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Insurance Administrative Services. Asia Medical Assistance carries out insurance administrative services for companies as a third party claims administrator, handling health insurance claims and more.

Insurance Administrative Services

Managing a health program requires a deep and extensive knowledge to ensure and monitor that the schemes are being conducted in the right clinical and financial manner. With decades of experience and knowledge in the insurance field, the administrative professionals of Asia Medical Assistance deliver top-class insurance administrative services. Travel Risk Management Companies. The intelligence-driven Travel Risk Management Solutions provide a global overview of possible travel risks to your employees or staff travelling to high risk places.

Travel Risk Management Companies

Based on relevant and updated data, travel vulnerabilities can been timely exposed, allowing you to ensure the safety of your staff, maintaining productivity, reducing operational risks and securing the company reputation. The travels to high risk areas are assessed and possible mitigation steps are recommended by the travel risk management companies. Asia Medical Assistance provides Travel Risk Management Solutions to companies to help them contact and protect their employees in the face of possible disasters. Early warnings can be given after assessing geographical, health, political and social conditions of their destinations.

Your employees are given access to 24/7 risk information and travel related advice. Medical Assistance Services. Travel insurance We at AMA understand this need and are there to see how we can help each other fulfill our needs.

Medical Assistance Services

AMA not only could act as a service provider but also a partner in saving unnecessary costs which could have incurred directly by your members or by the services availed. Health insurance Guarantee of Payment In AMA we offer Guarantee of Payment along with cost containment solutions to travel and expat health insurance companies worldwide. International Health and Medical Services. Holidays For Dialysis Patients International. Airline Travel Insurance. Onsite Medical & Health Clinics. With a rich experience of more than 35 years, Asia Medical Assistance provides extensive services, globally as well as locally, ranging from remote medical services, insurance solutions as well as security services.

Onsite Medical & Health Clinics

AMA is committed to giving top class assistance services to its large clientele, belonging from different countries and backgrounds. The onsite medical services are one of the many other assistance services that we provide to companies and employers, giving them a better way to ensure the proper health and wellness of their employees. With all the resources available- in the form of trained personnel as well as equipments, Asia Medical Assistance can set up onsite medical clinics in or near your workplace, giving your staff the assurance of prompt medical aid. With the help of onsite health clinics, employers can ensure that no time is lost in giving your employees access to emergency medical services, in case of work-injuries or other problems. Medical Travel Assistance. International Health and Medical Services. Insurance Claims Management Software.

Roadside Assistance Software. Insurance Software Company. Airline Kiosk. Post Office Self Service Kiosk. Post Office Self Service Kiosk, Save time and post your letters and parcels at an in branch of post office self service kiosk.

Post Office Self Service Kiosk

From posting parcels to buying stamps and packaging, it's the same reliable service, but quicker. Key advantages of post office self service kiosk Esteem for cash: a quicker benefit at no additional expense On-screen help and staffs close nearby: controlling you through every simple step for the assistance with self service kiosk post office A decision of postage: from important and earnest things to conveyances that need a signature to both UK and worldwide goals How post office kiosk functions Before you pop, under control which extensions offer the administration here.

Posting assets or money via post office self service kiosk? The recompense accessible is £20 for first and second class things, and £50 for any Royal Mail Signed For things. Self Service Kiosk Airport. Telecom Kiosks Manufacturer. Kiosk Information Systems. Online Hotel Reservation System Software. Hotel Reservation Software The Hotel Reservation Software helps convert the online visits into bookings and in generating higher revenues on every booking that is done.

Online Hotel Reservation System Software

The online hotel reservation system delivered by MedinyX, not only efficiently increases your booking rates but is also based on the latest software technology, giving you unmatched results and revenue. With added functionality and being easy to use, the hotel reservation system software by MedinyX marks a place for itself among some of the best hotel reservation software. Some of the key features of the hotel reservation system include: Best Hotel Management Software. The MedinyX hotel management system helps you as a standalone property, boutique hotel, or multi-chain property to take in direct bookings and payments.

Best Hotel Management Software

With its advance reservation calendar, you can manage all Hotel Booking Tasks through the online hotel management system. Online Presence Reporting Booking & Check In Service Appraisals Measurements Payment Standard Guest Management The online hotel management system is useful in converting a maximum of visits into actual bookings and in turn generating higher incomes on every booking. The hotel management system, unlike other hotel software, provides comprehensive as well as sophisticated platform to manage the numerous properties or hotels that hoteliers possess. Moving Inventory Management Group Billings Guest Booking Management Loyalty Program Room Management Invoicing By using hotel software by MedinyX, you don't just manage your various properties, but guests too; ensuring them a pleasurable experience at your hotel.

Online Hotel Booking Engine. Medical Claims Processing Software. Hedge Fund Portfolio Management Software - MedinyX. Health Insurance Software Companies. Software For Insurance Companies. Dialysis Vacation Packages.