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Hooks - Alerts for Everything. Notifications for Sports, TV, Stock, Weather, Movies And More. MindPulpy. Automate your file transfers and backups. Web Hooks / FrontPage. What is a WebHook?

Web Hooks / FrontPage

The concept of a WebHook is simple. A WebHook is an HTTP callback: an HTTP POST that occurs when something happens; a simple event-notification via HTTP POST. A web application implementing WebHooks will POST a message to a URL when certain things happen. When a web application enables users to register their own URLs, the users can then extend, customize, and integrate that application with their own custom extensions or even with other applications around the web. For the user, WebHooks are a way to receive valuable information when it happens, rather than continually polling for that data and receiving nothing valuable most of the time.

WebHooks are meant to do something. Push: receiving data in real time Push is the simplest of reasons to use WebHooks. Pipes: receiving data and passing it on A Pipe happens when your WebHook not only receives real-time data, but goes on to do something new and meaningful with it, triggering actions unrelated to the original event. SortMyBox — Organize your Dropbox. Connect Cloud Apps. Cloud Integration. Continuous Delivery, Powered by Jenkins. …on-premise, in the cloud or anywhere in-between.

Continuous Delivery, Powered by Jenkins

With CloudBees, it’s your choice. Our Continuous Delivery Platform is powered by Jenkins, the world’s leading open source continuous integration tool. Looking for a more robust Jenkins - one that can handle complex environments? Check out CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (and download the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise ebook, to the right)Need to bring order to chaos and centrally manage “Jenkins Sprawl”? Check out CloudBees Jenkins Operations CenterWant to spend more time delivering applications and less time managing IT infrastructure? Learn more about our offerings. Slyncy - Pricing. Link your systems. Pentaho Community. Forums and JIRA There are two primary ways to make sure that your contributions are recognized and reviewed in a timely fashion: through our Discussion Forums and through our issue and bug tracking system, JIRA.

Pentaho Community

Reporting a bug All bug reports are recorded and tracked through our JIRA issue and bug tracking system. Internationalized contributions The place to start with a language specific contribution is to look under our International Forums for the language you're interested in. Contributing code We rely on time and code contributions from our community to keep our commitment of delivering a quality Business Intelligence platform in the open source scenario. Metadata Business intelligence, Metadata Management Tools. Explore QlikView QlikView Expressor Download ExpressorFree Governance Dashboard Related Resources See All QlikView Expressor is metadata management “the QlikView way” — a disruptive approach to data management.

Metadata Business intelligence, Metadata Management Tools

Discipline at the Core, Flexibility to the Edges QlikView Expressor gives IT a holistic view of how and where data is used across the QlikView environment. Speedy and Efficient Enterprise Deployment Metadata management is critical for large QlikView deployments. CloverETL Rapid Data Integration. Cloud Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) for the Enterprise. We Wired Web. The best apps. Better together. - Zapier. CloudHQ for Google Apps - cloudHQ. Integration Platform as a Service. - For People and Robots. Cloud Business App Integrations - CloudWork. Automate your Dropbox. Cozy, a personal cloud you can host, customize and fully control.

Cloud Backup and Cloud Storage Management Solutions. CloudBerry Lab. Data Integrator. IBM – Enterprise Hadoop – United States. Hadoop for the Enterprise Mobile navigation Hadoop Hadoop for the Enterprise Primary tab navigation Enterprise Grade Hadoop IBM® BigInsights for Apache™ Hadoop® collects and economically stores a very large set of highly variable data.

IBM – Enterprise Hadoop – United States

What is Hadoop? Read the TDWI Best Practices Report: Hadoop for the Enterprise IBM brings Hadoop to the enterprise with BigInsights IBM BigInsights for Apache Hadoop provides an open source platform and offers analytic and enterprise capabilities for Hadoop. Try IBM BigInsights now Learn more about IBM’s products for Hadoop What’s new IBM® BigInsights™ for Apache™ Hadoop® v4 supports data science teams and business analysts with: Deeper insight via advanced analytics including text and geospatialAutomated prediction via machine learning algorithms in REnhanced text analytics that can infer context and relationships from text Learn more about IBM’s products for Hadoop The Open Data Platform Learn more about The Open Data Platform It’s based on open standards.

Logi Vision Visual Analytics Tool. OneSaas. Get your business apps talking & sharing data. Apatar - Open Source Data Integration & ETL - Apatar - Open Source Data Integration & ETL. Sage Integration Software - Zynk. Open Source Integration Software for the Enterprise. Talend. On-Premise & Cloud Integration Made Easy. Cloud data integration and backup services - Skyvia. Pipes: Rewire the web. Pipes: Rewire the web.