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Open graph: What do you see on Facebook when your link is shared? Have you ever wondered why some web pages have well-designed images and description when their links are shared on Facebook?

Open graph: What do you see on Facebook when your link is shared?

The truth is that you can control what users see when your link is shared. Enter Facebook Open Graph Facebook Open Graph is not new, but some small business owners and social media teams that are less familiar with the platform are likely to be unaware of this feature. Here’s how Facebook defines Open Graph: The Open Graph protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. In other words, you can add images and specify the text description that appears below the image with open graph.

How can I use it? Well, that is the point of this tutorial. Add metadata to any object you want to featureSpecify the object type, such as, when it’s a video, you need to use og:type to specify that it is a video But how? Fret not. Adding metadata using SEO by Yoast Once you’re in, navigate to the Facebook tab. First, tick on “Add Open Graph meta data”. The final step. How to Add FREE Facebook Apps for Pages: Tutorials. 7 Facebook Hacks to Make Your Website More Sharable. How you reach people is not limited to your Facebook Page.

7 Facebook Hacks to Make Your Website More Sharable

You reach people with your e-mails, your YouTube videos, mentions in the local newspaper. And you reach people with your website content. Reaching people with your Facebook Page AND your website In the same way that people share your Facebook Page updates with their friends (via likes, comments and shares), they can also share your website content. For example, someone sharing a blog post by clicking a Like button. Facebook Save Feature: 5 Things Businesses Need To Know. Facebook recently introduced a new bookmarking feature, allowing users to save items for reading later.

Facebook Save Feature: 5 Things Businesses Need To Know

Facebook has been testing this feature for two years, since the company acqhired read-it-later startup Spool. Instead of hacks for saving content, such as taking screenshots on your iPhone or other mobile device, sharing content on your own wall to “me only,” or sharing content to a secret group with you as its only member, now users have a much more effective way of saving content for reading later. Clearly, there is much excitement about this long-awaited feature. I posted about the new Save feature on my Facebook Page shortly after Facebook made its official announcement and my post has a reach of over 96,000 – my second highest reach in the past 12 months! (See post embedded below). I talk about my most popular post over the past 12 months with a reach of over 129,000 here: How Facebook Calculates What Appears In Your News Feed 1.

What can be saved: What can’t be saved: 2. 3. 4. 5. How to post video on FB page and make it appear as a large window not thumbnail? Infographic: A visual guide to Facebook's ad creative specifications. Facebook Link Thumbnail Image Sizes. Are you getting LARGE Facebook Link Thumbnail images?

Facebook Link Thumbnail Image Sizes

Or are you stuck with tiny postage-stamp sized link previews? Facebook has upped the minimum size required to get those lovely large links! And, Facebook suggests Fan Pages post more traditional link shares, promising them better visibility in Fans’ news feeds. So, change the way you create blog images, AND share links on Facebook! Facebook Link Thumbnail in the News Feed On desktop, a large link preview will appear at 484 x 252 pixels. If your blog post image isn’t big enough, then it will render as 154 x 154 or 90×90 px (the largest available size). Facebook says: Use images that are at least 1200 x 630 pixels for the best display on high resolution devices. And that nice, big image (with its text box) links to the blog post when clicked, making it much easier for viewers to get to your blog posts.

You Can Finally Put GIFs on Facebook, Here's How. Free Tool to Pick Winners and Export Likes & Comments on Facebook Posts. August 29, 2013 When Facebook announced on Tuesday that they were relaxing their promotions policy, reaction to the news on their Facebook for Business page was overwhelmingly positive (“Yay!

Free Tool to Pick Winners and Export Likes & Comments on Facebook Posts

This is great news, thanks Facebook, its about time!”) , but the comment that perked our ears up – and was repeated by many more – was this one: “What’s an easy way to pick a winner? Especially when you have thousands of comments… Thoughts?” In what seems to be a simple way to execute a promotion via “like to win” or “comment to win”, the concern among page admins and the new Facebook promotions policy seems to be a resounding “How are we going to effectively manage and select our winners?” Woobox is proud to offer an easy - and free - method for page admins to easily select winners from a timeline post! To activate the service, simply login to the Woobox dashboard using the “Sign In Using Facebook” option, select the page that you want to track with the drop down menu, and click on the “Posts” link: Pinterest. Top 10 WordPress Facebook Plugins.

How to post video on FB page and make it appear as a large window not thumbnail?