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Retail Design Blog. NATASHA LILLIPORE. The kitten's whiskers. Saving the world, one room at a time. Digg - What the Internet is talking about right now. Live in Full Color - Color and Style Inspiration and Insights From the Experts. The weather isn’t good or bad.

Live in Full Color - Color and Style Inspiration and Insights From the Experts

Your choice of clothing may be good or bad but the weather just is. That is what my friend Berit once told me. She said that in Norway they don’t judge things like the weather they just accept them. I’ve never been much of a weather watcher. I rarely pay attention to the forecast and my choice of clothing could sometimes be labeled “bad” if “weather appropriate” is the gauge.

Often, I even forget to check the forecast when heading out of town. I’d put my message out to the Universe asking for a few magical days to recharge and clear my head. Instead I got rain. Vintage floral « GLAMOUR GUILD. With temperatures reaching 100 degrees in NYC this week, light and airy vacation style clothes are definitly in order!

vintage floral « GLAMOUR GUILD

Usually, you would think that tropical prints belong in Hawaii (or hipster bars in Williamsburg) but the sopisticated, modern cuts of Reyn Spooners latest collection for Opening Ceremony give the prints a classic, urban look. Available at Opening Ceremony! One of my favorite summer events in NYC is the Governor’s Island Jazz Age Lawn Party. I missed the first one this year because of my trip the Block Island but luckily one of my favorite photography bloggers, Jamie Beck of From Me To You posted these amazing photos! Thankfully, there’s another party August 20-21!

It’s officially bright color, trench coat, floral print, iced coffee Spring time in NYC! Stella McCartney Jacket, Photo via Pinterest Can you tell that I can’t wait for the return of Mad Men(2012 seems to long to wait for new episodes!)? Models. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a British model with great potential. Though she has shot campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, SportMax, fellow countryman Paul Smith and has done some catwalking, she’s a girl I would like to see more of.

As with all models who have successful careers, she has the gift of transforming herself in front of the camera. image: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Most favorited all-time. Everyday Mom Ideas: Fashion. This is my beautiful older sister Marie!

Everyday Mom Ideas: Fashion

She is one of the most hardworking people I know. During the day she is a CNA busy working side by side and assisting the disabled at a laundry mat where they work so they can have employment. After a full days work she heads over to night classes until 10:30pm working to get her associates degree in office management so that one day she can open her own care facility for the Elderly with the kind of quality care they deserve and has been lacking at so many places she has previously worked at. I have never met anyone who cares about other people as much as she does.

She is truly a care taker, heart and soul. Over the years as we have grown up together and have left our high school days far behind us I have had the privilege to see my sister blossom and come to love herself more and more each day for who she is inside and out. Thank you to eShakti whom provided this beautiful custom dress featured in the photos. Talk2TheTrees. Create a Fashion Statement {knitting, photography, design} We are fully immersed in the “Do it Yourself Era.”

Create a Fashion Statement {knitting, photography, design}

The trend is fueled by nostalgia, this same nostalgia drives us back to fixie bikes, film cameras, and vinyls. My parents generation (the baby boomers) fled their roots to make a new life for themselves. They started businesses, created the current status quo for families (two kids, two cars, mid sized suburban home), and gave their children everything they didn’t have growing up. As a result the current generation of young people (20-30yr olds) and many others are trying to return to their roots and rediscover what makes things have emotional value. Elle Apparel. AdelynSTONE. Boy or girl? It's official.

boy or girl?

Lil blip is a he! Our 20 week ultrasound was Friday and it was all we could hope for. A healthy baby. December 2009. A quick competition to celebrate my 600th post and distract me from the fact that a) I haven't started my Christmas shopping and b) it's snowing and my boiler has stopped working. I can't even bring myself to call someone out yet as that's accepting the worst - I'm hoping, with diminishing likelihood, that it might come back to life. Anyway, to enter: let me know which is your favourite item from my shop, or which you'd like to win the most, and I will send you a parcel of goodies which will include it. If you are in the UK, I promise to post it tomorrow recorded delivery so it will arrive in time for Christmas. Formstack Blog. Cupcakes and Cashmere. Helen Green. 'Lady Gaga, live at Roseland Ballroom' 1,540 notes.

Helen Green

Sarah Ortega. S A V O I A. FASHIONOGRAPHY. The Photography Link. Spinning Bird Kick. Koto Bolofo / Dior Campaign December 2012.

Spinning Bird Kick

John Paul Pietrus / Harper’s Bazaar December 2012. Steven Klein / Vogue US January 2013. Willy Vanderperre / W Magazine January 2013. Willy Vanderperre / W Magazine January 2013.