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Andy D

LearnNEWstuff creative education director and biker. Dyslexic who reckons video games, comic books & movies saved his education from going down the tubes.

Art and ICT

Computing - general. Secondary ideas. Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation sites. Computing - programming/coding. ICT and EYFS. ICT and Geography. History and ICT. ICT and Languages. Literacy and ICT. Maths and ICT. ICT and Music. ICT and PE. Science and ICT. STEM. ICT and RE. Great sites. ICT in Education.

  1. amsika Jan 25 2013
    Hi, welcome to Pearltrees. You can now cultivate your interests. Add pearls and pick those you discover in others' accounts. You'll be able to retrieve them on iPhone, iPad or any computer. If you have questions, simply reply to my comment. Keep pearling!