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S Tweetup: The Photos  This is the first time I’m linking to party snapshots here at Technologizer, but I have a good excuse: On Tuesday night, we held our Technologizer’s Tweetup party at Nectar Wine Lounge and Restaurant in Burlingame, California. 120+ FoTs (Friends of Technologizer) showed up and seemed to have a very good time, as you can see in these photos.

s Tweetup: The Photos 

(Here are additional shots from partygoers Andrew Mager and Terry Chay.) Many thanks to everyone who stopped by, to my co-conspirators Marie Domingo and Elizabeth Olson, to the great staff at Nectar, and to our Tweetup sponsors: eHow, Speck Products, and TWTRCON. In answer to the night’s most frequently asked question: Yes, we plan to do this again. About Technologizer & Harry McCracken. I’m Harry McCracken, founder and editor of Technologizer.

About Technologizer & Harry McCracken

The site may be relatively new, but I’ve covered the technology beat for an absurdly long time. At this point, it looks like my life’s work–and I couldn’t have a happier, more fulfilling calling. I first used a PC–my dad’s TRS-80 Model I–almost exactly thirty years ago; I first went online, via 300-bps modem, in 1979. I think the first words about computers I wrote for publication were for my TRS-80 users’ group’s newsletter circa 1980; the first ones I got paid for were in the wonderful magazine Creative Computing in 1982.

In 1991, I started writing about technology full-time. 2008: I was named to the Folio: 40 list of media industry movers and shakers2008: I received ABM’s Timothy White award for editorial integrity2008: My Techlog columns received ABM’s Jesse H. Here’s an article from MIN Online about Technologizer which I really like (I can say that about an article that says nice things about me, right?). Harry-Go-Round. First, an apology: It’s taken far too long for me to shower praise on The Noble Approach: Maurice Noble and the Zen of Animation Design, by my friend Tod Polson.


It’s not just the best animation book of 2013; it’s among the most memorable ones on the subject, period. Back when I hung out with Maurice — from the early 1990s until a few days before his death in 2001 — he frequently talked about the book which he was going to write. He did provide notes behind which Tod drew on, but they weren’t anywhere near enough to complete the book. So Tod drew on his own deep knowledge of Maurice’s approach, which he learned as one of the young “Noble Boys” who worked with Maurice at Chuck Jones Productions and elsewhere in the 1990s. He also interviewed others who Noble mentored, and quotes extensively from interviews with Maurice (including, I’m honored to say, the one I did).

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