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Interrupted Reading Interrupted reading is a close reading technique that consists of dividing a pas ... Sorry!

Interrupted Reading Interrupted reading is a close reading technique that consists of dividing a pas ...

This resource is only accessible to certain users at this time. We eventually show all the resources to all our users but most likely this one is being used on a research study that requires limiting access to particular users. Please contact our help desk if you believe that there is a mistake. From The Things They Carried by Tim O.docxFrom Cold Mountain.docxFrom An American Childhood by Annie Dillard.docx. Envision Schools Project Exchange. Goals Details Duration: 90 minutes Assessments: Student discussions Description The purpose of this activity is to help students start to figure out which questions can guide deeper thinking and research about the history of South Africa.

Envision Schools Project Exchange

Essential Questions. Examples of Essential Questions In schools, essential questions may offer the organizing focus for a single discussion, a month’s unit of study or a whole year’s exploration.

Essential Questions

Outside of school, of course, essential questions might challenge us for years. We may struggle with questions of a lifetime as well as questions of the day. We may have close and brief encounters with monumental issues or longstanding relationships with queries that dog us, defy us or delight us. We cannot nail down essential questions in simple time frames. In this section we will look at school examples that work well at four age levels:


Born of man and woman pdf. The Best English Teacher Resources. One of the things I love about working in education is the collaboration among teachers.

The Best English Teacher Resources

We work together to better serve our students. Below are many of the best English teacher resources (and any other kind of teacher!) I use to develop my teaching skills. Classroom Management ClassDojo — Help students evaluate and reflect on their own behavior with this online behavior management application. Community A to Z Teacher Stuff — This is a forum with teachers from across the continent sharing their expertise and resources. Lessons Teachers Pay Teachers — Tons of lessons plans and units on every subject imaginable from teachers across the the U.S.

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APT: Ethos, Pathos, Logos. Flipped classroom. Poetry. Case Studies. Case studies home. Perhaps in the nature of its subject matter, the English Subject Centre worked across the boundaries between the broadly thematic and the intensely local and detailed.

Case studies home

The collection of Case Studies archived here might be seen as a sort of pedagogic close reading. Colleagues who wrote up for the Subject Centre some aspect of their developing practice were doing more than clearing their own minds about teaching and how teaching might change in the future.


What to Teach and When to Teach it Structuring the AP Eng Lit Class. Create a lasting impression: #myseniorfootprint. March Madness Meets AP Lit. The Madness of March is coming through!

March Madness Meets AP Lit

You can feel the frenzy of Cinderella stories and brackets busting. The Big Dance. The Road to the Final Four. Ap english literature and composition crash course. AP English Lit & Composition Ms Hogue. Log In. Voices Education Project. Painting of Emily Dickinson by William Rock and Calligraphy by Huang Xiang Emily Dickinson grew up in a prominent and prosperous household in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Voices Education Project

Along with her younger sister Lavinia and older brother Austin, she experienced a quiet and reserved family life headed by her father Edward Dickinson. 5 Works of Art to Teach Critical Thinking. With the emphasis on high rigor in today’s class, the English class sometimes becomes repetitive.

5 Works of Art to Teach Critical Thinking

Reading, writing, and discussion are the staple of a successful class, and these must be done. Art, however, is one of the most underutilized resources in today’s AP class. The Roman poet Horace claimed, “A picture is a poem without words” meaning art and written word are different mediums of expression. Art offers students a break from written words while continuing to develop the same skill set needed to be successful readers through challenging students to think both critically and analytically. 5 Non Fiction Articles to Pair with Classic High School Novels - Talks with Teachers. Are you searching for new ways to inject some life into the teaching of your novels?

5 Non Fiction Articles to Pair with Classic High School Novels - Talks with Teachers

Have the staples of your curriculum grown stale? 8 Google Docs Tips You May Not Have Known About. Like many web professionals, I use Google Docs every day to create and share information.

8 Google Docs Tips You May Not Have Known About

It’s a fantastic suite of tools that’s perfect for collaborating with your coworkers and interacting with clients. In fact, I think mastering Google Docs has become an essential professional skill. Seven Basic Plots s755bk. The%20Seven%20Basic%20Plots. 2014 ela high school curriculum guidebook (draft 4 4 14) New and Used Books from Thrift Books. Most Helpful. Outside Reading Project. In addition to assigned class readings, you will become an expert on one book read outside the classroom. You will be assigned various activities related to this work throughout the year, so make sure you choose wisely and read carefully. The book list below includes classics, as well as books the AP test writers seem to love. Discovery: June 2015. I tutor quite a few high school and university students, and they all seem to have a problem with the business of essay-writing.

I've diagnosed a few different ways this problem presents itself:1. They don't understand the actual form of the essay. The whole argument/paragraphing/techniques/analysis thing is well confusing.2. CaseMethodBestPractices. How To Teach Students To Deeply Analyze Text High School ELA Lesson.