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Ana Isabel Corrales

I'm a Educatión Social student from Extremadura (Spain)

Google for Education: Google Docs Suite: Introduction. The Google Docs suite is a set of productivity tools that includes the ability to create, edit, share, and collaborate, anytime, anywhere — using a computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Google for Education: Google Docs Suite: Introduction

Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations can be accessed and edited offline or online and shared to one or to many. Get Started in the Classroom In the following Basics and Advanced lessons you will learn more about the benefits and use of the Google Docs suite in class. As a start, here are three common scenarios teachers come across each day.

Observe and assess student understanding throughout a lesson. Collaborate with others on the go, using tablets and phones. Communicate with students on a project using chat and comments. Features and Benefits. Documentos de Google: crea y edita documentos online de forma gratuita. Forjando sonrisas. Internet Addiction. What is Internet addiction?

Internet Addiction

Internet addiction is described as an impulse control disorder, which does not involve use of an intoxicating drug and is very similar to pathological gambling. Some Internet users may develop an emotional attachment to on-line friends and activities they create on their computer screens. Internet users may enjoy aspects of the Internet that allow them to meet, socialize, and exchange ideas through the use of chat rooms, social networking websites, or "virtual communities. " Other Internet users spend endless hours researching topics of interest Online or "blogging". Blogging is a contraction of the term "Web log", in which an individual will post commentaries and keep regular chronicle of events. Similar to other addictions, those suffering from Internet addiction use the virtual fantasy world to connect with real people through the Internet, as a substitution for real-life human connection, which they are unable to achieve normally.

What are the effects? La adicción de los niños a los videojuegos. La importancia de educar a los niños para hacer un buen uso de las nuevas Tecnologías de la Información y la Comunicación (TIC's) Adicciones a las redes sociales. Socialnetworksineducation - Nuevas adicciones de la revolución tecnológica. Research, create, and present school projects online - Biteslide. The evolution of education (socialnetworksineducation) The world is change.

The evolution of education (socialnetworksineducation)

Currently, we live inteconnected. The new technologies are essential for our live. The first thing we do when we wake up is look our mobile phone and check notifications of our social networks. The most people read the news through mobile phone. We know what happened across the wordl thanks to Internet. For that and for more reasons, new technologies should be included in the school, because the education must evolve with society.

If we keep current educational model, this will be useless, because the education have to educate people for the future and this future is full of new technologies. The first step for include new technologies in the education is use social networks in the school. The new technologies have a lot of advantage. New technologies in the classroom (socialnetworksineducation) The history of technology in education. Nuevas tecnologias. Nace The Capsuled, una red social española para el ámbito educativo. La plataforma permie a los usuarios interactuar, generar y compartir contenidos y propuestas educativas de forma abierta, fácil y visual Las redes sociales específicas son las que más crecen.

Nace The Capsuled, una red social española para el ámbito educativo

Aunque hay ejemplos (escasos) de aulas informatizadas y con presencia de herramientas sociales para aprender, internet aún no ha penetrado en la escuela para mejorar las posibilidades pedagógicas. En aras de convertirse en un punto de encuentro para profesores,e centros educativos y familiares de alumnos, la editorial catalana Tekman ha lanzado The Capsuled, una red social educativa creada en España con la que los usuarios podrán interactuar, generar y compartir contenidos y propuestas educativas de forma abierta, fácil y visual. «La sociedad está experimentando cambios importantes y muchas escuelas se están replanteando el modelo educativo tradicional», explican los responsables del proyecto en un comunicado. «Las buenas ideas pueden cambiar actitudes y las actitudes pueden cambiar el mundo.