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Visuals convey the power of ideas very effectively--and in way words alone cannot. But unless you work as a graphic designer, or perhaps as a cartoonist, it's rare for your first inclination when starting a project to be delivering an interesting visual package. Maybe it's time to reconsider. To do so, we sought out some folks whose jobs are to deliver those visuals: Jeffrey Sass, co-founder of Social Object Factory, the content division of cartoonist Hugh McLeod's Gaping Void company. "Our brain is designed for pattern recognition, which is one of the reasons why symbols have been around since caveman days. Cartoons capitalize on that unexpectedly," Sass says. 4 Reasons to Be More Visual 4 Reasons to Be More Visual
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Ghoulish Delights and Halloween Fun in Space Heroes! Space Heroes rejoice! Join your friends in trick-or-treating fun, but stick together to avoid ghastly ghosts and bewitching witches. An eerie night has fallen on the Space Heroes homeworld with a supernatural, spooky makeover where vampires and witches abound. Are you ready for a howling good time? Check out HeroMart so you can get in … Continue Reading Bubble Gum Interactive- Fun Online Virtual Worlds for Kids Bubble Gum Interactive- Fun Online Virtual Worlds for Kids
Get up and running quickly You don't need to contact your IT department to download and install any software for you. To get started with Marblewire Trellis Online you just need to open an account. Once you've opened an account you can log in and start creating and distributing training evaluation forms and collecting and analysing feedback. Keep your evaluation data organised Marblewire Trellis Online allows you to organise your training evaluations using projects and project folders This makes it easy for you to locate and work on evaluations as well as keep track of them over time. Collect feedback from team leaders as well as trainers In addition to training delegate feedback, Marblewire Trellis Online makes it easy to collect and analyse training feedback from their managers/supervisors (team leaders) as well as the training instructor. Training Evaluation Software | Measure and Improve your Training Training Evaluation Software | Measure and Improve your Training
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Track & Share shortmom asked: Now make that weight graph a bit more sensitive! :-) Good point. We’ll make that easier going forward. Did you see that you can set the graph to show only an area around your target weight? Track & Share
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