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Turning Targets to Sales-Ready Leads with a 50% Shorter Lead Nurturing Cycle - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia. Callbox Multi-touch Multi-Channel Approach: Turning Targets to Sales-Ready Leads With a 50% Shorter Lead Nurturing Cycle A Callbox Multi-touch Multi-channel Campaign is essentially a Comprehensive Marketing Funnel designed to unearth opportunities from an initial list of prospects compiled from basic target demographics, and deliver them to a client as qualified, pitch-ready, warmed-up sales leads. The Callbox method combines the efficacy of highly-personalized traditional marketing communication with the intelligent efficiency of automation.

In our years of experience, we have found that touches via phone and email remain to be most effective at establishing connections in the B2B world. This case study traces the success of a B2B client from effective utilization of Callbox’s Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing technology. Client Profile The client was the North America marketing manager for a software company specializing in SAP enterprise software solutions and business intelligence.

Callbox Packs Webinars for Software Company - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia. The Client This Ontario company is a top provider of Managed Services and Remote Monitoring software for small and medium-sized IT solutions providers worldwide. It has won several major awards and established itself as a leader in market adoption, product innovation, and commitment to the success of its partners. The Challenge The Client needed a marketing partner to: Promote its services and drive registrations to its weekly webinars.Generate qualified leads to support its in-house sales team. Generating a minimum of 30 webinar registrations per day required hundreds of calls and became challenging for Client’s in-house staff. Deciding to outsource for the first time, the Client chose Callbox for its extensive experience in B2B telemarketing. The Callbox Solution The Client approved a call-to-invite campaign in June 2010 with a team of eight Callbox telemarketers.

The Results The Testimonials “I have been working with the Callbox team for over 12 months. I would highly recommend this team.” Measuring the Most Important Social Media Metrics for Effective Lead Generation. By the time you decide to delve more into digital marketing, you will be able to tweak your social media campaign for a more effective with your lead generation and appointment setting. Until then, you will have to identify the best solutions for engaging your target audience via platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn. Now, experienced marketers would suggest implementing a marketing automation software system. Others on the other hand are more pragmatic, experimenting with content mixes to determine which is the most capable of generating high profile leads for sales to pursue.

But regardless of the courses of action to take, it is still essential to gauge certain metrics, since social media relies heavily on numbers to determine its efficiency. Apparently, they are crucial in identifying weaknesses and loopholes in a lead generation campaign, so it would be expedient to focus your attention on these metrics. You can then rest assured your numbers will always be in the green. Hospitality - B2B Lead Generation Australia. Hospitality Callbox conducts targeted telemarketing campaigns to deliver high-converting leads for sectors of the hospitality industry: Travel and Tourism AirlinesTrainsCruise linesTravel agenciesTour operatorsAmusement parksEvent planners Accommodations ResortsHotelsBed and BreakfastsServiced ApartmentsCampgrounds We design cost efficient lead generation solutions to free up precious time for marketing and customer acquisition, and cut down advertising costs.

Dial 888.810.7464 to speak with a Callbox representative. The Most Neglected Problems in B2B Appointment Setting. It is often stipulated that businesses in the B2B industry can never live without appointment setting activities. Fact is most sales engagements depend on proper techniques in meeting decision makers. Once you apply the correct approaches, you might find yourself a step closer towards gaining a closed deal. But another fact remains: finding the right formula for setting appointments seems like finding a needle in a haystack. The same problems can be found in looking for a B2B lead generation strategy that suits your objectives. It is a tedious process that eats up a lot of time and money. And for many B2B enterprises, it is the most important problem to resolve in appointment setting. It is obvious that companies are focusing their resources on concocting a harmonized marketing and sales plan that promises a good influx of sales-ready prospects and ROI.

Finding the right strategy is impossible until you acknowledge the fact that there are other problems at play. Bored Email Subscribers- Breathe life into your email marketing campaign. It only takes one uninteresting message for your subscribers to mentally tag your emails as boring. That’s why every email is important – it should be able to maintain a high level of relevance and interest for them to keep opening your future emails. But yes, a decline in open rates is almost inevitable, especially when you’ve been catering to the same people for a long time. In these cases, you need to revitalize your readers’ interest and find new ways to make the online relationship ‘fresh’. Here are some of the things you can do to lift the boredom curse from your email subscribers: Let them tell you what’s wrong Something is definitely amiss.

It’s for you to find out what that is. What exactly do they want to receive from you? Make minor tweaks on appearance and presentation It wouldn’t hurt to test a few new templates – actually, a decline in interest is the best reason why you should do it. Make it extra-personalized for the chosen few Don’t forget to go mobile. B2B Lead Generation: Deliver to Delight vs. Dispense. What’s the difference between a good business and a great business?

Well, a good business is one that makes a profit and is likely to endure the challenges of time and competition. Meanwhile, a great business goes beyond selling – it also aspires to be of service to its clients not only on a transactional level, but on an emotional level as well. People who support your business want your products or services, but they also want your concern. In exchange for their loyalty, they want to feel that their happiness is always your priority rather than just making money. Delivering to dispense: Doing business without a heart Of course, nothing is wrong with generating profit. Sadly, there are businesses that do just that. Why? For a business that lasts, deliver to delight What is it that you want people to think of when they hear your business brand or see it online? Focus your lead generation efforts based on making sure that customers get what they want.

How to Foster Commitments that can Improve Appointment Setting. Every B2B partnership entails long-lasting implications. From lead generation to appointment setting, each component that fosters such bonds promise a steady stream of consumer demands as well as revenue. The last thing a company wants in this respect is a weak relationship. Parting from high profile B2B leads at the earliest phases of direct engagement is heartbreaking as much as it is devastating to one’s image among potential prospects. Without nurturing your prospects, you will obviously fall far from achieving conversion goals. Other than that, it strikes a very hard and demoralizing blow right in the heart of your lead generation campaign. You might as well consider a total revamp of your appointment setting strategy, but this will only involve a lot of time and resources just to attain the most appropriate of plan. Thus, B2B marketers should exert extra effort in building adamant relationships with their B2B leads.

Aim for better appointments, not conversions. Underperforming Lead Generation? Here are the Suspects. Ensuring consistent gains in your B2B lead generation also means identifying certain scenarios that raise a red flag on your marketing efforts. For Louis Foong, CEO of the ALTEA Group Incorporated, the main reasons for a failing lead generation strategy are as follows: WEAK DEMAND GENERATION STRATEGY: If your demand generation strategy is on a shaky foundation, you have a host of problems on hand.

Common issues include not following a regular list hygiene process, missing solid account mapping and lead scoring metrics, not being in touch with the dynamics of your market and not fully comprehending the issues your customers find most challenging. What can you do to ensure your strategy is well-defined and strategically aligned to deliver on your lead generation goals?

YOU HAVE NOT MAPPED THE B2B BUYING PROCESS: B2B procurement is not a simple process. TOO MANY WALLS: Marketing is tossing ‘qualified’ leads over the wall to Sales. TOO MUCH CONTENT: Is there such a thing? Callbox and the Quartered Success of The File Transfer Expert. The Client Industry: File Transfer Appliance Location: Singapore Headquarters: Germany A group of file transfer software experts from Germany founded this File Transfer Appliance Company in 1996 which later spanned to France and Singapore in 2007. The company stands on a mission to offer the latest Hardware Technologies coupled with the leading Software Solutions as “Plug-and-Play” appliances designed for security problems and compliance tasks. Target Criteria Location: Singapore & Malaysia Industries: Oil & Gas, Architecture firms, Precision Engineering firms, Property Developers, Advertising Media or Graphic Design Houses, Large Manufacturing companies, Government-linked companies, Lawyers, Health, Pharmaceutical companies, and Building and Construction.

Annual Turnover: More than SG$ 2 Million Employee Size: More than 20 Target Contacts: Directors, Business Owners, IT Managers, Person in Charge of IT Campaign Type : Lead Generation Summary The initial campaign production delivered 19 leads. Integrated Campaign for UK's Leading Workflow Automation Solution - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia. The Client The Client is a leading provider of enterprise workflow applications software and automation solutions that help increase efficiency and simplify business processes through process-driven applications. Based in London, UK, the Client serves a stable of more than 1500 corporate clients in 40 countries, with over 1 million users worldwide.

The Challenge The Client was seeking to drive attendees to its Microsoft SharePoint Seminar in London. Its immediate goal was to produce high quality sign-ups. The Callbox Solution Callbox had an excellent campaign with the Client’s main branch in the US, and was recommended by the latter to its UK branch. With two weeks left in the project, Callbox proposed an integrated two-phase campaign to make a shift from event invitation to lead generation marketing to which the client agreed. Throughout the campaign, Callbox communicated regularly with the Client through PipelineCRM, which allowed the Client to monitor campaign progress in real-time. What to Expect when you Outsource your B2B Lead Generation Processes.

Keeping in mind that ROI maximization is an important marketing goal, businesses are opting for better ways to streamline basic B2B processes like lead generation. There are tons of strategies that offer diverse advantages along the lines of acquiring high profile B2B leads. And it is just a matter of knowing which strategy serves your campaign best. But making a decision in this aspect is complicated if not financially exhausting. You will have to step up your market research initiatives and set up automated marketing systems. Tracking prospects as they progress through your sales pipeline is a staple in efficient lead nurturing; still, you will have to make hefty investments. But automation isn’t really enough. B2B outsourcing, contrary to some, still professes a high level of discipline and professionalism in whatever industry it is employed. Lesser responsibilities. There is always a constant need of balancing your company’s priorities.

Issues on reliability. Continuity. Qualities of a Competent B2B Lead Generation Outsourcing Firm. Confident B2B businesses are more than willing to spend on anything that provides optimum advantages. Typically, they exhaust a great deal of their marketing budget on such aspects as social media and branding. However, lead generation continues to be a complex challenge. Production of qualified sales prospects often causes massive headaches and unnecessary expenses. That is if lead management is handled sloppily. Although in-house lead generation services have their own advantages, they entail additional costs and time for personnel nurturing. But this leads to yet another challenge: Choosing the perfect firm for the job.

Here is a simple list of qualities and proficiencies that can help filter out the competent from the not so competent. Multi-channel capabilities. Accurate. Persistent. Transparent. Outsourcing B2B lead nurturing and generation is a cost-efficient way to drive up revenue. Rock Solid Leads for AU and NZ’s Top Technology Consulting Firm - B2B Lead Generation Company Malaysia. The Client The Client is the largest independent Oracle, PeopleSoft and JD Edwards consulting organization in Australia and New Zealand as well as the largest Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and Microsoft SQL Server support organization in Australia and New Zealand. The Client is a specialized technology consulting organization focused on building and supporting long-term relationships with enterprise and government customers. The Client is an Oracle Certified Advantage Partner, the highest level of partnership with Oracle, only achieved by a few companies globally. They provide a complete service continuum of Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and SQL Server including: sales, planning, design, implementation, project management and support.

Their offices are based in Australia and New Zealand and their support centre services a large diverse client-base located across five countries. The Challenges The Callbox Solution The Results. How to Revive a Lead Gen Campaign Gone Dormant After the Lean Season. No matter how good your business is, it will experience a slow season for one reason or another. Most businesses go through some of a dry spell – a time of year when sales drop off. It may be because of the weather, or a really bad economy, or in the case of B2B companies, a month or a season with lots of holidays.

Whatever the reason, no business is exempt from this dreaded event, and certainly no businessman looks forward to the dip in revenue. There’s a silver lining to this. The methods you would use to generate sales during your peak season are probably going to be markedly different from those which you would employ in the slower part of the year. As is always the case, knowing the problem is half the solution. Taking a New Approach During the period when sales are down, it doesn’t mean that your customers just ceased to exist—they are still out there, and are likely planning their future purchases.

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