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The TAPR Open Hardware License. The TAPR Open Hardware License is TAPR's contribution to the community of Open Hardware developers.

The TAPR Open Hardware License

TAPR grants permission for anyone to use the OHL as the license for their hardware project, provided only that it is used in unaltered form. Download the TAPR Open Hardware License: About the OHL The TAPR Open Hardware License ("OHL") provides a framework for hardware projects that is similar to the one used for Open Source software. This isn't as straight-forward as it seems because legal concepts that work well for software (such as copyright and copyleft) don't neatly fit when dealing with hardware products and the documentation used to create them.

Here is a description, taken from the OHL's Preamble, of how the Open Hardware License works and how to use it: Open Hardware is a thing - a physical artifact, either electrical or mechanical - whose design information is available to, and usable by, the public in a way that allows anyone to make, modify, distribute, and use that thing. Credits. CEVIPyme > Home.