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Indigo children adults

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Indigo Character Traits. Indigos: Are you an Indigo? Lady Mistycah shares something you may not know yet! What is an Indigo Child, their mission and challenges. The New Children, Indigo Children, Crystal Children. Test Yourself! Indigo Adult Characteristics. Last updated on April 18, 2009 at 12:00 am EDT by in5d Alternative News * Click HERE to visit our Official Facebook page and be sure to "Like" us!!!

Test Yourself! Indigo Adult Characteristics

(opens in a new window) * Also visit in5D Connection where you can find your soul mate or join one of our amazing groups. EVERYONE is welcome! * Are intelligent, though may not have had top grades. * Are very creative and enjoy making things. * Always need to know WHY, especially why they are being asked to do something. * Had disgust and perhaps loathing for much of the required and repetitious work in school. * Were rebellious in school in that they refused to do homework and rejected authority of teachers, OR seriously wanted to rebel, but didn't DARE, usually due to parental pressure. * May have experienced early existential depression and feelings of helplessness.

. * Have difficulty in service-oriented jobs. . * Prefer leadership positions or working alone to team positions. * Have deep empathy for others, yet an intolerance of stupidity. The Evolution of Indigo Children, Indigo Adults and Crystal Beings. How Many of These 51 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms do YOU have? * Visit in5D Connection where you can find your soul mate or join one of our amazing groups.

How Many of These 51 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms do YOU have?

EVERYONE is welcome! How many of these 51 spiritual awakening symptoms do YOU have? Quiz yourself and your friends HERE! By Annarita 1. Have been experiencing huge waves of energy running into my body from the crown. 2. Advice: This is nothing to be alarmed about. 3. Advice: Accept your feelings as they come up and let them go. 4. Advice: Same as #3. 5. Advice: Don't freak out, but just accept it as a symptom of where you are right now. 6. Advice: Don't deny what your body tells you it needs. Who Are The Crystal Children? From Indigo to Crystal - The Signs and Symptoms of the Evolving Adult. Our planet is filled with indigo adults.

From Indigo to Crystal - The Signs and Symptoms of the Evolving Adult

Although the planet is becoming populated by more and more indigo and crystal children, the fact remains that there are an amazing number of adults that were indigo children, and are now indigo adults.Most indigo adults are aware of their spiritual and physical makeup, as they are living within the third and fourth dimensional realities. There are many indigo adults however that were trapped in third dimensional realities, being smothered and becoming toxically overloaded - preventing them from realizing their potential.

Many of these indigo adults are now emerging as many of the physical and emotional ills that had plagued them are now being understood by them as being a result of the toxicity and repression they experienced. This is for the Indigo Crystalline, Rippling-In-Breath-of-The-All. INDIGO-CRYSTAL-RAINBOW CHILDREN. Who Are The Indigo Children? Pt 1. The Limits of Intelligence. Santiago Ramón y Cajal, the Spanish Nobel-winning biologist who mapped the neural anatomy of insects in the decades before World War I, likened the minute circuitry of their vision-processing neurons to an exquisite pocket watch.

The Limits of Intelligence

He likened that of mammals, by comparison, to a hollow-chested grandfather clock. Indeed, it is humbling to think that a honeybee, with its milligram-size brain, can perform tasks such as navigating mazes and landscapes on a par with mammals. A honeybee may be limited by having comparatively few neurons, but it surely seems to squeeze everything it can out of them. At the other extreme, an elephant, with its five-million-fold larger brain, suffers the inefficiencies of a sprawling Mesopotamian empire. Signals take more than 100 times longer to travel between opposite sides of its brain—and also from its brain to its foot, forcing the beast to rely less on reflexes, to move more slowly, and to squander precious brain resources on planning each step. Who Are The Indigo Children? Pt 2. Indigo Children Test (Adult to) Unveiling. The Unveiling: Adult Transition from Indigo to Octarine/Crystal It starts with a vague feeling of something not quite being 'right'.


Sounds are harsher on the ears, you find yourself avoiding your once-beloved candle shop because the scents are so over powering. The mall, once a wonderful Temple of Temptations, has become the ninth circle of hell, as have many other public venues. Noise and crowds now drive you away, rather than excite and attract you. Your ‘been-there, done-that’ passport is completely filled, and nothing really thrills you any more. Certain friendships begin to drift, to dissolve, as your interests change and shift. Food becomes a challenge: what you once loved, you now hate, and processed food suddenly seems toxic to you- or at least your body believes so judging by its reactions.

Religion no longer satisfies- even if you are devout, you might cease getting anything out of the services or rituals you’ve practiced for years. What is happening? From Indigo to Crystal - The Signs and Symptoms of the Evolving Adult.