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Google Ventures. What is Bitcoin? - We Use Coins. Philanthropy UK. Paypal. Home & car insurance - Money Makeover: Completely overhaul your finances and save £1,000s... Watch the video guide Courtesy of Watchdog (January 2010) Radio special - Save £1,000 in a day In January 2012, Martin was on a special Jeremy Vine Radio 2 slot, telling people all about the Money Makeover technique, and loads of folks phoned in with their inspirational stories.

Money Makeover: Completely overhaul your finances and save £1,000s...

Listen to save £1,000 in a day. Will it really make a difference? Have no illusions, a full money makeover will take a good eight or 10 hours, but it'll be worth it. When Martin regularly did money makeovers for a TV show, the average saving was a little over £5,000 a year, and this was before he started to say "cut back". And remember this saving is without tax. What if I don't have the time? Then make the time. Can I get someone to do this for me?

Aaaarghhh! Step 1: Do you spend more than you earn? This isn't a trite question. Yet if after that you're still spending beyond your means, then there's a major problem and cutting back may be necessary too; meaning lifestyle as well as MoneySaving changes. How to find out. Get Rich Slowly.