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Mozilla Launches Thimble, A Web-Based Code Editor For Teaching HTML and CSS. Mozilla, the non-profit organization behind the popular Firefox browser, just announced the launch of Thimble, its latest project to teach more users how to build their own web pages.

Mozilla Launches Thimble, A Web-Based Code Editor For Teaching HTML and CSS

Thimble, which is part of Mozilla’s recently launched Webmaker project, is meant to help novice users write and edit basic HTML and CSS right in a web-based code editor. The service features instant previews and also lets its users host their finished pages on a Webmaker domain with just one click. Users can start from scratch or choose one of over a dozen projects and learn how to code them by hand.

Unlike other projects like App Inventor, which remove a lot of the actual basic coding effort in favor of a more visual Lego-like editor or a WYSIWYG approach, Thimble uses a more hands-on approach. There is a traditional code editor on the left and you can see the instant preview on the right. Classroom: Basic Site Layout and Navigation in Dreamweaver. Share this Episode Please select a language: Autoplay End of Video Show End Screen Default Quality Adjust your embed size below, then copy and paste the embed code above.

Classroom: Basic Site Layout and Navigation in Dreamweaver

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Steps to becoming a front-end web developer. 30 Days to Learn Adobe Illustrator. New to Vectortuts+, or still learning the ropes with Illustrator?

30 Days to Learn Adobe Illustrator

If you've always wanted to learn but never had the time or the resources, check out the new course from Tuts+ Premium: 30 Days to Learn Adobe Illustrator. Over the course of one month you'll go from complete beginner to working confidently with vector files. Read on to get a quick overview of what the course includes. Over 4.5 hours of video lessons. Adobe Illustrator and vector tutorials, from beginner to advanced.

Vectips - Illustrator tips, tricks, and tutorials. Tutorials for Wordpress, Photoshop, Web Design and More. Photoshop Tutorials. How To Build A WordPress CMS Theme – Part 1: Theme Basics. I’ve had several requests lately for books, blogs and how-tos on how to build a WordPress theme, specifically one that has no blog or is mainly needed for a large multi-sectioned website.

How To Build A WordPress CMS Theme – Part 1: Theme Basics

I love WordPress, and although I hate writing tutorials, especially really really long ones, I thought this would be a great opportunity to not only help WordPress beginners out, but to also show everyone else why I think WordPress really is the best platform out there – for everything but eCommerce. This tutorial is going to be split over several weeks, in several parts, and several chapters. At the end of the entire series, I’m going to offer the whole thing for download as a PDF book. So let’s get started! Chapter 1: What is a WordPress Theme? The great thing about WordPress, is that everything you need to edit is really included in one folder – your theme folder. You can name your theme folder anything you’d like, as long as it’s placed in the correct directory: Chapter 3: Declaring Custom Templates. Step-By-Step: Turning A Design Responsive in WordPress, Part 1. I’ve been dying to try out a real responsive design for awhile now on my site, but didn’t feel like recoding the whole thing.

Step-By-Step: Turning A Design Responsive in WordPress, Part 1

Thankfully, I was able to beg bribe get the fantastic Paul Maloney to redesign my site for me, which gives me the perfect excuse to try out all the new bells and whistles. How To Code A Simple Website From Scratch Part 1: Preparing the Design. A Beginner’s Guide to Web Development. The web development field offers a variety of languages from front-end development, like HTML, CSS and Javascript, to back-end programming, like PHP, ASP and Ruby on Rails.

A Beginner’s Guide to Web Development

So how do you start learning how to code? In this post, I want to offer a variety of great tips on beginning your journey to learning web code. At the end of the post, I want to share a simple site structure with you to get started in HTML and CSS. I’ll focus on HTML and CSS in this article. CSS Sprites: Image Slicing’s Kiss of Death. Back when video games were still fun (we’re talking about the 8-bit glory days here), graphics were a much simpler matter by necessity.

CSS Sprites: Image Slicing’s Kiss of Death

Bitmapped 2-dimensional character data and background scenery was individually drawn, much like today’s resurgent pixel art. Hundreds and later thousands of small graphics called sprites were the building blocks for all things visual in a game. As game complexity increased, techniques developed to manage the multitude of sprites while keeping game play flowing. One variation saw sprites being plugged into a master grid, then later pulled out as needed by code that mapped positions of each individual graphic, and selectively painted them on the screen.

And what does this have to do with the web? Everything old is new again, and though the rise of 3D games has made sprite maps obsolete, the concurrent rise of mobile devices with 2D gaming capabilities have brought them back into vogue. 40 Arresting Adobe Fireworks Tutorials. Adobe Fireworks is a bitmap and vector graphics editor, aimed at web designers with features such as slices, ability to add hotspots etc, useful for creating and optimizing web graphics and create web pages with good finish.

40 Arresting Adobe Fireworks Tutorials

If you are interested to learn, here we bring you 40 best tutorials on Adobe Fireworks for any level, whether you beginner or advanced this list would be handy for you to learn something new here… How to convert your image to line art with Fireworks In this tutorial you are going to learn how to apply find edges effect to an image using Fireworks. The Find Edges filter converts image to a line art by identifying the color transitions in the images and changing them to lines. The image below shows how we have converted the image to a line drawing..

Game Center Layout Style in Fireworks This tutorial was inspired on the new Apple Game Center design. Designing An Effective Gaming Clan Logo in Adobe Fireworks Text Glow effect.