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Agastya (Remote Mobile Access) Find your lost, stolen, or misplaced phone with the original device recovery app for Android.

Agastya (Remote Mobile Access)

Find My Phone is an important security app that you want to have on your phone, as it provides a means of recovering a lost or stolen device. Note that is not an anti-virus app; we focus on one task - device recovery and finding your phone - and do it well. "Best security and Find My Phone app for your Android! ". New York Times openly admits mainstream media stories are scripted by the White House. Get back stuff you lose. Return stuff you find. Find the best tools for your website. Jawbone UP is Back and Better Than Ever…We Hope (video. There is no shortage of pedometers.

Jawbone UP is Back and Better Than Ever…We Hope (video

Case in point Nike’s Fuelband, the Fitbits (most recently the Zip and One), and now, back from the dead no less, is Jawbone’s UP. If you recall, the UP emerged last year, but was quickly scrapped due to lets say less than stellar build quality – they were falling apart according to users. Jawbone quickly responded by issuing a refund to customers without the hastle and hoopla of having to return it. Smart, because if they had it could have turned into an even worse PR nightmare. Nevertheless, Jawbone (parent company Aliph) went back to the drawing board and now promises that the new Jawbone UP is designed to withstand the rigors of every day use and hopefully then some.

The Jawbone UP actually isn’t that dissimilar to that of Fitbit’s latest flagship offering the Fitbit One (we’re currently testing one). New Apps in the AppStore. Blocky Bro - Virtual MC Skeleton Edition by LumiSys Kft.

New Apps in the AppStore

Released: Tue April 15th, 2014 $0.99 - Entertainment $0.99 Rainforest Solitaire by Platon Butko Released: Tue April 15th, 2014 $0.99 - Games $0.99 Flashcards - English, Chinese, Spanish by Darren Gates Released: Tue April 15th, 2014 $0.99 - Travel $0.99 Flashcards - English, Arabic, German by Darren Gates Released: Tue April 15th, 2014 $0.99 - Education $0.99 Cancer Images by Darren Gates Released: Tue April 15th, 2014 $0.99 - Medical $0.99 Basketball Drop Pro by Klick Ink L.P. Released: Tue April 15th, 2014 $0.99 - Games $0.99 Evo-Evo by Aleksandr Batsuev Released: Tue April 15th, 2014 $1.99 - Games $1.99 Math Freak! The Best Hacking Tutorial Sites - Learn Legal Hacking.

Written by: Daniel Robson•edited by: Aaron R.

The Best Hacking Tutorial Sites - Learn Legal Hacking

•updated: 2/13/2011 Whether it's to understand potential attack vectors or simply for the fun of it, learning the basics of hacking is something that a lot of people aspire to. Here's our list of the top tutorial based hacking sites. Introduction Films like Swordfish and Hackers have made hacking seem cool, a lifestyle choice almost. Easily Manage Your Email Subscriptions In Gmail. The quest for ending email overload starts with removing all of your unwanted subscriptions that you have mindlessly added before. Easily Manage Your Email Subscriptions In Gmail

Although Gmail’s filters are a good way to block subscriptions, the best approach is to manage each subscription and remove them altogether. For this specific need, you should check out This app scans your emails, detects your subscriptions, then lets you manage and delete them. Using this service is a breeze as all you need is your email account to get started.’s core function lets you convert your email subscriptions into threads.

Mass Unsubscribe From Nuisance Email Newsletters With Unsubscribr. Free Online Video Ripper - rip YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Break etc and local videos to MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MP3 etc. Flame: The Skype-Sniffing, Bluetooth-Enabled Super Spy Tool Is A Harbinger. The news from cybersecurity researchers this Memorial Day sounded like a plot device from a science fiction movie.

Flame: The Skype-Sniffing, Bluetooth-Enabled Super Spy Tool Is A Harbinger

A hyper-secret surveillance program laid dormant on computers around the world for years, secretly turning on microphones, taking screenshots, copying files, recording keystrokes, fiddling with Bluetooth, and sending all the information off to unknown parties. Following an investigation request by the United Nations' International Telecommunications Union, the discovery of Flame--the world's most sophisticated known weapon of cyberwar--was made public. Many of the infected computers belonged to deliberately targeted home users; the exquisitely crafted software escaped evasion by the world's best antivirus software suites for years.

According to Alexander Gostev of Kaspersky Labs, one of the first experts to investigate Flame, the product “[sniffs] the network traffic, taking screenshots, recording audio conversations, intercepting the keyboard, and so on. PayPal Wants to Limit Your Legal Rights Against Them, Here's a Way Around That. Clearly, the solution is not to opt-out of the new clause—but to entirely move away from Paypal as you don't like them for a variety of reasons.

PayPal Wants to Limit Your Legal Rights Against Them, Here's a Way Around That

That's cool, you can dislike whoever you want—free country and all that. I have used—at your suggestion which you wrote on this site, mind you—Dwolla in the past, and aside from the initial sign up it went swimmingly. .25 to send $500 instantly across the country? Sounds delightful! How Do Computers Talk to Each Other on the Internet? TCP/IP is a set of communications protocols that allow computers to communicate on the Internet.

How Do Computers Talk to Each Other on the Internet?

Its name refers to the two most important protocols in the suite — the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP). TCP/IP specifies how devices connect to the Internet and how data transmits between those devices. TCP/IP was originally developed by Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn, while under contract at the U.S.

Department of Defense. Document Extractor - Combi Monitor, Screen & Printer by Byeong Min Choe. Print That Screen, Literally!

Document Extractor - Combi Monitor, Screen & Printer by Byeong Min Choe

Document Extractor – Combi Monitor is a screen that doubles up as a printer as well. Sophie - iPhone Dock with Photograph Printer by Mac Funamizu. The iQ Alarm Clock by Oliver Sha. Morning Brain Teasers Dare to get the iQ Alarm clock only if you’re smarter than a fifth grader.

The iQ Alarm Clock by Oliver Sha

The clock has no snooze button so instead, challenges you with brain teasers to shut the damn thing off! Smartphone Booklet by Ilshat Garipov. Not a Pamphlet, It’s a Smartphone Clutch your pearls because I’m about to say something amazing – nanoparticles! Yes these tiny, near invisible objects can revolutionize the bio medical, optical and electronic fields so designer Ilshat Garipov put pen to paper and came up with the Smartphone Booklet – a disposable phone as thin as a cardboard made possible by switching from traditional silicon to nanoparticles. HTC HDD Cell Phone With Multi OS by Antoine Brieux. The Surreal HTC! Sometimes it may be wise to live in the surreal world, where gadgets and gizmos do you biding, doesn’t matter if tech support is available or not.

This theory applies mainly to cell phones, and here is this HDD Cell Phone with Multi OS, just for your fancy! It supports more than one operating systems through the unique “smart software” platform. This means you can choose your OS, get bored with and then hook up to the software and choose another! Details like contacts, photos etc, get saved and are automatically transferred to the new platform. Alto Sewing Machine by Sarah Dickins. Accessories MP3 Player by Lee Won-jun. Cellphone Inspired By Chinese Scrolls.

Why SociallyActive? - - SociallyActive. Fighting Hackers: Everything You've Been Told About Passwords Is Wrong. Security is not just about strong encryption, good anti-virus software, or techniques like two-factor authentication. Online Hash Cracker. OclHashcat-plus - advanced password recovery. The Pirate Bay Heads to the Cloud. The Pirate Bay has a history of trying different methods of becoming more diffused.

They’ve dropped various ties to things like trackers in order to make it harder on law enforcement, and anyone else, to track anything even remotely involved with the website. Check if the ISP is Limiting your Internet Download Speed. If your connection speed reduces while watching Flash videos on YouTube or when downloading files from the Internet, your ISP could be the one to blame. You have a fairly good Internet connection at home and regular websites load pretty quickly in your browser. However, the speed seems to go down while you are watching videos on YouTube or are trying to download files through a torrent client. Glasnost: Test if your ISP is shaping your traffic. The goal of the Glasnost project is to make ISPs' traffic shaping policies transparent to their customers. To this end, we designed Glasnost tests that enable you to check whether traffic from your applications is being rate-limited (i.e., throttled) or blocked. Glasnost tests work by measuring and comparing the performance of different application flows between your host and our measurement servers.

Ask an Expert: All About Hacking and Other Crime. Download BootMed Plus 1.2. Already purchased a BootMed Plus membership? Create Your Own Photo E-books Using Pholium For The iPad. A Better Queue. Ninja Standing Desk by Dan McDonley. Pivot View of Netflix Instant Watch Movies. A standing desk for $22. Vacuum nossel picks up dog hair better! Add custom in-ear cushions to your Bose earbuds. Make your mouse comfier: add a rest for your pinky finger. Stop USB Flash drive lids from disappearing. Free software downloads and software reviews. Ten Must-Have Gmail Filters Available for Download.