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Chinese Old Wives' Tales Explained (ft. Mia - Asian Beauty Secrets) What is the Ideal Chinese Guy Like? What Your Face Says About You - Chinese Physiognomy. Chinese vs. Western Wedding Customs, Can You Make Asian Parents Like You? Weird Names in Hong Kong. Chinese Men Looking For Chubby Wives... For Good Luck. The Soft Rice Eater. Asian Snacks Everyone Loves. The Emoticon Challenge! Chinese People Hate Halloween?! Real Life Ninjas? Insanely Fast People Working. Chinese Style Vacation. What You Say To Mom Vs What You Mean. Things You Do In School That Are Useless In Adult Life. Watch what happens when 15 homophobic volunteers are challenged to meet 15 gay people for a hug. Remember that First Kiss video that went viral?

Watch what happens when 15 homophobic volunteers are challenged to meet 15 gay people for a hug

The Gay Women Channel on YouTube went a step further. They got hold of 15 homophobic volunteers and challenged them to meet 15 gay people for a hug. It’s strange to think that in this day and age people are so homophobic that they shy away from hugging gay people, but you’ll see in this video how uncomfortable some really are. But as each person goes in for a hug, stereotypes are (almost) crushed.

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