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emergency compliment : A steady supply of Emergency Compliments to be used at times of great insecurity.
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Mod Podge Rocks — Mod Podge Crafts and DIY DIY vintage wood travel games Leave a Comment I had a very entertaining childhood. Mod Podge Rocks — Mod Podge Crafts and DIY
Recycled Denim Coaster Recycled Denim Coaster Posted on May 16, 2010 Got some old jeans? Well how about recycling the hems into some cool coasters.
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Weener Kleener Soap ThisWeener Kleener Soap cleans the body but dirties the mind! You'll be sho (more...) Pea Pod Ice Mold Make Giant Ice Balls in your home freezer. Mother nature provided the perfe (more...) Zombie Horse Mask Realistically rotten-looking latex horse mask with faux fur mane. Funny, goofy, wacky stuff and gift shop online. Funny, goofy, wacky stuff and gift shop online.
Vintage Sewing Reference Library, Inc. offers free online access to public domain sewing books. Learn more about us. If you are interested, there are a number of ways you can support this site. If you would like to be notified when new works are added to, please sign up for our notification list. What's New? Search
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I really have a thing for lamps. I roam thrift stores admiring them— the weirder, the better — and pause on catalog pages with cool fixtures. Today I'm happy to share a guest tutorial on how to make your own industrial-style floor lamp out of pipes. Set this baby in front of your exposed brick wall and sip a craft cocktail while you admire your handiwork. You built a lamp! How About Orange How About Orange
New Clever Products and Tips New Clever Products and Tips It’s hard to imagine what people (oops, I almost said ladies) take with them on a short business trip. Their luggage looks like they plan to travel around a continent for the next six months. A real vacation luggage assembly, in its turn, makes you consider calling the movers instead of the taxi company. A golden tip that I read long ago goes as follows: Place everything that you want to pack on the floor next to your luggage.
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Pin-up art from The Pin-up Files - pin-up girl & glamour archive The Pin-up Files aspires to actively encourage talent within the pin-up world, provide inspiration for lovers of pin-up style and be the coolest hot resource online! PORTALArtist Galleries A to D 23 artistsvintage & contemporaryPORTALArtist Galleries E to M 25 artistsvintage & contemporaryPORTALArtist Galleries N to Z 23 artistsvintage & contemporaryPORTALPhotographer Galleries 16 photographerscontemporary The Pin-up Files is clear and easy to use with no need to register and no fees. To experience the sheer range and diversity of the pin-up genre you’ve come to the right place. Pin-up art from The Pin-up Files - pin-up girl & glamour archive
everystockphoto - searching free photos everystockphoto - searching free photos Major Performance Upgrade 10.19.11 One of the ongoing challenges we have been facing is slow response time for uncached queries. This has been due mainly to trying to sort the results we send back, which often number in the many tens of thousands or more.
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