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Julien Breton. Light painting and calligraphy are both hard enough skills to master on their own, but what about combining the two and doing it well? That’s what French artist Julien Breton specializes in. These photographs show Breton’s calligraphy created with light with no trickery involved at all. Anyone recognize the language? Image credits: Photographs by Guillaume J. Plisson. TCB. We can paint with lots of things, but how about light? Light Painting or Light Art performance photography are those kind of images that play with lights and get straight from the camera, no computer manipulation at all, not even cropping or adjusting. Those incredible light art photos presented in the post is from TCB (or Twin Cities Bright). He is combining photography, graphic design, and performance to create a unique identity that allows magic and the supernatural to occur on a daily basis.

The coolest thing about him, though, is that on his website, TCB will show you the secrets behind his work. He even has step-by-step photo instructions on how to create these modern-day masterpieces. Thank You for Reading Our Posts. What's Next? Share this post:Follow our updates:Read related posts on our site:Leave us a Comment: 3 Responses already, click here to leave your comment. Dennis Calvert. Alex Beadon. Ryan McGinley. Michael Muller. Martin Schoeller.