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25 Things Everyone Must Eat In Scotland. 22 Awkward Moments People Who Hate Waking Up Will Totally Understand. 18 Photos That Will Change The Way You Look At The World. 21 Times Microsoft Word Was Obviously Just Trolling You. 23 Surprising Pickup Lines That Actually Worked. 11 Of The Worst Things You Can Say To Someone Struggling With Infertility. 21 Questions America Has For Australia. 45 People Who Had Only ONE JOB But Still Failed Brilliantly. 28 Reasons Parents Have The Toughest Job In The World. 25 Pets Who Will Do Anything To Get Out Of A Vet Visit. 50 Surprising Photos From The Past That Show How Different Life Used To Be. 26 Gorgeous Cats That Are Disappearing From the Wild  All cats deserve love.

26 Gorgeous Cats That Are Disappearing From the Wild 

Even ones that live in the jungle and have really big teeth. Especially those ones. Ranging from huge (and kinda scary) to small and adorable, nearly every wild cat in the world is threatened in some way. And that should make you a very grumpy cat indeed. This gorgeous cat once roamed all across the Middle East, Central Asia, north into southern Kazakhstan and southeast into India. Now, thanks to habitat destruction, poaching, and over-hunting of its prey, there are only about 70-110 Asiatic cheetahs left in the wild, all occupying the arid, central plateau of Iran. Found in the in the rugged mountains of Central Asia, Snow leopards are perfectly adapted to the cold, barren landscape of their high-altitude home.

Unfortunately, they are hunted extensively for their fur, and there are only between 4,000 and 6,500 snow leopards left in the wild. With a slender body and uniquely shaped head, this cat loves eating fish and hanging out by itself. 45 Hilarious Notes From Kids Who Aren't Afraid To Tell It Like It Is. 23 Animal Parents Who Prove The Challenges Of Raising Kids Are Universal. 16 Things I've Learned From Movies and TV. 18 Rare Cat Breeds From Around The World You've Never Heard Of. 17 Reasons No One Should Ever Get A Cat. 25 Selfies That Prove Quokkas Are The Happiest Creatures On Earth. 35 Impossibly Clever Pieces Of Jewelry Inspired By Books. Working In Film: Stereotypes Vs. Reality. 26 People Who Failed Harder Than You Ever Thought Possible. 22 Tumblr Posts About Being Muslim That'll Make You Laugh Every Time. 9 Stories About How It Feels Not To Trust Your Own Body.

22 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Opening Your Front-Facing Camera. If We Were Honest When Texting Our Roommates. 17 Of The Most Fabulous Gender Neutral Bathroom Signs. 24 Dogs Who Are Convinced They Are Humans. These Guys Walked a Mile In High Heeled Shoes For a Great Cause. 25 British Habits I Lost When I Moved To France. 24 Questions Americans Have For The British. 21 Reasons Puppies Are Basically Furry Drunk People. 14 Texts All Uni Students Have Sent. 38 Reasons You Should Never Visit Finland. 23 Lies Mary-Kate And Ashley Movies Told Us. 23 Questions Australia Has For The UK. 11 Insane Photos From A "Hair Freezing" Contest In Northern Canada. Seriously, How Well Do You Know Pixar Movies. 19 Ways To Be A Better Parent Right Now. 25 Terrible Health And Safety Violations In Romantic Art. 24 Things You Learn To Love When You Move To Dubai. 17 Struggles Everyone Who Works On The Weekend Will Understand.

29 iPhone Tips That'll Take Your Selfie Game To The Next Level. He Was Grieving Over The Death Of His Best Friend, Until An Old Man Told Him THIS. Mind Blown. Woman Sends Bank Angry Letter After They Bounced Her Check. This Is Gold. Angry Graduate Just Wrote This Letter To His University. It's Hard Not To Agree With Him. The Best Email Exchange Ever. This Man Is Hilarious. This Guy Just Changed The Way We See Lord Of The Rings. Mind Blown.

Daughter Accidentally Finds Her Mother Having An Affair. This Is Priceless. The Best Revenge Story Ever. This Man Is A God. When a kid is being a brat in a noisy and public area, I casually get close to them and fart on their head/face.

The Best Revenge Story Ever. This Man Is A God.

I'm really tall so it's usually a direct hit. It's funniest when the kid notices and doesn't know what to do because I'm a giant. One time I was pretty drunk with a friend at a Target buying Risk. This little mexican 5-7 year old with a mohawk, was being an insufferable little shit in the action figure section. I heard him from like 5 aisles over and it was like nails on a chalkboard. I saunter on over to the aisle in question and see the vile little prick calling his mom an "idiot" for not buying him a huge G.I. At the time, I was on a strict Chipotle carnitas burrito diet. 17 Struggles Everyone Who Works On The Weekend Will Understand. 27 Things British People Just Don't Understand. 12 Victories Non-Morning People Understand.

Can You Tell What's Missing From These Famous Paintings. 26 Ways To Preserve Your Kids' Memories Forever. 13 Authentic Curries From Around India That Are Better Than Butter Chicken. Setting the Mood with Food - Valentine's Day Aprhodisiacs. Aph-ro-di-si-ac : noun; 1. an agent (as a food or drug) that arouses or is held to arouse sexual desire; 2. something that excites.

Setting the Mood with Food - Valentine's Day Aprhodisiacs

Merriam Webster Dictionary When you think of Valentine's Day, which images first come to your mind? Flowers? Cupid? Large, red, heart boxes with chocolates inside? If you are like most Americans, it would be a combination of all of the above. Much of this comes from a universal belief that certain food and beverages have mystical properties that create sexual attraction between two people. Some aphrodisiac foods, such as bananas, oranges or oysters, gain their powers through their resemblance to sexual body parts. In others, it's that they excite many of our senses through a combination of taste, texture and appearance. In fact, many foods considered to be aphrodisiacs are really everyday items. 10 Valentines That Say What You Actually Mean. 23 Reasons It's Alright To Be A Little Blue Sometimes. 29 Old School Black Actors Who Were Absolute Stunners. 17 Honest Google Searches That Prove You Are Not Alone. 8 Celebrity Transformations You Had To Appreciate At Tonight's Grammys.

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22 Ways Offices Should Be More Like Primary School. 26 Simple Tricks To Make Your Kids Do Whatever You Want. 17 Majestically Useless Items From The Innovations Catalogue. 27 Disney Princess Confections That Will Blow Your Mind. 28 Things Immature People Will Find Funnier Than They Should. 13 British Emojis We Definitely Need. 17 Burgers You Must Try Before You Die. 18 Fuzzy Foxes Who Will Make You Feel Way Better About Winter. 19 Frustrating Things Today's Kids Will Never Experience. 19 Things That Wouldn't Get Past The Indian Censor Board If They Were Released Today.

17 Things That Perfectly Describe All Girls Named Stephanie. 18 Realities All Trivia Crack Players Know All Too Well. 14 Things All Pale Australians Know To Be True. 21 Struggles Only People Who Are Addicted To Street Food Will Understand. 26 Books To Read Before You Move To London. 21 Of The Most Delicious Cheap Eats In London. Britain's 9 Most Revolting Alcoholic Drinks. 20 Reasons Voldemort Would Actually Make A Great Boyfriend. 26 Annoying Things That Inevitably Happen When You're A Musician In India.

21 Obscenely Pretty Beauty Products That Should Be In A Museum. If "Workaholics" Quotes Were Motivational Posters. 24 Reasons Henna Tattoos Are Always A Good Idea. 25 Things Only Long Distance BFFs Understand. 23 Fictional Couples Who Will Restore Your Faith In Marriage. 26 People Who Should Just Remain Celibate Forever. 17 Made-Up Words All Twentysomethings Need To Start Using. 16 Delightful Made-Up Words. 13 Everyday Words That Are Weirdly Disgusting. 33 Brilliantly Named Takeaways. 37 Minion Tattoos That You'll Never Be Able To Unsee. 13 Fish And Chip Shops With Brilliant But Terrible Punning Names.