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Inno-Versity Presents: "Greatness" by David Marquet. 4 Reasons to Be More Visual. Visuals convey the power of ideas very effectively--and in way words alone cannot.

4 Reasons to Be More Visual

But unless you work as a graphic designer, or perhaps as a cartoonist, it's rare for your first inclination when starting a project to be delivering an interesting visual package. Maybe it's time to reconsider. To do so, we sought out some folks whose jobs are to deliver those visuals: Jeffrey Sass, co-founder of Social Object Factory, the content division of cartoonist Hugh McLeod's Gaping Void company. "Our brain is designed for pattern recognition, which is one of the reasons why symbols have been around since caveman days. Cartoons capitalize on that unexpectedly," Sass says. Hongkong International Terminals. TEDxKids@Brussels - Gabe Zichermann - Gamification. Bubble Gum Interactive- Fun Online Virtual Worlds for Kids. Measure and Improve your Training. Free Online Training Evaluation Tool - TrainingCheck.

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