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How to Help Students Ask Better Questions by Creating a Culture of Inquiry. Student inquiry is at the heart of student choice. When students are able to ask their own questions, they can chase their curiosity and tap into their own interests. They can build on their prior knowledge and build a bridge to new information that they are analyzing. But how do we actually do this? Just click on the audio below to listen to this Creative Classroom podcast. You can also listen to it on the go by subscribing on iTunes (ideal for iPhone users) or Google Play and Stitcher (ideal for Android users) add here Students Should Chase Their Curiosity I want classrooms to be bastions of creativity and wonder.

About a year ago, I talked to a teacher-librarian named Glenn Warren. I find this tragic. My friend George Couros describes it this way, “If students leave school less curious than when they have started we have failed them.” In many respects, the system has failed our systems. How to Help Students Ask Better Questions We want to see kids asking tons of questions. 4 Characteristics Of Critical Digital Pedagogy.