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Gamifying the Classroom with Minecraft – so Many Fun Possibilities! Minecraft is showing up with increasing frequency in education technology related social media and blog content. The gamification of education is a hot topic, ripe with possibilities for increased engagement and learning, and Minecraft is a highly creative and flexible application that is well suited to classroom adoption.

What is Minecraft? Minecraft first hit the video game community in 2009 and took gamers of all ages by storm. The sandbox indie video game is fully customizable and offers a flexible gaming experience that everyone can enjoy. Image from MindcraftEDU home page Minecraft runs in several game modes, making it easy to customize gameplay. There has been a growing movement to use Minecraft in the classroom as a learning tool and a supplement to the overall curriculum. How to Use Minecraft in the Classroom Since Minecraft’s rise in popularity, teachers have realized the game’s potential in teaching students different subjects and skills in the classroom.

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