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19 American Obsessions That British People Just Don't Get. The 17 Rudest Place Names In Britain. 28 Things That Happened After The Harry Potter Books Ended. 11 Harsh Realities About The World Of Harry Potter. This Woman Says That McDonald's Cured Her Anorexia. 26 Things That Only Fat Men Will Understand. So The "Women Who Eat On Tubes" Facebook Group Is Pretty Creepy. 13 Sex Tips That Shouldn't Be Attempted By Anyone. 13 Things Men's Magazines Get Totally Wrong About Sex. McDonald's Has Apologised After A Woman Found A Swastika In Her Chicken Sandwich. The 39 Drunkest People In Britain. Fish And Chip Pie Is A Real Thing And You Can Buy It. 13 Everyday Words That Are Weirdly Disgusting.

After Eating About 1,000 Big Macs In Two Years, This Mom Quit Eating McDonald's And Lost 100 Pounds. 19 Problems Only People Who Don't Eat Cheese Will Understand. Oh Great, Testicle-Eating Fish Are On The Loose. 8 Myths That Are Probably Making You Feel Worse About Your Sex Life. 5 Important Photos Of People Who Really, Really Look Like Fish. 23 Reasons Nothing In This World Is More Disgusting Than Fish. The Definitive Stereotype Map Of Europe. 21 Viking Myths Debunked. 25 Mouthwatering Facts About Fish And Chips. 11 Maps Of Countries And Continents Made From Their Iconic Foods. 20 National Stereotypes Debunked By People Who Live There. 23 Delicious Facts About The Full English Breakfast. 13 Hilarious Maps That Satirise European National Stereotypes. 17 Shakespearean Insults To Unleash In Everyday Life. 12 Brilliant Words We Don't Have In English. The Surprising Origins Of 35 English Phrases. The Surprising Origins Of 35 English Phrases.

17 People Who Took On The English Language And Lost. These European Word Origin Maps Are Fascinating. 14 Words That Have Actually Been Added To The Oxford English Dictionary. 19 Things Edinburgh Has That London Should Get Immediately. 9 Kinds Of Readers Who Will Find Something To Love In The BuzzFeed Books Newsletter. 11 Secret Off-Menu Items You Should Order In London. The 22 Most British-Sounding Words In The English Language. 12 Quotes That Capture What It Means To Be British. 9 Words That Genuinely Might Be Added To The Oxford English Dictionary. 17 Made-Up Words All Twentysomethings Need To Start Using. 16 Delightful Made-Up Words. 21 Words That Mean Something Different When You're A Cat. The Origins Of 21 British Insults. 14 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Girl Scout Cookies.

The Origins Of 21 British Insults. 17 Words That Mean Something Totally Different When Spelled Backwards. The Definitive Ranking Of Classic Ice Cream Truck Treats. 18 Words That Mean Something Totally Different When You're A British Jew. 5 Terrifying Photos That Show What Britain Would Be Like During A Natural Disaster. 41 Places There Should Always Be Sprinkles. 18 Treats You Might Not Know Are Dairy-Free. 21 Places That Might Actually Be Heaven On Earth. 18 Wonderfully Weird Things That Happened On The London Underground In 2013. 25 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning When You Move To London. 17 Delightful Facts About Kissing. 22 Animals Who've Been Hiding Out In The London Underground Map. 26 Kissing Disasters. 17 Atmospheric Pictures Of The London Underground With No-One Around. 14 Foodie Trends That Got Londoners Talking In 2013. The 40 Ways To Type Kisses, Defined.

The Pop-Up Parody That Mocks Pretentious Foodies. 17 Delicious Dishes Every Londoner Should Try. 11 "Special Instructions" For Pizza Delivery Places. The 7 Different Types Of Foodie. 29 Of The Most Ridiculous Moments In "America's Next Top Model" History. 35 People Who Should Be Banned From Using The Internet Forever. 50 Reasons Bacon Is Better Than Kevin Bacon. 13 Signs Christmas Has Started Way Too Early This Year. The 8 Most Overrated Places To Go In London If You Are A Tourist. Dairy Queen Is The Place Where Dreams Come True. Living On Your Own: Expectations Vs Reality. 15 Types Of Housemate No One Wants To Live With. 24 Ways Last-Minute Christmas Shopping Is Hell On Earth. The 42 Funniest Things Overheard At British Universities. 28 Things Overheard At Oxford University. 27 Problems Only London Students Will Understand. 21 Stages Everyone Goes Through At Supermarket Checkouts. 41 Things No British Person Can Ever Forget From Primary School.

The 18 Absolute Worst Things Overheard At Private School.