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Infographic of the Day: How Color Affects Purchases. 100 Principles for Designing Logos and Building Brands. Different Methods for Choosing Color Schemes in Web Design. One of the most challenging aspects of design for many web designers is color selection.

Different Methods for Choosing Color Schemes in Web Design

The color scheme of a site can have a huge impact on the overall look of the site, and it will have an impact on visitors as well. There are a number of different methods that can be used for finding the right color scheme for a particular project, and in this post we will look at several of those methods. Throughout the post you will find links to helpful resources that you may appreciate. Getting Colors from Existing Marketing Materials In many situations the client will already have an established color scheme from an existing website or from other marketing materials. In situations where you are not working with a client that has an established color scheme, here are some methods that you can try for finding the right one on your own.

Online Color Palette Resources There are a number of websites and online tools available for selecting color palettes. Adobe Kuler COLOURlovers ColorSchemer ColoRotate. Great Resume Designs that Catch Attention–and Got People Hired. Inspiration June 21, 2011 When applying for a job, you have no choice but to do your best to outshine competition.

Great Resume Designs that Catch Attention–and Got People Hired

Even before winning an interview, your qualifications (or in some instance, your character) are already judged by the resume you’ve submitted. It is then important to make your resume or CV as honest, concise, and striking as possible. If you are looking forward to a creative position, you will be expected to come up with something grand and extra creative as well. Take a look at how other designers compose their creative resumes. View Source View Source View Source View Source View Source View Source View Source View Source. Fascinating Lamps by Calabarte. Calabarte is the pseudonym of a Polish artist named Przemek Krawczynski, whose art takes on a peculiar but incredibly beautiful form: cool lamps.

Fascinating Lamps by Calabarte

The name itself is a portmanteau of two words – art (obviously), and calabash, the fruit that carries his imagination. The calabash is a bottle gourd originating in India, although Calabarte gets his supply from Senegal. Due to ancient domestication and usage, the bottle gourd has an incredibly tough outer shell. In the past, the gourd’s usage was defined mostly as a water container, due to having a tough, smooth shell with an ergonomic shape for handling, and natural buoyancy on water. Nevertheless, it’s edible both raw and cooked, and used in various cuisines. Due to the combination of dark, thick material with a light source within, the primary art of his work, however, shines in the dark. When he’s not making cool lamps, Calabarte partakes in a number of physical activities, enjoying life through sports, travelling, and making music.

Exciting Links for Boring Days. Back-to-School With 40 Excellent Adobe Illustrator Tutorials. Advertisement Learning is a process which continues throughout the life of an artist, graphic designer, and illustrator.

Back-to-School With 40 Excellent Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Along the way, designers find the task of mastering Adobe Illustrator a large obstacle which requires practice and experience in using the vector-based application. Practice comes in the form of tutorials, which offer tips, tricks, and artistic styles from other designers who have mastered certain techniques based on their experience. From these tutorials, a designer can polish their skillsets on a variety of topics which will strengthen their own artwork. Sometimes a simple tutorial has tips which may have been overlooked based on the subject of the tutorial. This post presents 40 excellent simple to complex Illustrator tutorials and presents the overall techniques of each tutorial, summarized in a brief overview.

Illustrator Tutorials Gradient Mesh Bell Pepper Tutorial How to create a Television Icon Create a Stylish Colorful Text Effect in Illustrator Conclusion. Landscape Pictures. The Museum of Me. Webcam Hallstatt Ort » Urlaub in Hallstatt / Salzkammergut. Life After People, Episode 10: Take Me to Your Leader 720p HD (Season 2) Free Audio Books - Adventure - Download mp3 and iPod format today!

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