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Apps to Support Creativity-Storytelling

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Online Educational Content. Book Creator Free on the App Store. The top 50 apps for creative minds. There’s an ongoing argument in the technology world about whether tablets and smartphones are more focused on consumption than creativity.

The top 50 apps for creative minds

As time has gone on, though, the number of apps helping us do more than passively read, watch and listen has grown. Many also fall into a longer heritage of technology that democratises activities like film-making, photography and music-making. Video and photography apps now contain editing features based on those used in professional software, but made accessible enough for anyone to use in a couple of taps, and music-making apps are reducing the barrier to making listenable sounds. The Best Group Writing Tool. Comic Master. Myths and Legends from E2BN. Story Creator - Easy Story Book Maker for Kids. StoryJumper: #1 rated site for making story books.

Tellagami on the App Store. Apps and Sites for Storytelling. All Products by Fotobabble, Inc. Storyline Online - Where Reading Is Fun! StoryBuilder Educator Review. How Can Teachers Use It?

StoryBuilder Educator Review

StoryBuilder can teach students about the basic steps for good storytelling as well as how to reply to questions in narrative form. Since the app doesn't provide feedback, practice may be most effective one-on-one with teachers tracking progress, at least until a student gets the gist of the exercise. You may want to share stories on StoryBuilder via email with a student's speech therapist and parents to demonstrate specific issues or evaluate and note progress.

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