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15" Wheel. Inc.: Jeep CJ YJ TJ Wrangler Bumpers. YJ Jeep Wrangler Front Shock Hoops. YJ 87-95 Wrangler. TRS Magazine - 4-Link Suspension. One of the hottest trends on serious off-road rigs now is triangulated 4-link suspensions.

TRS Magazine - 4-Link Suspension

I too have fallen victim to the desire to build my own 4-link and began doing research on how to design and construct one. I've looked through many resources and pulled out what I felt was the best pieces of information and put it all together in this article. The first two sections are on measuring and building your own 4-link.

These articles are all over the internet and were written by Fred Williams at 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine ( I've seen a lot of good tech on the net come and go over the years, so I've preserved his articles here to ensure they're not lost. Four-Link Tech - Part 1 What Is a Four-link? A four-link suspension uses links to locate the axle from moving side to side and front to back, while allowing it to travel up and down and articulate. Considerations Till then you have a bit of homework. Now plot a point on the front center of the rear axletube. Double Triangulated 4 link Kit 1.25 Heims.

All Kits ship with brackets predrilled to the correct bolt hole size at no extra cost!

Double Triangulated 4 link Kit 1.25 Heims

This is the kit that has all the parts that we are always using in the shop for customers Daul triangulated four links suspensions. This has all the parts that are made to stand up to the abuse that Rock Crawlers and Trail Rigs see and then some. The kit includes. Flush Mount Lower Triangulated 4 Link Bracket 20 Deg Axle Link Mount Pair20 Deg Adustable Inner Frame Link mount PairTruss Link Mount PairFour Right Hand 1.25 Heat Treated Chromoly Heims Four Left Hand 1.25 Heat Treated Chromoly HeimsFour Right Hand 1.25"-12 Jam NutsFour Left Hand 1.25"-12 Jam NustFour Right Hand 1.25"-12 Threaded Tube Inserts for 1.5" ID TubingFour Left Hand 1.25"-12 Threaded tube Inserts for 1.5" ID TubingEight Pair of 1" to 5/8" Hi Misalighnment Spacers Zink Plated This is great for the do it yourself fabricators looking do their own 4 link system.

Jeep Long Arm Conversion Kits, 3 Link & 4 Link Jeep Builder Parts - Discount Jeep Jeep Replacement Parts & Wrangler Accessories – Individualize & make your Jeep stand out in a crowd with accessories found at

Jeep Long Arm Conversion Kits, 3 Link & 4 Link Jeep Builder Parts - Discount Jeep

As a leading Jeep replacement parts and aftermarket accessories online retailer, you’ll find parts to fit your Vintage Military, CJ, Full Size Jeeps (FSJ) Cherokee, Wrangler or Liberty .Whether you are looking for hard core rock crawling offroad parts, or want to add some accessories to your daily driver, we have the items you need. No matter if you use your Jeep for hunting, ranching, or trail riding, at Discount Jeep Parts you are sure to find the latest aftermarket parts that you are looking for. If it is Jeep performance parts you are looking for, you've come to the right place! We have everything from OE hard parts, to Jeep replacement restoration parts, to the latest accessories for Jeep JK Wranglers.

***NEW*** Jeep TJ / YJ 4 - Link Long Arm Kits. Well PBBers these have been in the works for quite awhile and are now finally in stock and ready to ship.

***NEW*** Jeep TJ / YJ 4 - Link Long Arm Kits

Poly Performance Front Link Kit The kit consists of the following components: -(1) TJ/YJ triangulated front brackets (pair). -(1) Pieces of 1.75" X .120" wall DOM (uppers). -(2) Pieces of 2.0" X .250" wall DOM (lowers). -(1) Piece of 1.375" X .188" wall DOM (track bar). -(3) 1.25" RH Johnny Joints w/tube inserts & jam nuts. -(3) Johnny Joints w/o shanks. -(1) Set of HRSMX12 rod ends and track bar mount brackets. -(2) 10 degree RH & LH axle mount brackets 3.0" radius. -(1) Upper control arm axle mount bracket, flat mount. Follow the links for more info. or give us a call!!! Click the sig for everything you need to build a tube car. Jeep YJ Off Road Parts. Revues techniques Jeep gratuites - Jeepstock. <ul><li>Cette boutique n&eacute;cessite JavaScript afin de fonctionner correctement.

Revues techniques Jeep gratuites - Jeepstock

Merci de l&#039;activer dans votre navigateur. </li></ul> Bienvenue, identifiez-vous Catégories. TMR Customs, Custom Fabrication Components for Offroad Vehicles.

Morris 4*4 Jeep Build Up. Detroit TrueTrac® Differential. Differentials - What Are They?

Detroit TrueTrac® Differential

In powered axles, gears that deliver torque from the drive shaft to the left and right axle half - shafts separately. They allow the left and right wheels to turn at different road speeds when turning (thus the term "differential"), so that neither wheel has to scuff. Conventional "open" differentials tend to equalize the torque delivered through both wheels.

Thus if one wheel loses traction - "spins out" on snow, mud, sand, or gravel - it delivers very little power to the ground (power = torque x RPM, so if torque goes to 0, so does power). The other wheel will deliver only the same very torque as the spinning wheel and if this is not enough to overcome the inertia and static friction holding the verhicle in place, you are stuck.

In an open differential, the following rule applies: The average speed of the two axles is equal to the speed of the ring gear. Spool Locking Automatic Manual Limited Slip Friction/clutches Geared. Currie Enterprises 4x4 Rear Ends Antirock. The Currie Antirock® Sway Bar provides balanced performance of front and rear suspension for rugged off-road conditions.

Currie Enterprises 4x4 Rear Ends Antirock

It gives the driver increased traction by balancing and distributing the weight over all four tires. The Antirock® Off-Road sway bar is designed to replace the stock Jeep sway bar. The Sway Bar is made of SAE 4130 Heat-treated steel for ultimate strength. This is the same quality used in professional off-road competition. This kit includes all components, bushing, hardware and step by step instructions.

The Currie Antirock® Sway Bar does not need to be disconnected for off-road use. Jeeps will have more body roll than stock. Also See Our Johnny Joint Products. Jeep Parts, Jeep Accessories & Jeep Wrangler Parts From The Jeep Parts Experts - Quadratec. Jeep® YJ and TJ Wrangler Replacement Clutch Parts - Jeep® Clutch Master Cylinder, Jeep® Replacement Clutch Throwout Bearing, Jeep® Fly Wheel - Quadratec. The following parts require additional handling charges due to their large size or weight: wheels, tires, full suspension lift kits, oversized bumpers, tire carriers, body tubs, hard tops and cargo racks.

Jeep® YJ and TJ Wrangler Replacement Clutch Parts - Jeep® Clutch Master Cylinder, Jeep® Replacement Clutch Throwout Bearing, Jeep® Fly Wheel - Quadratec

The following parts do not qualify for free shipping: Oversized items and items delivered by truck freight, as well as prior purchases and returns. ©1995-2014, Quadratec, Inc. All rights reserved. Jeep Wrangler YJ 1984-1995. Collins Brothers Jeeps and Jeep Parts. BASELINE 4X4 YJ TJ JK Wrangler CJ. Jeep Parts, Jeep Accessories, & Jeep Tops – Jeep Wrangler Parts by 4 Wheel Drive Hardware – Your Jeep Parts Source* Jeep Parts, Jeep Accessories, Jeep Soft Tops at Morris 4x4 Center. Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep Wrangler is a compact and mid-size (Wrangler Unlimited models) four-wheel drive off-road and sport utility vehicle (SUV), manufactured by American automaker Chrysler, under its Jeep marque – and currently in its third generation.

Jeep Wrangler

The Wrangler is a direct descendant of the World War II Willys MB by way of the Willys civilian Jeeps (Jeep CJ) of the mid-1940s through 1980s, later produced by Kaiser-Jeep and by American Motors (AMC). Just like their predecessors, the Willys MB and the Jeep CJ, Wranglers continue to use a separate body and frame, rigid live axles both front and rear, a fold-flat windshield, and can be driven without doors. The Wrangler debuted in 1986 as a revision of the Jeep CJ-7, was revised in 1996, and completely redesigned in 2006. In addition to the nameplate Wrangler, each model received a designation corresponding to its generation: YJ (1986–1995), TJ (1997–2006), LJ's (2003–2006 Unlimited models) and JK (2007–present).

Google. 4x4 TRANSALP JEEP FRANCE Moteur AMC 242 ( 4.0 Litres ) 6 Cylindres.