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Andy Arcand

English teacher at Choate Rosemary Hall

What “Top Gun” has in common with “The Odyssey” IN THE SUMMER of 1986, on the verge of fourteen, I accompanied my friend and her family to the Outer Banks of North Carolina for a two-week beach vacation.

What “Top Gun” has in common with “The Odyssey”

The small cottage we stayed in was without a television, and after just two initial days of sunshine, a unrelenting rain came in. At first, we busied ourselves with chocolate milkshakes and gossip, several successful trips to the hermit crab store, and stuffing our first bikini tops with potholders.

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  1. amsika Jul 11 2011
    Hi, only teams can have a founder, so you are the founder of the team you founded, but not of your own pearltrees. In order to create a team with your students, you can start to curate a pearltree and then send it to them. Once they have picked it, you can send them the invitation by clicking on the puzzle piece (they can also directly ask to team up by clicking on it). Once the team has been founded, you will be the founder :)