med stu -- Internet Journal of Emerging Medical Technologies Plastic Substrate X-Ray Detector to Lighten, Toughen Radiological Equipment X-ray detectors used in medicine have a glass core that makes them fragile, heavy, and unwieldy. The future is looking lighter for X-ray detectors thanks to researchers at Holst Centre in The Netherlands, imec in Belgium, and Philips who have been working on a medical quality detector that uses a plastic substrate. -- Internet Journal of Emerging Medical Technologies

If you walk down a New York City street today, you're less likely to see the young set strolling with a soda than in 2008. In a survey by the city's Health Department, New Yorkers ages 18 to 24 who reported sipping daily on a sugar-filled drink dropped from 58 to 48 percent in two years [source: Lisberg]. Considering that in 2008, many of these New Yorkers were adolescents, this is hopeful news when it comes to the childhood obesity battle -- a fight in which calorie-heavy beverages aren't an ally. Take two more examples. Childhood Obesity" Childhood Obesity"
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