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Victorian English

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View Folder  Before her pencil he sat rigid and unflinching, as he had faced the cannon's mouth in days gone by.

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He resented the intrusion of the children, who gaped with wondering eyes at him, sitting so stiff up there in their mother's bright atelier. When they drew near he motioned them away with an expressive action of the foot, loath to disturb the fixed lines of his countenance, his arms, or his rigid shoulders.[1] The image agrees with the general portrayal of Edna's father--a striking man but vain and cold. Although Edna initially enjoys the new adult sensation that "for the first time in her life she felt as if she were thoroughly acquainted" with her father and is only "amused" that "he kept her busy serving him and ministering to his wants" (p. 66), in time they argue over "her lack of filial kindness and respect" and she is glad to see him leave "with his padded shoulders, his Bible reading, his 'toddies' and ponderous oaths" (p. 68).

Discovery: Substantial related texts for Kate Chopin, The Awakening. HSC Area of Study: Discovery: June 2015. I tutor quite a few high school and university students, and they all seem to have a problem with the business of essay-writing.

HSC Area of Study: Discovery: June 2015

I've diagnosed a few different ways this problem presents itself:1. They don't understand the actual form of the essay. HSC Area of Study: Discovery: Substantial related texts for Kate Chopin, The Awakening. Women in the U.S. House of Representatives 2015. Women hold seats in the House of Representatives, comprising 19.3% of the 435 members in 2015.

Women in the U.S. House of Representatives 2015

The women represent 31 states; 62 are Democrats and 22 are Republicans. In addition to the 84 women currently serving, four (3D, 1R) women delegates also represent American Samoa, the District of Columbia, Guam and the Virgin Islands. Mind out of time: what Ibsen can tell us about today. In Cardiff last Thursday, 7 January, George Osborne warned of a “dangerous cocktail of new threats” to Britain’s prosperity.

Mind out of time: what Ibsen can tell us about today

These include collapsing global stock-market and commodity prices, weak growth in China and Latin America, stagnation in Europe and turbulence in the Middle East. Osborne was right to prepare us for “headwinds”. What he could not admit was that the fragility of the British recovery he now discerns – just two months after his triumphal Autumn Statement – is due, in no small measure, to his own austerity policies. The unpalatable truth is that austerity in the face of the private-sector collapse of 2008-2009 has weakened our ability to produce output.

Britain has been left overfinancialised, overborrowed and underinvested. PVM's Homepage. Introduction 'By marriage', according to Sir William Blackstone's Commentaries on the Laws of England (Oxford, 1765-69, 'the husband and wife are one person in law: that is, the very being or legal existence of the woman is suspended during her marriage, or at least is incorporated or consolidated into that of her husband, under whose wing, protection and cover, she performs everything.' This system of coverture underpinned the laws of Victorian England so far as they related to married women.

PVM's Homepage

In effect, a woman surrendered her legal existence on marriage. The various amendments to this position during the nineteenth century were piecemeal rather than systematic. Property. Women and Divorce in the Victorian Era. Women and Divorce in the Victorian Era “There's a sanctity in this relation of life," said Mr.

Women and Divorce in the Victorian Era

Bounderby, "and - and - it must be kept up. " --Hard Times, 73 Once married, only one in ten women divorced. --“Life for Women” For Victorians, divorce was not only extremely expensive, it was very hard to do. Divorce laws highlighted the unequal status of women to men through the unequal circumstances which divorce was granted. Under the law the married couple was seen as one entity, and naturally the husband represented this ‘entity’. Being poor Victorian couple, divorce just was not an option. Between 1889 and 1906, state legislatures, seeking to tighten their laws, greatly reduced the statutory grounds for divorce. Today's Divorce Rates: 40%- 50% Time Line of Divorce Laws * 1839: Infants and Child Custody Act: women were allowed take custody of their children under the age of seven if divorced or separated.

Historical Analysis: Women as the "the Sex" During the Victorian Era. Global Ibsen: Performing Multiple Modernities - Google Books. Chesterton v. Ibsen: On the Family & Divorce. Those ACS’ers who were part of our conversations on Heretics will recall Chesterton’s attention to a certain Henrik Ibsen.

Chesterton v. Ibsen: On the Family & Divorce

Below, a quote which resonates on a couple levels (emphasis mine): I came to the topic at hand thanks to a discussion on Ibsen on favorite blog of mine (a blog of the greatest type – those which concern themselves with ideas (not narcissism) and are moderated most carefully.) What it seems to distill down to is this: the affirmation of nihilism, versus the affirmation of life (i.e. love, commitment, virtue, marriage). This distinction, and Chesterton’s bold stance in the fight, is why I love our G.K. so. Victorian Ideals. Gender roles in the 19th century. Forbes Welcome. A Doll's House (Henrik Ibsen, 1879): Essential Questions. Essential Questions - chskendalleng. Unit Plan for Ibsen’s A Doll House Essential Goal: Students analyze major themes in Ibsen’s A Doll House in correlation to the playwright’s overarching message to individuals in the current society.

Essential Questions - chskendalleng

Essential Questions: 1. What makes us who we are? 2. 3. 4. 5. Essential Understandings: The environment that individuals inhabit plays a large role in who they become. The Nicki Minaj "Hey Mama" Lyrics Are Really Bumming Me Out As A Lifelong Member Of The Barbz. I am a devout worshiper at the alter of contemporary pop music, especially the music of Nicki Minaj.

The Nicki Minaj "Hey Mama" Lyrics Are Really Bumming Me Out As A Lifelong Member Of The Barbz

When I see tweets from my peers lamenting being in a situation wherein they must listen to a top-40 radio station, I become an animate embodiment of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Elitists may enjoy rolling their eyes at catchy hooks and tacky features, but I can't get enough. I like to take a break from being serious all the time and just do something relatively harmless. Intellectually, I recognize that plenty of the trappings of popular culture are far from harmless, from the problematic lyrical content to the questionable and oh-so-public behavior of some of pop's biggest stars, but for every Meghan Trainor song packed with sneaky body shaming, I can find an empowering ballad or badass singer to bop to. Thesis. A Doll's House - English 11: Identity and Truth in a Changing World.

A Doll's House - English 11: Identity and Truth in a Changing World.