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College Student Mental Health. Suicide & Depression Professionals approach issues of depression and suicide in a holistic, thorough, and in-depth manner.

College Student Mental Health

The following information comprises a suicide and depression awareness guide for students. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline offers 24/7 support with a toll-free number, online chat, and a robust social media presence. Contact Information Phone: (800) 273-8255 Online Chat: Yes Social Media Accounts: Facebook; Twitter One in five college students has reported feeling stressed, which includes suicidal thoughts. About one in five college students reported feeling so depressed over the last 12 months that they had difficulty functioning. Please visit our guide to access suicide prevention resource tools, along with suicide warning signs and in-depth commentary from experts.

Stress and Anxiety Because stress and anxiety can show up or become worse during an individual's college years, we’ve created a student guide to surviving stress and anxiety in college and beyond. Campus Conflict Resolution Resources Main Quad. Center for the Study of College Student Retention. The Collegiate Way: Residential Colleges and the Renewal of University Life. Home Page - UCEA: University Council for Educational Administration UCEA: University Council for Educational Administration. CO-STAR: Coalition for Student & Academic Rights, Student Rights, Academic Freedom.

Audiences - Campus Health and Safety. Alumni Alumni are an important constituency to consider in the effort to promote safe and healthy college campuses, as alumni can help – or hinder – prevention efforts through their actions.

Audiences - Campus Health and Safety

College Athletes With research suggesting that college athletes have increased rates of high-risk alcohol use and sexual violence than the general student population, a greater effort has been focused upon them in order to preserve and promote campus health and safety. Parents Parents of prospective and current college and university students are often concerned about issues of alcohol, other drugs, and campus safety.

Students Student involvement and leadership is a key component of successful campus prevention efforts. Press Campus health and safety issues are often featured in broadcast and print media. College and University Presidents College and University presidential leadership is critical to the success of campus and community prevention efforts. Faculty. EdTech Magazine. Higher Education Archives - Blackboard Blog. Survey Results: Higher Ed Leaders Say AI Can Improve the Student Experience Daniel Woodcock | June 11, 2020 Higher Education, IT Help Desk, Learning Analytics, Learning Management System (LMS), North America, Student Retention, Student Support Services 4 Tips for Virtual IT Support Success Daniel Woodcock | May 27, 2020 Higher Education, IT Help Desk, Learning Management System (LMS), North America, Student Support Services, Thought Leadership & Client Success Global Accessibility Awareness Day—Today and Every Day Blackboard | May 21, 2020.

Higher Education Archives - Blackboard Blog

Home - HIGHER ED CONNECTS. The School Superintendents Association. National Association of Elementary School Principals. Connected Principals – Sharing. Learning. Leading. Home - Learning Forward. National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators. 5 Strategic Tips for First-Year Administrators. Once a fourth-grade teacher, I recently began my work as an elementary assistant principal in another district.

5 Strategic Tips for First-Year Administrators

Based on my research and what I have experienced so far, I'd like to offer five ways for a rookie administrator to successfully navigate his or her new position. 1. Establishing Relationships Relationships come before everything. Like anyone else, teachers do not want to listen to someone who doesn't genuinely care about them. 2. Just as teachers should never forget what it's like to be a student, administrators should never forget what it's like to be a teacher.

I'm looking for examples of exemplary instruction so that we can take advantage of our expertise during teacher-led professional development. 3. Do less talking and more listening, but don't stop there. 4. Approach your job with the notion that everyone has something to contribute, because a valuable idea can come from absolutely anyone. 5. What tips do you have for first-year administrators? NASSP.

The Principal of Change. The Principal of Change, a blog by George Couros, needs to be at the top of every must-read list.

The Principal of Change

Couros, a former classroom teacher and principal, is pretty widely known in education circles following the publication of his best-selling book, The Innovator’s Mindset. He publishes multiple posts weekly and the content is relevant for anyone who is interested in improving education. One of my favorite Couros quotes is in reference to when people refer to a new educational resource a “game changer.” His response? Check out @eSN's #bloggerMonday pick of the week! “The ‘game changer’ is and always will be being open to new learning opportunities, doing something with them, and making that human connection to our learners.” Regular readers of his blog get to see countless first-hand examples of someone who shares their experience taking advantage of new learning opportunities In addition, his ability to connect with his readers is second to none. A Principal's Reflections.

School Leadership. Differentiated Kindergarten - Differentiated instruction in the classroom. Time 4 Kindergarten. I Love Kindergarten. The Kindergarten Smorgasboard. Simply Kinder - Kindergarten Teaching Blog. Home - The Kindergarten Connection. KindergartenWorks - Organize, Think, Teach Kindergarten – KindergartenWorks. Heidi Songs - Sing-Along Songs that Teach! Dr. Clements' Kindergarten. The Kinder Corner - Providing Free Resources for Busy Teachers.