Exadata | Database | Oracle Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4-2 The Oracle Exadata Database Machine X4-2 ccomes in eighth, quarter, half, and full rack configurations to meet varying application requirements and to enable you to easily scale as your requirements change. The Full rack comes complete with eight 2-socket database servers, 14 Oracle Exadata Storage Servers, InfiniBand switches and more than 44 terabytes of Exadata Smart Flash Cache to support extremely fast transaction response times and high throughput. Exadata | Database | Oracle
NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator The SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator is a new approach for boosting SAP NetWeaver BW performance based on SAP's search and classification engine, and on specially configured hardware. SAP NetWeaver BW customers adopting the SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator can expect radical improvements in query performance through sophisticated in-memory data compression and horizontal and vertical data partitioning, with near zero administrative overhead. Explore SAP NetWeaver BW Accelerator on SAP.com. NetWeaver Business Warehouse Accelerator
SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse Capabilities Built for Big Data with PolyBase PolyBase provides a fundamental breakthrough in data processing by enabling integration between traditional data warehouses and “Big Data” deployments. Standard SQL queries (instead of MapReduce) to access and join Hadoop data with relational dataQuery Hadoop data without IT having to pre-load data first into the warehouseNative Microsoft business intelligence integration allowing analysis of relational and non-relational data with familiar tools like ExcelRead the SQL Server 2012 PDW Solution Brief Next-generation performance at scale
JavaScript support is required for a full-featured experience on the Teradata website. Teradata financial services solutions allow you to know more and do more. Win big through greatermarketing efficiency, reduced attrition, and customer engagement. Learn More Verizon Wireless knows their 100M customers – with Unified Data Architecture Learn how richer interaction data gives actionable business insights. Data Appliance, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence –Teradata Data Appliance, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence –Teradata
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