transform what could have been a full-blown dispute into opportunities.

Strategic Conflict Resolution for Leaders

Global and local landscapes are evolving and growing in complexity on economic, political, social and technological fronts. Industries are facing disruption and organisational change. Influence and Negotiation Strategies Program. Contract Lifecycle Management. An organization’s contract activity is an important business aspect.

Contract Lifecycle Management

Contracts require proper oversight to ensure profitable operations and a smooth transaction. Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is the proactive, methodical management of a contract from initiation through award, compliance and renewal. It can lead to significant improvements in cost savings and efficiency. Best Online Contract Lifecycle Management Training & Certifications. Contract Management. Contracts are fundamental to all business activities and relationships are fundamental to all contracts.

This free online course will help you understand contract management processes; give you the confidence to develop new contracts; and help you build successful relationships to implement contracts effectively. Manage contracts and relationships successfully The course has been developed by the University of Southampton, in association with the Crown Commercial Service, UK Cabinet Office, Civil Service Learning and the International Association of Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM). Over three weeks, you will realise the importance, complexity and challenges of designing and delivering good contracts.

You will learn how your objectives and those of your customer/client can be achieved in an effective way, to minimise possible threats or failures. The course covers three key themes What does this mean to you? Contract Management. The Best CLM Training. Contract Lifecycle Management Training in Hyderabad Our Hyderabad Correspondence / Mailing address Ecohouse Building, Nagarjuna Hills, Panjagutta Hyderabad Telangana 500082 India View on Maps Contract Lifecycle Management Training in Bangalore Our Bangalore Correspondence / Mailing address #811, 10th A Main, Suite No.506 1st Floor, Indira Nagar Bangalore, India - 560038 View on Maps. ICA Certificate in Managing Sanctions Risk. Course description. The Anglo-American Law Program - Universidad de Navarra.

Power of a Positive No (The)How to Say No and Still Get to Yes. OVERVIEW:No is perhaps the most important and certainly the most powerful word in the language. Every day we find ourselves in situations where we need to say No — to people at work, at home, and in our communities — because No is the word we must use to protect ourselves and to stand up for everything and everyone that matters to us. But as we all know, the wrong No can also destroy what we most value by angering and alienating people. That’s why saying No the right way is crucial.

The secret to saying No without destroying relationships lies in the art of the Positive No, a proven technique that anyone can learn. This book gives you a simple three-step method for saying a Positive No. Based on William Ury’s celebrated Program on Negotiation executive seminar, How to Say No…and Still Get to Yes, The Power of a Positive No offers concrete advice and practical examples for saying No in virtually any situation. PRAISE FOR: The Power of a Positive No “Tremendous contribution!” Dr. Dr. Negotiation and Leadership: Dealing with Difficult People and Problems. World-renowned faculty from Harvard, MIT and Tufts comprise the teaching team. Max Bazerman Jesse Isidor Strauss Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School Iris Bohnet Academic Dean and Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School; Director, Women and Public Policy Program; Associate Director, Harvard Decision Science Gabriella Blum Rita E.

Jared Curhan Ford International Career Development Professor; Associate Professor of Organization Studies, MIT Sloan School of Management. Online Course: Negotiation Training. Corporate Legal - Perfil del estudiante. Negotiation Mastery. Catalog of Online Courses. Negotiating Difficult Conversations: Dealing with Tough Topics Productively. To overcome barriers and turn negotiations from difficult to collaborative, from breakdown to breakthrough, you must learn to understand the inter- and intra-personal dynamics at play. In this program, you will examine how your own assumptions and behaviors can help create and perpetuate negotiation dynamics you desperately want to avoid, and learn how to modify even deeply held assumptions and enact new behaviors more likely to foster successful negotiations.

You will learn the concepts and skills required to overcome difficult tactics and effectively respond to emotions — your own and others’ — so that you can initiate and maintain productive conversations even in complex situations with challenging counterparts. Through intensive personal coaching, you will also gain valuable insight into your own personal challenges and leave with proven techniques for greater negotiation success. Negotiation Workshop: Improving Your Negotiating Effectiveness. They painfully divide a small pie after a costly battle while failing to capture offsetting opportunities for joint gain, or win the battle, but at the cost to relationships and reputation that limit long-term value. Reliably negotiating optimal outcomes requires a keen appreciation of the negotiation process, systematic preparation, and honed interpersonal skills.

In this intensive, interactive program, you will acquire a framework, tools, techniques, and skills for maximizing the value of your negotiated outcomes by effectively navigating the negotiation process from setup to commitment to implementation. Secrets of Successful Dealmaking. In corporate dealmaking, much of the action happens away from the negotiating table. Successful dealmakers understand that deal set-up and design greatly influence negotiation outcomes. Secrets of Successful Dealmaking. Persuasive Techniques and Language in Leadership. Using Power Effectively: A Toolkit for Leaders.

Negotiation and Leadership: Dealing with Difficult People and Problems. Business and Negotiation in the USA. Profesora Alexandra Carter. Curso de Experto en Corporate. Prof. Prof. D. Máster legaltech y gestión digital de la abogacía. (Online) Máster en derecho procesal (Online) Justificación del título propuesto: El Derecho Procesal es una de las áreas jurídicas más importantes, dentro del ejercicio del derecho, como instrumento para alcanzar la solución efectiva de los conflictos intersubjetivos de intereses. MAE · Management para Abogados de Empresa - Management for Lawyers - Módulos de Especialización en Derecho de ESADE.