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Pour les lions : Stop à la chasse aux trophées ! Le lion disparait d’Afrique à vitesse grand V avec une chute de 90% de sa population au cours des quatre dernières décennies.

Pour les lions : Stop à la chasse aux trophées !

Son habitat naturel est toujours plus détruit et fragmenté. Et les chasseurs de trophées continuent de tuer les animaux par milliers. Mobilisons-nous pour une meilleure protection du lion et de son habitat. Lettre Aux présidents de l’Afrique du Sud, de la Tanzanie, du Zimbabwe et de la Zambie. Save the Ocelot! Which Big Cat Are You?! - Wildlife Conservation Society.


Protect the Southwest's Jaguar Habitat. Saving Mongolia's Snow Leopards. NOTE: This is a guest post from Brad Rutherford, the Executive Director of the Snow Leopard Trust since 2000.

Saving Mongolia's Snow Leopards

He recently returned from a visit to the Snow Leopard Enterprises project in Mongolia. For generations snow leopards have been seen as an enemy by herders across the mountains of Mongolia. If a herder lost a sheep or a goat to a snow leopard, it caused an economic catastrophe for the family that reinforced a cycle of conflict between humans and this endangered big cat. This system made protecting snow leopards very difficult in the remote parts of Central Asia where snow leopards are found. However, this all started to change in 1998 when two researchers sat down with herders and really tried to understand the challenges facing these rural families who share the land with snow leopards.

But the idea really took off. Each fall, Snow Leopard Trust staff place an order for thousands of products to be made by the herders. Please help us to save the life of Leopard cats (Joho) in Miaoli, Taiwan. Mrs.

Please help us to save the life of Leopard cats (Joho) in Miaoli, Taiwan

Alison Waldron, United Kingdom Apr 29, 12:26 They are part of your world as you know it today, when they're gone you will not get them back send a green star Name not displayed, United Kingdom Apr 29, 12:25 Mr. Why Snow Leopards Need Help. NOTE: This is a guest post from Brad Rutherford.

Why Snow Leopards Need Help

He has been the executive director of the Snow Leopard Trust since 2000 and recently returned from a visit to the Snow Leopard Enterprises project in Mongolia. This blog post is in response to the comments left by the public following his September 22nd post. Thank you to everyone who posted a comment in response to my blog post on September 22nd. The photo we included by Jason Brown is one of my personal favorites, and I certainly do feel blessed to be able to work on behalf of such a gorgeous animal. Everyone posed great questions about snow leopards in general, and I want to take a moment to talk about why this cat is so important and provide some information on the snow leopards themselves.

Snow Leopards (Panthera uncia) are found in the mountains of 12 countries in Central Asia; Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. One last bit of exciting news. Video - Le léopard des neiges sous la menace du changement climatique. Une étude du WWF montre que le changement climatique menace directement le léopard des neiges au Népal. Si la croissance des émissions de gaz à effet de serre se maintient, 30% de son habitat naturel dans l'Himalaya pourraient être affectés par la remontée de la limite des arbres. Avez-vous déjà partagé cet article?

Partager sur Facebook Partager sur Twitter Le léopard ou panthère des neiges est un symbole. Au Népal, la population atteindrait seulement 500 félins. "Nous savons que les léopards des neiges s'aventurent rarement dans les aires boisées, et qu'il y a une limite d'altitude qu'ils ne franchissent pas. Une coopération transfrontalière indispensable. 1 million to ban the lion trade. 593,075 have signed.

1 million to ban the lion trade

Help us get to 1,500,000 Update: 31 October 2013 Amazing win! A South African court just ruled that the government violated our right to free speech when they tore down ads calling for the protection of South Africa’s lions -- and we’re all over the news. Let’s use this momentum to get our petition to 1 million and save the lions. Un million de signatures pour interdire le business du lion.

India acts to save Asiatic lion by moving it – but hard work has only just begun. Male and female Asiatic lions drink water in Gir Forest National Park, the threatened species' current habitat.

India acts to save Asiatic lion by moving it – but hard work has only just begun

Photograph: Nisarg Lakhmani/Corbis Wildlife is under threat in most of India, but there's one state that's clinging to its fauna, if rather too tightly. The state of Gujarat – whose Gir forest shelters the world's only Asiatic lion population – has lost a bitter battle over an ambitious translocation project. For over 18 years, conservationists have been attempting to move a pride of Gir lions to the Kuno sanctuary in the state of Madhya Pradesh. But the Gujarat government stubbornly refused to let the lions go. Finally, on 15 April, after eight years of litigation, the Supreme Court of India cleared the translocation of the lions, though it said an emphatic no to the cheetahs.

The Gujarat government, and Chief Minister Narendra Modi, have been arguing for years that the Gir lions are the "pride of the state".